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Well, Sunday was a very relaxing, quiet day for us. We went out for our Sunday Brunch [we haven't done that in quite a while], then our usual walking along the shore kinda walk...we went down to see the new stuff the city has put along Shoreline Drive and the Seawall. [I'll post about that another time...'cause it entails a lot of photos] Then, we came back home and snacked on caramel popcorn, apples and cider...very Autumnish type munchies...while we watched football. As we watched games, I had a chicken stewing in the slow cooker so we could have my 'famous' Chinese Soy Chicken with Oriental Veggies and Brown Rice for dinner. I prepared a Mandarin Orange Ambrosia Salad and it was chilling in the 'fridge. In fact, we watched football and flipped back and forth from those games to watch snippets of two baseball games all day. I would have much rather stayed on the baseball games...but Bud had control of the remote. LOL I didn't get to watch the Bronco Game 'cause of the zip code we live in now, but I kept watching the scores ticker tape. The game we did get to view in our area was the Bears...that's cool...'cause Jay Cutler WAS a Bronco quarterback. Anything associated with the Broncos [except Shannahan] is okay by me. Oh ya.....where was I?

Anyway, while I was lounging on the floor in front of the TV...I can see one of the dining room windows from there, and I happened to glance out that direction 'cause something had caught my eye. A movement outdoors. At the hummingbird feeder hanging off the eave of the house. But it wasn't a hummingbird. It was orange! I couldn't at first figure out what it was. Of course Winston, who was laying beside me on the floor, heard it, and was in the dining room like a shot! Up on the table he sat, quivering, slouching and mewing like he was gonna catch it!

To my surprise and delight, two Orioles had shown up at the feeder! And they were getting their fill of the sugar water! Now, I knew just as soon as I went and got the digital camera and tried to sneak outdoors through the patio to within the feeder view, they would take off to never return until I went back indoors. I pulled the cellphone out of my capri pocket and tried viewing through the lens through the Venetian Blinds, and the screen, AND the hurricane shutters. I got nothing but glare of the outdoors. I was determined to see if I could get a photo. The sunshine made the male Oriole so bright and pretty!!! I pulled the fish netting away from the window frame, and stuck the cellphone between the blinds' slats to see if I could get anything worth photographing.
I clicked, then viewed the image on the phone. All the while the two flitted from house roof back to the feeder. The female went and attempted to get on the other feeder about 10 feet from where his mate was, but there are no perching areas on that one...she landed on the top of the feeder and tried to figure out how to get to the openings of that feeder and gave up...flew back to her mate where he was continually slurping up the good stuff!! Well, my attempts of getting them 'on film' was not in vain, but the photos are blurred AND cluttered with window screen. By that time, I was curious as to 'what kind' of Oriole they were. So, I traipsed through the house and went into the library and grabbed my trusty "Birds for Dummies" book and came back out and looked up "Orioles" in the back index. Pages 187-191....I'm in! Now looking at the birds, then back to the book's pages...they were Baltimore Orioles! As I had first thought. I didn't realize all the different Orioles there are in this country!! Hooded, Baltimore, Bullock's, Lichtenstein, Spotted-Breated. And those, they're the ORANGE orioles! There are more, but different colors. Of those listed here, there is only ONE with a black, hooded head. Baltimore. The book shows the infantile plumage, and the female, the sizes, and the flight silhouettes...then, the text will tell you where they migrate, where they nest, their call/chirps/song patterns, etc. etc. etc. Along with their Fall flight patterns...Texas is Spring and Autumn for Baltimore Orioles.All the while, while I was reading and listening to Winston's chirping and watching his gyrations atop the table....another bird showed up. I grabbed the cellphone from beside me at the table, and went and snapped the one photo...THAT bird musta saw me somehow 'cause he/she was gone in a flash. I'm still not sure I'm identifying this one correctly since the photos are not ideal, and it left almost as suddenly as it showed up. But it's a Woodpecker [photo of him/her is the left photo, at the feeder and the male Oriole is clinging to the planter]. And, do you know just how many different species of Woodpeckers are in my book? Oh boy....that's a job for Super Duck. The closest I could come up with is the Golden Fronted Woodpecker---I recalled the 'gold' coloration of its head just as it was flying off the feeder...and the book shows that they dwell year 'round in Southern Coastal Texas. I'm hoping that I'm outdoors sometime when they all return....IF THEY RETURN!!!

[The photo of the shrimp boat coming in to the marina was taken with the new camera...zoomed was actually out from shore about 5-10 miles. Bud told me the 'knots' I would know just what the heck THAT meant!! Navy....geez!! Why can't they just say toilet instead of head, floor instead of deck, door instead of whatever, walls are bulk something or other, window instead of'd be so much easier to converse with one another. It's all blah, blah, blah to me.]

5:54 A.M. I also just added to my Photo Blog more hummingbirds and a couple of macro photos of a lantana bush...its flowers! HERE [should open in a new window]

POSTED: Monday, September 21st, 2009
5:15 A.M.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend sweetie.

  2. Anni
    Thanks so much for coming over to my little corner of the world. I am gonna check out your photo blog next...would you believe I have been taking those pictures I posted with a little Canon Powershot A540? AHHHH but alas, I do have a new camera on the horizon to compliment my Canon Rebel 35mm Ti -- I want to get the Canon T1I digital SLR oooohhhh ahhhhh!!! :) Hopefully by Christmas - as a gift to myself.
    Hope to see you visiting my corner soon! Take care.

