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Oh! Look! Look!!
WEATHER or not, here I come.
See it rain...


Of course, this looks typical for most. But, around here this summer it is something to behold! For 6 months or more, we've had one substantial rainstorm. And then, it only lasted about ---well, less than an hour. Yet, very little moisture came from it. Yesterday afternoon, around 3 PM, the clouds started to roll. Black and ominous. There were clouds to the southwest of us, and clouds to the east of us....they were moving swiftly towards each other; I watched them for as long as I could----hoping against all hope. I wished that they would converge right over the top of our yard; our neighborhood. Long about thirty minutes later...those clouds collided and burst wide open! I couldn't have been more elated! No thunder, no lightning, just the ebony look of rain clouds. And they dumped a goodly amount upon our scorched earth! It rained, and rained some more. The sounds, the odor, the drops were like a piece of heaven to me!! So, it may look like something quite redundant to y'all who have been getting more rains than you can handle this season, but to me it was soooooooooo needed. And so appreciated!!

PS...while we were out watching it rain...Bud watched our sidewalk buckle under the pressure of so much rain in so little time. Two sections of the concrete just up and peaked!! Like I said, this Texan soil is weird!! It shrinks when dry, and swells like an ocean toad when wet. Oh well.

POSTED: Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009
5:20 A.M.


  1. That's fascinating how it could do that to your sidewalk in such a short amount of time!

  2. Your poor sidewalk! I love that first photo with the drops so clearly visable.

    Thanks for stopping by too btw!

  3. Sorry about your sidewalk sweetie.

  4. That IS something to behold!!

  5. I'd love to see some rain right CA, probably not for amother couple months!

  6. We havent had much rain here and would love that too! Great pictures!

  7. Woo-Hoo! I am so glad, and it must have felt wonderful - did you get out and take a shower?? Sorry about the sidewalk - we have to take the bad with the good, eh??

    Your new camera is working well! How do you do that rouding of the edges?

  8. Dawn These photos are taken with the 'old' camera. I wasn't about to take the new one out in the rain. LOL

    And the rounded edges effect is done in my photo program/software.

  9. Beautiful photos. Too bad about the sidewalk.

  10. Hope you do not have to repair the sidewalk. I love the rain but a lot at one time is good for filling up water pools.Happy WW

  11. We've had lots of rain also but having part of the sidewalk buckle??? Wow! I can't imagine.

  12. me LOVE those shots!
    Have a Lovely♥WW!!!!

  13. Sorry about the damage to your sidewalk. I have to admit I'm jealous of your rain. We could sure use some of that wet stuff right now here in So Cal for MANY reasons ... not the least of which is help putting out all these wildfires.
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. So beautiful images dear anni. I wish we had half that rain here
    Hugs :)

  15. oooooooooooo I'm giggling.......ocean toad.........haaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!! :o

  16. thanks for visiting. THAT is amazing about the sheer force of water and your sidewalk. Wow..
    neat pics. thanks for sharing with us!

  17. YEAH!!! I am so happy for you but sorry about your sidewalk... That can be fixed hopefully! The rain is the most important thing for you guys... Have a soggy day my friend! ☺☺☺


  18. Thanks for visiting. What a rain you had! Too bad about the sidewalk.

  19. This summer, for some reason, we've had lots of rain after two summers of drought. I've even had to turn my sprinkler system off. Last summer we could only water for 30 minutes, two days a week because of water restrictions.

    I'll take the rain any day.

  20. Must have been good for all plants ! I always complain that it rains all the time in Belgium, but this summer it didn't rain very often and for once I had to water the plants outside ! can't even remember when that happened last time !

  21. Wonderful photographs today, Annie. It's hard to capture rain, but you managed to do it. Have a wonderful day.

  22. :) Happy you got all that good rain!!


  23. Oh I'm sorry about your sidewalk - but those are some pretty cool photos of all the rain!

    Happy WW!

  24. I understand completely. Earlier in the summer when we were suffering from drought, I heard Honey Bear say its raining. I answered, You're kidding. But he wasn't. I had forgotten what it looked like. We just sat and stared.
    Once I post my OW, I usually start visiting the ones above my name. There is no way I can get by everyone's place but this way I usually visit some each week that I didn't the week before. I'm glad yours was here but I would have caught it in my reader later on.
    Enjoy the wet.
    Mama Bear

  25. i love a good summer downpour. we have the same thing happening here. the ground is too dry to absorb the water and it just floods, floods, floods everywhere. but, at least you got some rain and for that i'm grateful!

  26. What a rain storm. I love the first photo of the leaf and the photo of when it rains it pours. I can't believe the sidewalk gave away. I guess the rain will help you not have to water the flowers for a while.
    Have a great OW!

  27. That is a lot of rain. I thought we had been having a lot! Never had the sidewalk swell up though!

  28. Pam Like any drought...when you get too much rain, too soon and too quickly, things like that'll happen.

  29. Anonymous9/02/2009

    Sounds like the monsoons that Tucson has. Sorry to hear about your concrete. Must have been plenty of water for that to happen. Thanks for sharing this. You make it seem like we are there going through this with you and that my friend, I so enjoy :)

  30. I love a hard rain!

  31. Anonymous9/02/2009

    Wonderful pictures! I love the rain, as long as I don't have to go anywhere.

  32. Rain? What is this thing, rain? I moved to Washington from Ohio, thinking rain all the time, which is normal! We've had about 3-4 slightly rainy days in the last 4 months! I'm not complaining mind you but the climates really are changing! I love the pics! Blessings!

  33. It has rained here so much, but we have known times of drought. I am so happy for you.

    Sorry about the sidewalk.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  34. Being in the UK, it is the 'sun out' that catches our imagination. We have far too much of the wet stuff dropping as routine. Sorry to hear the sudden rain has broken up your pathway. You managed to get some great shots, which shows the rain so well.

    Love Granny

  35. It haven't rain much this summer here. I got the Aug weather report posted but it looks like it might be cooling down and rain coming my way.

    Coffee is on.

  36. I adore a good rain like that!!

  37. I love rain too and I know how excited you are. That's definitely odd about the texas earth. I hope nothing was broken along with the sidewalk, that is too weird.

    Yay for rain for you!

    We have a theme going with rain huh :)

    Happy WW and thanks for visiting with me!

  38. Anni,

    I'm so pleased that you got some much needed rain. I love the fragrance of wet soil when it rains. I'm sure you were ecstatic.

    I do hope your sidewalk settles back to where it belongs. Enjoyed your photos.

    I finally got the fishing pictures posted.


  39. Wow, I was in awe of your rain photos. You are right, what a downpour. Rain here is quiet and soft. It is rare to see a heavy downpour like the one you captured. We do not usually get real dry here in the mountains of NC. We did suffer a drought two summers ago and it was pretty awful. I am so happy you got some good rain.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  40. swells like an ocean toad lol beautiful pics

  41. Swells like an ocean toad when wet-too funny! We need some rain, have it promised in the forecast, hopefully not pour like you got.



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