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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Sunday, June 7th, 2009
5:47 A.M.

For Sunday Stealing, scroll down below my "brownie fix", or CLICK HERE The meme this week was very difficult because of the subject given us. I tried to work it over. LOL

Chocolate...we were discussing chocolate, right? Well, if not...NOW we are. I was hungry for some ooey gooey brownies. When I was a kid, there was a local bakery down the hill from us, and they had the best brownies. I'd always want to stop there as we came home from the city, if it was open. Many a times it wasn't and I was so downhearted. Back then, they were 10 cents a piece. Ha!!! What a bargain, huh? Luscious. Nutty. Iced with the best tasting fudge frosting. I can still taste them. Anyway, I wanted a brownie. And I didn't want all the high cholesterol and high saturated fat. So, I skimmed and browsed and read all the mixes at the store yesterday. Read almost all of them, until I came to the one I was on the unreachable, top shelf. But, I managed to get it off the shelf by stepping up on the grocery cart's middle bar and hoist myself up enough to slide it out and fall into my hands. LOL The part that caught my eye was the words "Fat Free"!! Now, I'm all for fat free....IF the ingredients are the real stuff. Sometimes, tho, you wonder just how truthful those 'nutrition facts' are. If you know all the history about the food and drug administration's approvals of some things and then after a year or so on the shelves, we hear that the once approved product causes death or some kinds of cancers, etc. etc. etc. Okay....moving on. Back to the brownie mix....

I have never tasted anything so good from a mix! Ever!!!! These brownies are so easy, first off. Easy to make that is. Just add water. And the result...the most fudgy, yummy, moist, chewy brownies I've had in years....very reminiscent of the ones I used to get as a kid back in the 50s/60s!! OMG is the expression!!! The product company? KRUSTEAZ.....all I can say try it, if you find it on your grocer's shelves, pick up a box. You won't be disappointed. Trust me. Seattle? You should be proud of this more than Starbucks if you ask me. LOL...I eat chocolate, but don't do coffee.

[of course, I had to add some of our pecans]



  1. Oh no, I'm drooling in my keyboard again! Those brownies look delicious! I think we have that brand name here so will look the nexttime I am in the grocery store. I LOVE nice gooey brownies, warm, with some vanilla ice cream on them. Sigh....... I will never be thin again!

    Great meme, yes, that would be a hard one for me too. You did a super job. Now I have this spot on my forehead I want you to look at and I think I am coming down with the flu cause my throat is itching kinda funny plus my bunions are aching, it must be going to rain and this rash, oh my goodness what's a person to do!! heehee! Remember in the movie Christmas Vacation how when the grandparents came to visit they weren't even in the door before they started complaining about their ailments??? It was a hoot!

  2. Midlife Yes, yes....I do remember that in Christmas Vacation. Ironic, but that is exactly what I was thinking of while typing it. AND a certain person from RAOK [a group] I know that continually talks and seems to brag and love the fact she's on so many meds, and constantly goes to see her doctor. Ewwwwwww.

  3. I enjoyed your list, but the brownies won out! Thanks for the tip!

  4. the grocery store and tax day i have to agree with you on! and now, i'm gonna make some brownie for myself, bad, bad, anni!

  5. Can you pass me a brownie, please? ;)

    I love the answers you gave - 'hate' is such a strong word, I'm more of a 'dislike' person, too! :)

  6. Hi Annieee....i love chocolates! And am sure after that is baked then that's so yummy. am drooling!

    And grocery stores too ate my money. hahahaa

  7. Your brownies are an odds on favorite here. Have a great day.

  8. That is definitely a good brand, but I haven't discovered their fat free brownie. I learned this week that you can take a regular brownie mix, add pureed black beans, nothing else, and have wonderful, semi-healthful brownies! I haven't tried it yet, but will soon.

    BTW, I would be glad to grab those top shelf things for you any time - I do it often at the store when I see a struggling short person!

  9. Good answers except 8 of course. LOL. Loved 19. I so agree with you on that and you hit the nail on the head with the Cowboys and 9/11. Happy Sunday

  10. I don't like that twitter thing either, have enough to do with my blogs ! I love oisters ! with a little lemon juice they are delicious, but they have to be very fresh !
    I show a parc in Marrakech today with people picnicing. Geez I have so many photos it keeps me busy the whole day !

  11. Wow! you have made me hungry!

  12. Anni, Anni, where art thou...been looking for ya. lol

    Those brownies look delicious. I'm going to check to see if we have that brand here. Dwight loves brownies and they sound so easy and delicious.

    Enjoyed reading your Sunday Stealin'. I don't hate much either, but do, like you, have my pet peeves. lol


  13. Gosh, what a long post! Must have taken hours....
    The chocolate cookies look divine, I don't think we can get this make over here in the UK. Boo Hoo!
    Love Granny

  14. Talk about great minds! We both said Cheney and twitter! Enjoy your Sunday...

  15. Those brownies look yummy...I'm here in WA, guess I need to look for them!

    That's the first time I've seen a "most hated" meme...I probably would've had a hard time with that one too....


  16. Oysters, okra and ad mushrooms and liver, ugh. I like your list and it is fair to say we all agree with you. Have a great week.

  17. Read with a smile on my face your most hated list. I may have to steal this idea for my blog with your kind permission.

  18. Hi Annie...
    I got your note about my comments not working on my newest blog! I had no idea. I am glad I was reading your blog! Thanks for posting it!

    those brownies look heavenly.

    OK you have gotten me into memes now (indirectly through Skittles page.) :-) so I have done a couple.
    Stop in and check them out...I hope I am doing everything right so the links work and I am signed up and etc. I am really new to this.
    Later Girl..

  19. Very good answers to all these questions!! Boy those brownies. Guess I need to make brownies tomorrow. I have to weigh in tomorrow so after that!! SMILE!! Thanks for writing back to me even though I still have no idea what to do. I finally went through photo bucket and just copied the html. Oh well. Hope you had a great weekend..Sandy

  20. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    MMMMM those brownies look delicious. You know I'm going to look for that box the next grocery shopping order I do!

    Loved the band-aid answer!!

  21. Those brownies look beyond yummy.

  22. Oh great, now you have me craving for brownies! lol They've always been one of my favourites and I remember my mom always making a huge pan of brownies every Saturday for dessert:-)

    Like you, I don't hate much at all but I have to agree with you, oysters and okra will never be eaten by me! lol I pretty much have to agree with you on everything else as well. xoxo