  3. looks like if you had a very nice sunday ! Mr. G has always been a lazy walker so I have been as usual on the market in Brussels, the sun was shining and it's still warm.
    The birds are very pretty, I think I have never seen such and I can imagine how crazy Winston got, lol !

  4. What a wonderful Sunday. I hope Monday is just as delightful for you.


    PS The picture is great, I wish I could see it with my own eyes, but your artistic flare brought me there, thank you, for sharing.

  5. what a nice Sunday, and your pictures were great.

  6. Hello nice to hear from you. I have not been a good blogger all summer long. I hope that I get better soon. Seems like I have more to do than I have hours in the day to do them..I am working more now and well that takes away a lot of good hours.
    Love your birds. I would be THRILLED to have an oriole visit our bird feeders here in Ga...

  7. How cool that a Baltimore Oriole visited the hummingbird feeder! Sounds like a fun time trying to get the shots. Much better than football!

    But I have to say - Colorado had a good sports week-end - all 5 teams won - CU, CSU, Avs, Rockies, and Broncos. There's alot of controversy about the fact that Cutler is no longer with us - but what a whining brat he was! Here's hoping the new young guy can shape up.

    The walk on the beach sounds lovely, as always.

  8. Hi Anni! Great pictures!.. ALL of them! I love watching and feeding the birds when I can find the time! While I wish I could get a wider variety of these little feathered friends, I get mostly sparrows and chickadees who come to look for any bread or crackers I may toss to them. I get a kick out of how close some will come to me now!.. But then Mother Nature's bigger creatures come along and tend to hog up the goodies, and scare most of the little ones away!.. The SQUIRRELS have even scared ME away! I'll have to see if I can get pictures myself sometime!... As for football, I catch some sometimes. I like it when I watch it.. I just would never claim to UNDERSTAND everything about the game by any means! (0; I think Miami is playing tonight.. I have liked this team since I was a kid... WHY?.. Because I love dolphins!.. You know.. Flipper, and all the others who swim in the ocean!.. Now as for a team who looks like they actually HAVE SOME SKILLS TO SPEAK OF, I like the Giants and I like the Colts!.. So I feel a little torn tonight, as I'm feeling pretty sure the Colts are gonna kick some Dolphin BUTT tonight! I'll be watching, and may the better team win I guess! (0; ~tina

  9. Anni, your days and your posts are never boring. Have another great day.

  10. Anni,

    Wow, that must be a good zoom on your camera. That is a fantastic photo.

    Love the bird photos. Yeap, they're Baltimore Orioles alright. I wonder if they are the same ones that fluttered and flittered along the canal this year. (silly)

    Beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. I said, Bud gave me the distance in knots...I haven't the faintest idea what it all meant. Trust me. But it DOES have a great zoom lens!!

  12. Anni,

    Thanks for your visit to my blog today. We are enjoying the new car but I especially will really miss the motorhome. Pat just isn't as interested in traveling as I am so it was just sitting and costing money. I think they are worth the cost if one is Snowbirding or using it for months long trips but for short local trips it is probably cheaper to stay in motels and drive something that gets better mileage.

    We had hummingbirds in the summer but our nights are now getting down into the 40s so I think they have headed south. There are some photos of our yard with the feeders on the arbor back a few months in my archives. I've not made any serious attempts to photograph them but know a guy in Spokane who has some fantastic hummingbird photos on his Flickr site and can send you a link if you are interested in seeing them.

  13. Anni,
    Sunday was a lazy day for us. Our Tigers' game was delayed because of weather. So, the 6:30 game didn't actually start until after 7:45. We watched every minute and didn't get to sleep until midnight.
    The roast I cooked for our reunion was a beef one with all the trimmings. I did it in the crockpot.
    I also made a Chess Pie. Friday night I made a Bacon, Ham and Mushroom Quiche for dinner.
    Your meal sounds delish.
    The purse I finished was crochet. Smokey just gets beside himself when I pull out the thread.

    The photos of the Orioles are great. Sometimes, the purple Finches will eat at our Hummingbird feeder. And the way you described Winston's behavior is just the way Smokey behaves about the birds. He thinks they show up just to entertain him. And I call his chirping, talk.
    Have a good day,
    Mama Bear

  14. Anonymous9/21/2009

    Excellent pictures my friend. What a nice relaxing Sunday you had. I hope your week goes just as well for you. My 5 Words will be up tomorrow in my Portrait of Words :) Aloha and have a great week :)

  15. I love the shrimp boat picture and how cool to have the oriole come to visit!

  16. Just love the kind of Sundays you described Anni. A little outside activity and something good for breakfast/lunch and then home for a lazy afternoon of TV and laidback cooking that will last for a day or two. Have you shared your recipe for the chicken at some point? Its sounds yummy.

    A friend just sent me a Baltimore Orioles calendar with all the players doing "pinups" with the local humane society dogs and cats. Great project.

  17. Very interesting post and your new blog layout is so pretty.
    Thanks for the mouse over info. I'll try it.
    I hope our D'backs do better next year. I don't think they could do much worse.

  18. Hi. It's me again.
    I tried the mouse over thing. It worked. I posted about it on my At Home in Scottsdale blog.
    Thanks again.

  19. You're in my old stompin' grounds! Love the shrimp boat pick!


  20. anni, that sounds like a perfect sunday to me...