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1. Someone knocks on your door. You have not seen this person in years. You were once great friends. Who would you like it to be and why? My mom. It's been 21 years...I'd love to have a lifetime chat with her again.

2. What do you think would be a great song title that isn't one? Who do you want to record it? The Title: "Grandma Got Run-over by a Reindeer's Composer Got the Shaft"...Recorded by: ME!!

3. You are having a party. If I'm invited, what should I bring? Years ago when we used to host parties, I vowed to never do it again...Long Story...So, you really would be wasting your time even thinking of me having a party.

4. If your spouse or s/o cheated with a one night stand while away, would you really want to know? Ignorance is BLISS. But if I did find out ---lord help the unfaithful b*stard! And keep all sharp objects away from my reach. I think I'd be on the front pages....A 2nd Ms. Bobbitt slashes manhood off!

5. How long does it take for a house guest to drive you bonkers? Not long at all...within a few seconds once I see 'em comin'!! A house guest can be just about anyone, or anything. I've got a huge can a RAID for 'em all tho; two legged infestations or numerous legs. And if that doesn't work, I have the number for the Orkin Man on my speed dial.

6. If you could pick a new color for the sky, what would you pick? I love red skies...wouldn't red be great all day long?!!

7. What did you think of the Olympics? The only thing I really watched was the Gold Medal Game for Soccer. That was nail biting.

8. Could TT have thought of a lamer blogger that [¿than?] me to guest host? Ask Julie. Who's Julie? Don't ask me, the name just popped into my head right now. Actually, whoever is hosting next week has their job cut out for them---our host today is quite lame incomparable because the questions are top notch --the first seven anyway.

9. What's the stupidest lie that someone really thought you'd believe? HA! That'd be airing dirty laundry. I'll just say the lie came thru the lips of a certain teen-aged girl, around 2 a.m. when she was to be home at 11 the night before!!

10. What was the best day you had in high school? Tell us about it. I can think of a couple right off. The day I graduated, and one other special day in my book of memories: Me...Frank...under the stairwell.

11. Name something that you have in your home that you are sure most people don't. I know that you know that I know there is logic in my answer: EVERYTHING I HAVE IN MY HOME NO ONE's here. How in the world can anyone else have my stuff when I HAVE IT?!!

12. Why haven't you at least tried to play The Dating Profile Meme? I prefer eHarmony. IF I were to choose date profiling. :::snort:::

13. Do you think homophobia is a choice? Of course it's a choice...but in all acuality, if you really want my opinion on this, I think it's more of biblical brainwashing. I can debate this subject profusely. ----And since I don't like people preaching to me...I'll stop here.

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Of course some of you know I'm of Irish descent. Our family's genealogy takes me back to the 1600's in Northern Ireland. I've always dreamed of one day going to the Emerald Isle. Maybe someday. If not this life, the next. So, being March and the celebration of Saint Patrick in a couple of weeks, I thought I'd share a list of 13 great Irish people. Hats off to these fine historical names, some real honest to goodness, Irish Blessings ---

Irish Noteables

1] JAMES HOBAN - designer of America's White House In 1792, Hoban won the competition to design the presidential mansion, later known as the White House. Hoban was also one of the supervising architects who served on the Capitol.

2] *Michael Everson - developer of UNICODE [character text for computer systems] *Born in USA - with Irish Citizenry in 2000

3] Robert Mallet - "Father of Seismology" [earthquake]

4] John Joly - Developer of Radiotherapy [cancer treatment] Also, using radiology for geological dating.

5] John Philip Holland - Designed the first submarine formally comissioned by USA

6] Jocelyn Bell Burnell - An astrophysicist who, as a postgraduate student, discovered the first radio pulsars with her thesis work.

7] Ellen Hutchins - Irish botanist who has three plant species named for her [Lecania hutchinsiae - Pertusaria hutchinsiae - Enterographa hutchinsiae].

