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Ohhhhhhhh, Ms. Pea-a-a? Lookie here! Just lookie here! Remember when I saw your new purchase while you two were away on your week's trip? And I added to your comments that I just had to have Bud make me one too? Well....I showed him yours [oops!!...did I just say that? Get your mind out of the gutter. Geez, I tellya!!] *insert wink here* Okay, so I showed him the PHOTO you shared...there, that's worded better.....And he went out in the garage to his little wood stash of scrap lumber and found an old piece of shelving. He said: "If you draw the pattern for me, I'll cut it out with my saw." Okay...I can do that!!! I did; I drew...he cut. Of course there is still a lot of work for HIM to do before I can add the coloring/painting and 'effects'....but, it's looooookin' GOOD!! I'm sure you'll think I am a copy cat after seeing your new holiday item.....but, hey ---"Hello, My name is Anni, and I'm a copy cat." [that's CCA --copy cats anonymous] Mostly, 'cause I do BELIEVE!!!

And, this dear Tuesday Rubies, is my RUBY TUESDAY also. See his jigsaw? It's ruby red. rofl

- - -<><><>- - -

Yesterday, I finished packing away all the decorations around the house from October. Yay, that is done. Then, I brought out the few items I have for Thanksgiving. I don't have much here except for a Native American Couple and a few turkeys and ceramic pumpkins. Which is plenty for me, after all the Halloween boxes. I'll get some photos up eventually, I'm sure.

I'm hoping to go to the Antique Mall today. See if I can find what I'm looking for for months...years! I just KNOW I'll find it someday if I keep looking. And yes, I have found it on e-bay, but I am a stickler for keeping my money within the community and not buying much online. I feel a lot of the world's economy woes is partly because of that---buyers evading community tax added when we buy online, that is. It's become a strong feeling for me that the money we spend should go to those that are in your own vacinity---to keep the area 'alive' and thus allowing the small businesses around to continue thriving!! Besides, the shipping that you get stuck charged with through e-bay is way too much! I refuse to pay the extra to the sellers with their senseless over-charges [say, when I win a bid on something at e-bay, the postage is $4....and when the package comes the postage stamping says $2 or some such amount....less than I was charged]....that's a form of extortion! All I have to do is have a little patience and pay the same or LESS than the items on e-bay go for with the bidding. And NO shipping and handling charges if I buy 'in town'!!!

POSTED: Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
12:25 A.M.


  1. Have a great week sweetie.

  2. At first I thought a red saw..that's nice. And then I saw what he was cutting! That is great! I love it! If I copy from your copy then it's just general sharing right?
    I try to do most of my shopping locally. I like to make sure that my downtown area is doing well. And, it feels good to know that I am supporting my neighbors.

  3. I'm jealous - my jig-saw's green!


  4. And you caught the saw in action. Very nice.
    Have a wonderful RT.

  5. Can't wait to see it when it is completely done. I love homemade decorations.

    Tuesday's Tales #1 - John

  6. Great action shot for Ruby Tuesday. I love your Thanksgiving theme all over the blog. Fun stuff.

    Thanks for stopping by for Ruby Tuesday ~

  7. What could be better
    than cutting out some letters
    with a ruby saw?

    My Ruby Tuesday

  8. wow u are getting ready for the holiday season! wanna see how great it will turn out! cant wait!

    thanks for droppin by :)

  9. Anonymous11/03/2009

    Fine appliance and results.

  10. When I was expecting my twins hence the name (Mrs Twins) a man at work cut me out a Stork. That was 23 years ago. It came with a stand which over time very unfortunatley got broke.Also the Stork looked a bit worse for wear. So........I covered the Stork with felt decorated it and now it hangs in my bedroom. One of these days Anni I will post it on Flickr for you to see! Or in my blog. If you don't mind the plug! Of course I have the other Stork which I decorated with Crocheting. If anyone would like to take a look. Flickr (Mrs Twins).
    They are great fun. No stopping you now! You could do such a lot with this!
    Hugs to you Annie Sue. x

  11. oh, that looks good! NOw, if i can have someone who can do that for me too:) I'd be very happy! :D happy RT!

  12. Nice coloured jig saw. The sign is looking good too.

  13. I like that red saw!!
    I agree about shipping charges. I always shop my town first !!
    Could you tell me how to make my Christmas countdown widget stay centered in a sticky your Thanksgiving one? Thanks...

  14. How cool is that?! Sometimes it's okay to be a copycat. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! :P

  15. Yep a red saw for sure! I "believe" your project will turn out wonderful! And now I'm quite curious. What are you looking for at the antique shop? We have a Miss B's Antique mall here in town. I love to browse there. Thanks for stopping by at my blog. :)

  16. Your believe sign is going to look great - I can't wait to see the finished product!

  17. Hi Anni-How considerate and crafty he is! I'm sure when it's finished you will love it!
    Thanks for the visit! (The red in my hand is the cuff of a glove--very good eyes you have!)

  18. hi last i am able to comment here!
    i have been having the hardest time to see how i can but there is not problem this week.
    i went over to pea's to see what all the commotion is about and my what beautiful things she has there!
    you are so lucky to have a bud that will cheerfully do your every beckon!
    i have that bernie well trained too anni.
    i really don't know how i would accomplish my ruby tuesday posts without the guy!..ha!
    i LOVE american thanksgiving and i am looking forward to lots of pictures of it from you anni!...happy ruby tuesday and thank you for all of your visits! terry

  19. All artists are inspired, be it crafts makers, painters, composers. I find it uplifting that the word BELIEVE is used for Christmas.
    I just might use it in a combination myself.
    Believing is seeing what the eye can't see.
    Great post!
    From Felisol

  20. aw anni...too bad for that poor turkey that there are not too many vegetarians around, eh?

