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First, Camera Critters:

LOOK CLOSELY!! 'zoom in', closer!
See it?

I learned something the other day when I did some research on this beetle. It flew off the leaf and onto the fence just like a ladybug would. It was oval shaped, like a ladybug. The antenna and it's head are close in shape to the commonly known ladybug. But thing is, the part I learned, the ladybugs as I've always called 'em are more "scientifically correct" [that's like being politically correct instead it deals with science and nature as apposed to government and crooks]--they're known as "lady bird beetle". That, I didn't know until now.
~-~-~Ladybird Beetle or Ladybug, common name for any of numerous related species of brightly colored beetles found in temperate and tropical regions throughout the world. The ladybird beetle is less than 1.2 cm (less than 0.5 in) in maximum length. It has a nearly hemispherical body, rounded above and flat below, a small head, and short legs. Ladybird beetles are often red or orange above, spotted with black, white, or yellow. Some species are black, with or without spots. The larvae are also brilliantly colored, often blue, with stripes of orange or black.
But....what kinda bug/beetle is this? I never did find anything of a black beetle with white spots in my searching Google. Help?!! Anybody know? Is it too a ladybug ladybird beetle?


Second: Photo Hunt


Hmmmmm, artificial. That's another very vague word in our language. Could be artificial like fibers, flowers, flavoring, people's personalities, gemstones, intelligence [as in robots: artificial intelligence -A.I.] A whole slew of ways I can go on this prompt. Guess that's the idea of the conception of the hunt. Okay, so I settled for this:

'artificial human' = doll
But more specifically....

...artificial hair on a doll is what I thought of first thing!

This is one of only a few dolls I have in my possession.
She is ceramic/porcelain in body-dressed in brown taffeta and styled with the Victorian Look!

POSTED: Saturday, August 15th, 2009
4:20 A.M.


  1. interesting, about the ladybugs. i love them! i've got me a little tattoo of one...

  2. your doll has thick hair, nice take!

  3. I love ladybugs, and I call my hubby lovebug.

  4. oh i love that doll... can i have it :)

    happy weekend

  5. Love your doll and the artificial, shiny hair!!
    Happy weekend :)

  6. Sorry can not help you , but intressting and you learn new things every day.

    MB yes the last one was real of the snakes.

  7. Porcelain doll? I love its rosy cheeks. :)

  8. I love that doll! Nice take for this week's subject ;)

    have a great weekend dear!


  9. Anonymous8/15/2009

    If I had seen that bug, my immediate response would have been "Ladybug", anything more scientific than that eludes me.


  10. my daughter would love to have such a cute doll. happy weekend.:)

  11. Love the beautiful bug.

  12. I've never seen a white spotted ladybug. It's kind of cute for a beetle though!

  13. The beetle doesn't look the right shape for a ladybird, but I'm no expert. I've only ever seen very round ladybirds, though I have seen black one with red spots.

    I love your doll - she is a gorgeous example for artificial!

  14. Anni,

    That beetle is intriging. I've never seen one before and have no idea what it is. I would take the photo to the local college to a science professor, entomologis or even send the photo to National Geographic. I would love to know what it is, as I'm sure you would.

    Love the photos of your beautiful doll. She is gorgeous. I also have several procelain dolls. I had a Native American doll, but gave it to Michelle, as she collects them and she has less dust in her house. I will take a picture of her sometime.

    I always learn something here. Interesting information on the ladybug. I also learned that you collect dolls.

    Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

  15. lovely doll! it's my fascination when i was a young girl!

  16. Never played with dolls.
    Never collected them.
    Have NO problem with you who DO!

    Used to collect ladybugs. I'm afraid their lives were not valued by me then. (sigh)

    I pray for cancer victims--there are just too many of them (us?)