8] Frank Pantridge - Inventor of the portable heart defibrillator used by paramedics today.

9] Mary Ward - Scientist --first victim of vehicle death in history. Before her accidental death, she wrote and published a best seller "Sketches With the Microscope".

10] Harry Ferguson - an Irish engineer and inventor who is noted for his role in the development of the modern agricultural tractor, for becoming the first Irishman to build and fly his own aeroplane, and for developing the first four-wheel drive Formula One car, the Ferguson P99.

11] Aeneas Coffey - On his retirement, Coffey went into the distilling business and for a short time ran the Dock Distillery in Grand Canal Street, Dublin. The development of the Coffey still paved the way for the distillation of grain whiskey and blended whiskey.

12] Francis Beaufort - The creator of the Beaufort scale for indicating wind force.

13 - George Drumgoole Coleman - designed and partly constructed the Singapore's infrastructure in 1822.

PS Tomorrow is a day long time coming for me. I'll be busy preparing for the project before I begin working on it... the preparation time will take up most of the day. Of course, the two of us will go see the long anticipated movie with Johnny Depp-first showing most certainly. LOL I can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland in 3d. Just what will Tim Burton do for the story? I don't know...but I'll soon find out!
Buy the popcorn, soda and plenty of Jr. Mints! I'm so ready.

POSTED: Thursday, March 4th, 2010
4:00 A.M.
Green Hat borrowed from 'net.
Help in listing the 13 from Wikipedia


  1. aaaah, the irish, i could listen to that lilting accent forever....

    as for your tt's. i too would love to have a chat with my mom now. wouldn't that be great? of course it would! and parties? what parties? i'm with you on that. it's something one outgrows i think. after all, how much fun is it cleaning up the next morning?????? now, house guests. looooong story. but more than 2 days ain't allowed. nor a stay without a confirmed departure date. and don't we just love our teens. what do they think??? that we were never young??? but the response do provide entertainment value, gotta give them points for that!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    This is great. I`v never seen that in real life.
    Wish you a great day:-)

  3. A rather smart group of Irish noteables.

    I can't wait to see TB's version of Alice in Wonderland. Johnny Depp is perfectly cast! Enjoy the popcorn and Jr. Mints :)

  4. Great list! Have to say I love your blog look - and cant wait to see the MadHatter film too.

    You are so PRE-prepared with all this - wish I could change my blog background more often but not sure how to LOL

    Here is my Thursday 13

    Hope you can drop by and say hello!


  5. Dearest Anni,

    Did I ever tell you that YOU ARE FABULOUS?
    More so because you are IRISH!
    You ROCK ,girl.

    I have had a hard day , looks like days to go
    but your answers made me SMILE and
    think that there is LIGHT underneath it all. lol


  6. Hi Annie -- Love the Thursday thunks and could have written most of them myself (not as wittily). I am in awe of your designing skills -- the place looks grreat!

  7. Another great post.

  8. Your Thursday Thunks was lively as usual. Your choice of Irish good folks was quite admirable except perhaps for No. 11. My greatgrandparents on my mother's side came over from Ireland, so half of me is VERY Irish. Who knows what the other half is? And, now, to the Johnny Depp movie. You have to figure that Alice is Wonderland was very freaky and must have been written under the influence of some pretty funky drugs - add Tim Burton to that and it must be otherworldly. But is it? My youngest stepdaughter got to see a sneak preview Tuesday night - want to hear about it????

  9. Good Morning Sweet Annie...
    Oh My Goodness you had me on the edge of my seat today. I love thunks. I especially love #4. I too would be a Ms. Bobbitt. Now that #10. Does Bud know about Frank under the stairwell? Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Ofcourse thank you my sweet for my History lesson. I did not know you were Irish first off, and second I love the people you have shared with me. I have learned a little of Irish decent today. How lovely.