  21. Lovely red saber saw. Oh yea I believe for sure. need one of those sign. My saw isn't red but maybe it was a hue. Or I can use redwood:-)

  22. Anni you little copycat... LOL LOL Can he make 2! It was a beautiful sign and I don't blame you one bit copying it! Have a super day my friend!


  23. Oh ya... LOVE your new blog deco!!!


  24. Hello Sweet Annie!
    I can't wait to see what you are up to. It looks like a "Belive" sign to me. I didn't see who's you saw, but please share so we can all copy cat too. It looks very interesting.

    Take your camera to the antique mall. I want to see what interesting items you find this trip. You are so fun to follow.

    Thanks for sharing this fine day my friend. I so love to stop by. See ya soon. Country hugs, Sherry

  25. Well, aren't you just the cleverest thing to do this. I want one, too.
    Have a great day, Anni.
    Mama Bear

  26. Marvelous choice for Ruby Tuesday and I love the new header and enjoy YOUR fascination with all things holiday ;-)

    Thanks for visiting MY Ruby Rose at Small Reflections. Hope you're having a delightful day.
    Hugs and blessings,

  27. Anni,

    I wish you and Bud lived nearby. I would pay Bud to make me one of those signs and then join Copycat's anonymous with you. LOL I just know when it is all done that it will be amazing.

    I have purchased some things on ebay, but watch the shipping very carefully. When I sold on ebay, I only charged the postage that it actually took to send the item. Many charge service charges for driving to the post office etc.

    Wishing you and Bud a wonderful day.

  28. That sign will be so cool, and having it homemade for you, even better. More special..

    I have a son in law who could do that for me, but my daughter has such a huge "honey do" list for the man! He is redoing their kitchen now..

  29. That I call a nice hubby ! and a talented one too !
    You must be very frustrated that you don't have more decoration for Thanksgiving ! I suggest you should start a turkey collection, lol !

    I have nothing to decorate until December, sigh !!

  30. I love your photo. It's really perfect for Ruby Tuesday. As to copying...nah, all your doing is creating a visible proof of support and recognition :-). Have a great day!

  31. Thanks so much for the help...I have it centered with my blog and that suits me to a tee...
    Thanks again....

  32. Hi Annie,

    Love the wood piece that is evolving. I'll look forward to seeing it completed. Yes, same for us. Halloween is down. Fall continues and Thanksgiving is up. Hope you had great and good luck finding treasures at the antique mall.

  33. P.S. LOVE!!!! the header.

  34. thanks a lot for the visit! this is very interesting!

  35. Copy cats are fun they pay homage to the creator and that is a compliment!

  36. Hi Anni! How great that your hubby has that red tool that can create that sign! It's fabulous already :0)

  37. Imitation is the purest form of admiration is it not? B : )

  38. Annie great post. Hope this week is finding you well.

    Take care sugar.


  39. that's a fine looking jigsaw, at first I thought it was an iron, then a sewing machine

    I really need to learn to read first ;)

    I love the angle of the photo too

  40. What a cool sign. Lucky you that you're both crafty like that.

  41. I agree with you 100% we need to keep our money in the community.
    I can't wait to see your sign when hubby is done.
    I am going to put my halloween decorations up tonight after work.
    I sure do think your new header is so cute.

  42. Love the new header (turkey having dinner, ha!) And the Ruby RED electric saw. What is the word he's cutting out, Anni, now you have me all curious... :)

  43. A piece of art begins its artistic journey with a ruby saber saw. I think of art usually from brushes, clay or some tool like this. A wood removal tool here is a perfect way for the artist to express themselves...

  44. You showed him my WHAT????? hehe How awesome that Bud was able to cut out a Believe sign for you!! Of course I don't mind at all that you're a "copy cat"...I'm actually honoured cuz it means I have good taste since you and I always love the same things! LOL I can't wait to see it all painted up, I just know it will be beautiful.

    I'm looking forward to hearing if you had any luck at the antique mall today. I so agree with you about ebay and the shipping costs people charge...I remember this one time, I had bought 10 autographed photos for .99 cents each so a total of almost $10...cost of shipping, the guy said, $34.99! I told him there was no way a few pictures weighing just a few ounces would cost that much. He said it was also for packaging. I said "a brown envelope doesn't cost but pennies". I finally told him he could keep the pictures and shove them where the sun don't shine. Yup, I did! hehe I seriously think he was ticked off that no one else had bid on the pictures and that I had gotten them for so cheap...he figured he was going to recoup his losses through shipping. I may be blonde but I'm not dumb!!! lol xoxo

  45. Wonderful that you have a helper! The saw is indeed RUBY RED.

  46. Oh thats going to be so cute!!

  47. I wish my hubby was creative and a woodworker. I would like the Believe in Santa decoration. I had to go look at the completed craft and it is so cute! I want one too!

  48. that's a nice red jigsaw, Annie. perfect for a Ruby Tuesday

    have a nice day always

  49. Great picture, I love the light. I am impressed with Bud's talent with the saw!

  50. Hi Anni, that is a pretty red jig saw. I have an off blue not so pretty one that I have never used. Happy RT! :-)

  51. Anonymous11/03/2009

    Love your RT shot and your Thanksgiving banner.


  52. That's so cool!
    ps: that fine is to act as deterent only, unless it hurt one's pocket, one will not follow the rules.



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