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Thursday 13 first...
Over the past weekend, I read about Drew Barrymore, a favorite of mine since her quotable line from the movie, E. T. ----"Alligators in the Sewer". She was adorable back then as a child star; she remains "adorable' to me today. But it got me thinking. Just what are the child stars of yesterday do they look by comparison from 'back then' to now? I dedicate my 13 list to the childhood actors of decades ago. The combined images I made after searching on Google for photos to make this week's composition... [all images have mouseover captions to identify them ---just in case you've lived under a rock all these years----or you'd like to know the 'child' side of the image; the 'circa'. LOL, kidding on the part where you're under a rock!]

The first one of course, will be Drew ---













Barbie, then
and now...

note: This article I found, explains that for a promotion to the new series of dolls "Barbie and the Diamond Castle" will sell for $94,800.00 [USA dollar] Real jewels, more here Also, Patty Duke played Helen Keller on Broadway AND a TV movie...then, years later it was recast,---she played Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller's teacher and Melissa Gilbert played Helen Keller...both EXCELLENT.

- - -<><><>- - -

Next, my Thursday Thunks answers:

1. Does soap or shampoo have to really lather up for you to feel that it cleaned thoroughly? Yep, yep....I need to be all hot and lathered up.

2. Do you have a long standing joke with someone that you still laugh about every time you talk to that person? There ARE some with whom we've shared very good memorable jokes...but laughing right away wouldn't be the thing to do. Eventually if it got around to the certain subject, be it IN the joke or not, perhaps. [like my daughter as a teen, making guacamole and using the blender...and the avocado....SEED and all!!!] Now, if you had asked if there is someone that IS a joke, well........

3. Share something that happened to you this past week that was unusual. Unusual for THIS year this past week...I walked in the rain and got wet! I so enjoyed it!!!

4. If you dropped a purple crayon and a green crayon off a roof, which would melt faster in the sun? Let me approach this as scientifically as possible. You get purple by mixing red and blue. And green by mixing blue and yellow. Now red and yellow are hot colors while blue is cold. So, I would say the purple would melt quicker 'cause red is hotter than yellow! Yes? But still, I can vision a blow torch which has blue in the flame before it has the THAT blue is HOT....yep, blue [torch flame] and red mixed [which is hotter of the two yellow and red]....the purple definitely!!! Simply stated: Dark colors absorb heat faster. ROFLmao.

5. You are standing in line (grocery store, bank, etc.), and someone gets in line behind you that stinks. The stink is so bad that people in line in front of you turn around and look to see if you are the one causing the stink. Do you cover your nose, hold your breath, breathe through your mouth or just get out of line altogether? If the others ahead of me looked at ME with that 'questioning look'...I'd roll my eyes and nod my head discretely toward the back of me. Then, I'd probably tell the stinker!!!

6. If you dropped your cell phone in the toilet, would you fish it out? If so, how much soap would you use to wash your hands afterwards? You're kidding, right? First, I don't use the phone much. In fact I use the phone about once a week if that much. So, I ask what I'd be doing with the phone in the restroom in the first place!!! Now I'm trying to picture just what "Joe the Plumber" would do. You know Joe? Remember? But really...I wouldn't have the phone in there with me while doing my business in the first place. So, it just ain't happenin' here!!!

7. Sydney Australia dust storm. How long do you think it would take you to clean your house after that sort of dust storm? Well, after I pasted the meme's questions for the day onto my blog the link is no longer active. So, can't say. But, I'd check in with FEMA...heck, the house is a mess anyway, I'm sure FEMA wouldn't make it any worse, depends on their assisted funds....oh guesstimation then, would be YEARS!!

8. Do you think you can dance? I KNOW I can dance. Well, used to dance...I haven't been dancing in years. And NOT today's dances. The last time I went dancing, the TWIST and the Mashed Potatoes were en vogue. The old world dances like the tango the fox trot...yessiree.

9. You are out to eat and someone across the room is staring at you. Do you get paranoid, try to ignore them, or go find out why they are staring at you? I probably wouldn't even notice since I'd be talking with whomever I'm dining at the time [and if I'm alone, I'd be reading or glancing out the window before the food arrived to the table and not notice either], and then EATING! I normally don't pay attention to other patrons in the restaurant anywho!!!

