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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

We've got a HUGE, massive storm moving in our area. Lots of thunder, lightning so....gonna shut things down and unplug everything. I lost TWO computers in Tucson because of heavy, strong lightning [even with surge protectors]....

Talk atcha all later......

[we were walking on the beach when the storm moved in too....I took some cell phone photos....eerie!!] Will post them when I can.


  1. Oh no Anni... I agree to staying off any electronics and that includes cooking. We once had lightening come up through the stove and blew a pot right off it. Have had no internet for about 2 weeks so I am just getting around to catching up now... Who knows how long we will have it! Have a great day...

  2. Anonymous5/15/2010

    I heard that on CNN. Take cover Mary Poppins. :) Hope it doesn't get too bad for you all down there :)

  3. The wall painting or water color look great. I hope the storms arent too bad. Thank's for dropping by...Julian

  4. Oh no I was hoping that storm was not in your area because my son and his family were going there this weekend.
    We got it too but did not loose power.
    Just up for a minute and wanted to say hello. Hope you entered my B-Day giveaway

  5. Stay safe!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. HI1 First, I hope you are ok. The bad weather is hitting alot of different states. We had alot of tough wind and rain in my part of Ga. Saw your note on my blog re Bloggers Over 50. I'm not very good with the computer. Went through the process to be added, got my Blogger Over 50 button. then I MUST HAVE MESSED UP AND MY BLOGROLL DISAPPEARED ALTHOUGH I still have all my blogs in my reader including Bloggers Over 50. Not good again with computer plus I'm new at this, I Finally found my blog roll and it's on my blog including Bloggers Over 50,my button is on the way bottom of my page now I'M TRYING TO MOVE IT UP. This comment is very long but I want to share my frustration of being a new child on the block. My blog title is listed wondersof life and it's way down on the blog list of Bloggersover50.Help! HelP! if this isn't corrected let me know and then.....

  7. Hope you're all safe and sound!