    As always thank you my sweet friend for sharing. Have a beautiful day. I will be waiting for your review of the new Alice movie, and then decide if I want to go and see it. You love Jr. Mints too? They are what I go to the movie for. Love it.

    Happy Thursday Annie. Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

  10. Another good meme, Anni.
    I want to see Alice, too. I don't think it will be this week, though.
    I would like to visit Scotland and Ireland, also home to my ancestors.
    Have a blessed day,
    Mama Bear

  11. Hi Anni, I love your new template! I'm of Irish descent, too, and so I really enjoyed your T-13 as well. :) My father's family is from County Sligo. Someday I want to go there and meet my relatives, cousins.

  12. Anonymous3/04/2010

    I'm wih you on #13.
    Oh and great song title. lol

  13. Today you have pricked my Irish green blood a bit and its now runnintg freely through my veins. The blessings of Saint Patty be with ys, darlin'Anni!

  14. OMG! I, too, cannot wait for Burton/Depp's Alice!! I have to wait until Monday, though, because I am working all weekend... that's OK. No one will be there at 2:00 on Monday afternoon. :)

    (Great Thunks, by the way)

  15. I saw the video of you & Frank under the stairwell on youtube! Love the St. Patty's theme. I wish I knew how to do that. You answers were terrific as always!

  16. About the Olympics:
    I watched the Gold Medal Nail-Biting Game...It was a quick contest.

    Your blog is too interesting and FUN-NY to not read. "Mommy, I read the WHOLE THING!"

  17. this is an awesome list Anni!

    guess it is always back to the roots!

  18. YAY Irishers!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  19. I hadn't realized Ireland was such a hot bed for the sciences.

  20. Anni,

    Great post today. I do hope you enjoy the movie. Like Brandon, you buy Junior Mints when you go to the show. He loves them.

    Sorry I haven't been around to visit much lately. I'm very busy with my Etsy shop, which is good. Come take a look if you have time. Link on my sidebar.

    Have a great day.

  21. I am ashamed but I don't know anybody of the listed Irishs, lol !

  22. I'm glad you omitted the man who built the Titanic.

  23. Anni, I hope you get to go to Ireland in this lifetime. It's so magical. My great grandfather was Irish, so I'm a little bit Irish, but the Hubs is Irish. They have great deals at Aer Lingus. Mumzie :)

  24. Hootin Annie your a hoot!! LOL And I love ya!

  25. Anonymous3/04/2010

    I love your answer to 13. I could get on a soap box a mile long with that one :) Have fun at Alice In Wodnerland. I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD or something. I fall asleep at movies LOL :) Have a great day :)

  26. I'm looking forward to seeing Alice in Wonderland too. It started down here in NZ yesterday. I just need to organize myself.

    Ireland is beautiful and very like New Zealand in some areas. It's definitely green!

  27. I love Ireland. Fun list. Hope you do get to go some day. It is so beautiful and green and lush.

  28. Well...I'm impressed. Talk of Ireland always makes me miss my grandfather. Sigh.

  29. I'm of Irish ancestry, so I really enjoyed this list. My TT is up.

  30. Who knew those on your list were Irish. Interesting. My best friend is sooooo excited to see Alice in Wonderland. I hope for her sake she isn't disappointed.
    Happy T13!

  31. Isn't there a bit of Irish in most people? My father's family hails from Ireland, by gosh and by golly! I didn't know all of those folks were Irish. Not bad!

  32. I love the way you change your blog's look around all the time, it makes it interesting to visit!

  33. I've never heard of most of those people -- thanks for the education!

  34. What an interesting creature! I guess that beak/bill can hold a lot of fish! Thanks for stopping by at mine.

  35. Let's hear it for the Irish! Thanks for the birthday wishes--enjoy your weekend!

  36. lol on 11 TT. absolutely correct.

  37. Robert Mallet is even more siginificant nowadays with Haiti and Chile.

  38. I'd shoot the bastard, too.

  39. I love your answer to sweet :)