Now, I'm supposed to:

10. Come up with a crazy, wacky Thursday Thunk question....

Here goes:

You're sleeping in the nude....naked....birthday suit. The fire alarm goes off in the house, you see flames just beyond your bedroom door. You hear sirens from down the street, outside, the neighborhood is filling up with people surrounding your house...What do you do?

POSTED: Thursday, September 24th, 2009
4:20 A.M.


  1. Anonymous9/24/2009

    My head is spinning from the purple vs. green Great answers!! :)

  2. 10...are you nuts...are there no bedcovers? wrap and run, girl!

  3. Hodgepodgespv I'm picturing the whole scenario as "The Damsel in Distress" being rescued by a nice, handsome knight in shining armour! But my luck it'd be the ol' geezer fire chief. LOLOLOLOL

  4. enjoyed your thursday thirteen!

  5. loved the answers...and i can't wait to see how everyone answers ur thanks for dropping by my site

    if you like meme's check out this on for wednesdays

  6. Walking in the rain is great!
    Loved your answers and the stars of then and now.

    Have a great Thursday!

  7. Anonymous9/24/2009

    TT#10: Oh my gosh! How embarrassing! :o
    You never cease to make me laugh. Mine is up please check it out here.

  8. Wow, your crayon dissertation was great. I'm not sure I'm any closer to understanding which would melt faster. I'm sorry, I know I'm a youngin', but I have no idea what those dances are!

  9. Hi Anni! What a question!.. Well.. If there's nothing else you can do.. I say bite onto the stem of a beautiful long stemmed rose, and walk out proudly! (0; ~tina

  10. I truly enjoyed this post sweetie.

  11. I loved those then and now pictures. Also the crayon discussion was great!

  12. Loved your "remember them" 13. That was great!

  13. First of all, the Thursday Thirteen pictures were great. I especially liked taht you ended it with Barbie. My, how she has changed over the years!

    Your Thursday Thunk answers cracked me up!

    As for me, I always have my security sheet with me when I go to bed. I am wrapping myself, burrito style, and out the window I go, after rescuing my family of course.

  14. I truly love this blog. You always manage to make me laugh.
    I love the new blog look.
    I have always thought about the fire question.I could never come up with an answer so I play it safe I wear PJs.
    thanks for sharing.
    God bless

  15. Wow Anni I like your Thursday Thirteen post hehe you make me smile. hehehhe thanks for stopping by....

  16. Oh Annie, you Hoot. I love this. Every day you just get better. I loved Patti she is my fav. I have loved every movie she has been in. She never lets ya down.

    Now listen girl, first of all I wouldn't be sleeping in the nude at my age, to many things sag, and would get wrapped around me, but if I were, I'd just wrap myself with my sags and run like hell. I mean with the crazy things people wear today they probably wouldn't even notice the difference. Love ya, Sherry

  17. Sherry You and me both, but hey, we can dream of being the YOUNG damsel in distress and being rescued by our over the top, muscular, dark and handsome firefighter man dude, right?

  18. I am intrigued by those taking such a scientific stab at the crayon question. I dodged it of course with an avoidance tactic.

    And everyone should dance in the rain once in a while.

    Have a great week!!

  19. Annie, lol lovely lovely post today. I loved finding out what Barbie looked like today :0) Your such a Hoot now I know where you got your blog name from. I think what would I do if someone where staring at me from across the table hmmmm I think I would wave lol.


  20. Loved reading your blog, as usual. I'm with grabbing a sheet and wrapping it as I leave the house, ever so quickly lol
    Happy T13!

  21. I always love to see then and now pictures. It's amazing how some people don't seem to change at all and some look totally different.

  22. Wow, that was interesting to see them then and now ! It happens very often that very cute children become very ordinary people later and are not beautiful at all anymore. Often it happens that a child is ugly and becomes a beauty. I would prefer the latter, being adult lasts longer then being a child. Shirley Temple didn't made it later either. The only one who had success as a child and as an adult was Liz Taylor. I think.

    Congratulations to your new template, it's gorgeous !

  23. love the ten and now pictures they are great

  24. wow i miss walkin in the rain.. i never do that now because i dont want to get sick.. because i do have a baby to take care of.. i dont want her to be exposed and get sick because of me :)

    hmmm to answer your #10, i think i'll look for any cloth that can cover me.. or at least my face hahaha

    mine is up too

  25. Ani, I love the new blog look! The 13's are great, funny how some of them still look enough like the early pics to really tell and others, not so much. Funny thunks.