  17. Hmmmm, Anni, was thinking you were trying to point out that the bug was artificial -- only to discover that you've got a two memes in one entry! :D

  18. Your doll has better hair thank I do... and mine's real... LOL great take!!

  19. Beautiful doll. I haven't seen any other dolls in my trip around the PhotoHunt today. Good choice!

  20. your doll is lovely and I have no idea on the bug. thanks for stopping by

  21. Hello dear friend!
    Your blog is really cool, congratulations and Happy Camera Critters!
    purrs and love

  22. Great bug photo. I can tell you that it's not a ladybug, all of them have that particular round shape (although there are black ones with white spots and a lot of other colours, sometimes within one species). is an awesome site for identfying bugs, try sending them your photo.

  23. I found your beetle (I looked at the bug families on Whatsthatbug, chose leaf beetles for the similar shape, then googled for "leaf beetles Texas list" and looked at beetles with "spotted" in their name. It's an Eight-Spotted Flea Beetle

  24. If you are in NA, you can upload a photo to Bug Guide to get an ID....I do love looking at insects..One suggestion. You might consider changing your blogger comment settings from the default of 'embedded' to 'pop-up'. Some people (like me) have a really hard time getting this to display properly in order to comment. You may be able to get more people to comment...Michelle

  25. It is a really pretty little beetle.

  26. That's what I love about nature blogging - it's a constant learning curve! I'm sorry I can't help you with the beetle id - very pretty though.

  27. Cool bug, gorgeous doll! Fun post, this week, Anni!

  28. Jedediah Thank you SO much for indentifying the beetle for me. You rock!!!!

  29. Oooh - we like the bug but knowing us we'd probably try to eat it! He he he! Great piccies - our human mother in law would love the doll, she collects antique dolls. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  30. I don't know what your critter is called but its pretty. Thanks for the lesson on ladybugs. I had no idea they were lady bird beetles.

  31. Anonymous8/15/2009

    Do love lady bugs. Don't know if the beetle is one. Nice doll for your artificial post!

    Cheri (of WNC Mountains too)

  32. I thoought it might be some sort of harlequin beetle, but it looks like you have some other answers.

  33. Anonymous8/15/2009

    I've always called them Ladybugs too. Easier to remember. Loved the pictures of artificial. What a do that is :) Have a great Saturday :)

  34. My Dad used to call Ladybugs 'Lady Bird Beetles' all the time but I haven't heard that term in a while. Kewl capture but I dunno what this spotted critter is ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  35. I think your beautiful doll has prettier hairs than my blond wig today!

  36. She looks fancy enough to have had real hair. Very nice doll.

  37. I always called them ladybugs, too.

  38. How lovely and quite unique :-)

  39. hosting monday!

  40. the ladybug's simply awesome! and the artificial hair of the doll is an ingenious entry. :)

  41. Very pretty!! Porcelain dolls are so beautiful.

    Mine's up, too! I hope you get some time to visit.

    Mrs. Mecomber
    New York Traveler Photo Hunt

  42. What a beautiful ladybug. lovely color!

  43. Nice looking doll!

  44. What an interesting polka-dotted bug. I see someone has identified it, but if I were to make a nonsensical guess, I'd say "domino beetle."

  45. I like to play with bugs. Very nice pictures.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  46. such a gorgeous dotted lady bug.

  47. Great take on the theme. What a pretty little doll.

  48. Thank you for visiting my blog the other day. I have never seen that bug but would also be interested in finding out what it is. :)

  49. Like your take on the Photo Hunt theme. Dolls are indeed artificial humans...tee hee...and that includes their hair. ;-)

  50. good ttake on this weeks theme... i have a doll something like that :)
    Mine is up here

  51. Such beautiful doll. Thanks for dropping by.

  52. That's a lovely doll. Wonderfully dressed.

  53. I love dolls!And she is a beauty! Great take on the theme.

    Sorry I am late visiting you back, hectic weekend!
    Happy Monday!

  54. That looks like a backwards ladybug!!!



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