    Calico Contemplations

  26. Great post! I love looking at then and now pics to see the changes and similarities! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Your header is magic fun - done by you??I'm so impressed and jealous haha loved the list

  28. Love your inclusion of Barbie.

    If you ask me, Drew is better now than she was then.

  29. I have always liked Drew, she is still a sweetheart, she has overcome a lot of obstacles. Very nice post, thanks for sharing this with us.

  30. Enjoyed your answers! I like how you'd handle #5.

  31. Anonymous9/24/2009

    Poor Opie and OMG what's up with Liz? LOL. The mashed potatoe and Twist LOL...too funny. Happy Thursday :)

  32. Anonymous9/24/2009

    Dang I forgot to answer your 10 LOL. I'd run out side and let it all hang out ROFLMAO

  33. what a fun and entertaining tt!

  34. God - Kurt Russell looked like a mini version of his older self didn't he? Kind of creepy then - very cute now.

  35. Thursday 13 -- interesting to see what some of those child actors look like and are doing now. Chuckling over your purple/green answer for your thunks.

    My Blog on Public Libraries

  36. Another great post, Anni. I loved the child actor bit, but I must admit I didn't know a lot of them.
    Barbi, I knew. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  37. Great TT and Thursday thunks!

  38. What a great idea to do 13 then and now pictures. It's always nice to see how stars have changed.

    Guess what....I'm throwing something on. Anything. Something.

  39. Hey Anni, I always have a Plan B.
    Plan A -- sleep until sometime past 8:00 AM (I'm retired)
    Plan B -- grab my glasses, my cell phone, my wallet, my chapstick, AND MY PJ'S AND UNDERWEAR. These are always neatly placed ready to grab all at one time if I need to escape FAST. I will put my underwear and PJ'S on if time inside permits.

    Drew Barrymore has been my favorite even before she did her birthday desk dance present for Dave Letterman. After that I loved her even more, I am soooooooo jealous of Dave! :-)

    I might steal the Thursday Thunks, guess I can stop without doing #10. Will the TT Cops come after me if I just use it? I don't know where you got them or who to give credit.

  40. Sorry, when I was ready to copy the Q's I saw the button on top. Good deal. Thanks.

  41. Anonymous9/24/2009

    Thursday Thirteen: This was so much fun! Thanks for posting that. Have a great weekend

  42. Anni,

    I always enjoy your posts and got a good chuckle out of the question. I never sleep in the nude, but if I did and I was about to get trapped in a fire, I really wouldn't care what I looked like. I have no intention of burning, so would run like crazy and since my housecoat is hanging near the foot of the bed, I'd grab it on my way out if I thought I had time.

    Hope you enjoyed your day. I slept most of mine away. Now, I'm hoping I can sleep tonight.


  43. Josephine the Plumber...omigosh, I remember her:-) That was so much fun seeing all those child actors from back then and seeing what they look like now. Like you, I just love Drew Barrymore and also loved Leonard DiCaprio as Gilbert Grape, one of my all time fave movies!!

    Loved your answers to the Thursday Thunks, you had me giggling at quite a few! hehe As for #10...I would just tell the people "what, you've never seen skin that needs ironing before????" LOL Seriously, though, I would wrap one of the bedsheets around me! xoxo

  44. Ani, I updated my post to include full length versions of all the songs...Calico Contemplations

  45. Better naked and alive than modest and gone for good, I always say. Great question, Anni.

    And I really enjoyed your colored crayon debate!

    Ah yes - Kurt Russell is a mighty fine fellow. And Elijah Wood turned out exceptionally well. What a great idea for a Thursday Thirteen. Loved all of your then-and-now combination graphics.

  46. hi! dropped by to say hi. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!

  47. Your T13 pics were great. I loved seeing the contrast between then and now. I'm a big fan of Drew Barrymore too.

    Your answers the the Thursday Thunk were hilarious. As to your question, I'd jump out of bed, throw some clothes on as fast as I could and get out!!

  48. Christian Bale was even cute back then :D

    lovely T13 :D

    13 hardest times

  49. Howdy. Just stopping by from another site I found your link on. Love your bloggy, I've read a few posts and they were good. :) I've added you to my feed reader so I can read you daily.

    Thanks for havin' me here, and I hope you have a great weekend. :)

  50. I know I'm late ... seems my life is just too busy to keep up these days, but I wanted to thank you for the 'mouse over' directions. Seems you shared these before and I never got around to trying them out. Loved your '13' ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,