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*Note: An 'x' rated image borrowed from a copyright infringement intended. Cartoon property of R*bert Br*wn....known informally as Buck....
Monday, June 8th, 2009
5:50 A.M.

From our hostess this week, our question or challenge this Monday is to write what we think we'd be like aged. Using imagination. Well, I had to laugh at this....heartily!!! Hey, if you don't know it by now, I am OVER the HILL already!! And to be honest, I haven't even thought of this concept in years. Now, mind you, when I WAS thirty something, I always figured that aging would never happen....and it used to be a bit comical when I'd try to imagine myself as an older woman. My thoughts always took me to the Pl*yb*y Magazine's comics....the old lady that showed up all the time. And yes, inquiring minds wanna know....hey, I had three older brothers and then, Bud....the magazine has been in my life for decades! She was a favorite of mine...her cartoon actions were always depicted to a tee...meaning she was the epitome of an old lady in my mind. I wanted to be just like Granny when I grew up!!! Here's an example of her and my daydreams of who'd I'd be when I was old....

I just loved Granny's attitude toward sex, life, men!

- - -

But now, to be a bit more serious here. As I said, I'm up there in age now. I really don't care what my skin does...I don't care about changing the hair color, I don't care much of anything vain. I live for the day. Who, at my age, worries about how they look? Sure, being clean and healthy...but coloring hair? Putting on tons of makeup? Wearing the tightest jeans I could put on while still wet to be form-fitting to every curve? Taking hours to style the hair? Things like that? No, not any more!!!!! Other than getting up in the morning....being able to move my legs in motion heading in the right direction...being able to chew my food...etc. etc. etc. That is aging gracefully to me. Graceful would be attitude toward life. Even if being an invalid [if you have a good attitude about what life has handed can survive with dignity]. I've witnessed great mobility of those who are handicapped and still zoom around in their power chairs!!!

So, what do I think I'll look like in 10, 20, or maybe if lucky 30 years? Okay, you pulled my leg...I'm gonna show you, by working a little morphing magic with my paint program!

from the profile photo of today---

morphed by 20 years---
[all the guys at Shore's Bay Senior Home? Eat your heart out!!!]


Over the weekend, I worked on getting my latest painting matted and framed. I had in mind a minty green and gray double matt, but when I took the painting in to the frame shop and did a 'visual' blended too well, and didn't make the painting itself the focal point. I opted for a more contrast. Light, sienna and vanilla cream. The frame is simple and intended. Here is the finished project. I hung it just below Bud's wooden cross carving and my crystal rosary. Cost wise, Irene will get this when I'm gone. Too expensive to do as I intended. She understands. Economy is still a big issue.

- - -

Dawn requested in my comments this morning for me to show the whole wall...
Here it is [my crystal rosary, the painting I just finished, the cross Bud carved for me and my mother's Lord's Prayer plaque that was in our home ever since I can remember as a child...when she passed I got it from dad.] As will Irene get all this when we're gone. I intended to give it to her and ship it....too costly.


  1. Your latest painting is beyond beautiful my friend, just like you are now, and always.

  2. Hi Annie.
    I missed commenting you yesterday because I left town for the day.
    OOOhhhh...what's that brownie fix? Yum!

    Have a great day!

  3. My, what big eyes you have... the bigger to lure the old geezers in with (better than money, granny!).

    I'm with you... if things still basically funtion and you're in command of your mind - you are a successful old lady!!!

    Thanks for playing! I added you to the list.

    Love the picture. You're quite an artist!

  4. Enjoyed you comments on aging. I don't have quite the same attitude, but I want to be the best me I can be whatever the age. :)

    The matted and framed painting turned out very nicely. You picked well.

  5. Agree with Sayre... and you too. Growing old is a gift, not something to fight against... long as I can still move about, wash myself and get dressed, doesn't matter I'm not the glamour Granny I was!

    Lovely painting and framing of same... looks great.
    Love Granny

  6. i guess i focused on not caring about appearance too much and just enjoying my free time, maybe being appreciated for the life i lived. i like your attitude a LOT. having a baby has really made me think. i'm not a spring chicken as far as mommas go these days. i hope i stick around long enough for grand kids! ha! even if my hair or whatever doesnt hold out!

  7. Hiya Coach! What a "hoot" you are and will be at any age. Miss you. GG

  8. {{{G G}}} I miss you too! Where have you been hiding? Working your buns off, I imagine! How was your month long trip? I'll email you.

  9. I never thought about aging much, but now it's definitely here - if I could get rid of the jowels, I'd be happier, but other than that, I'm pretty low maintenance! My brother thinks I color my hair, because I'm the oldest and have the least gray - I keep telling him what he sees is what he gets - I'm too lazy and too shape to do anything like that!

  10. PS - I LOVE the matted picture - just wonderful. Show us the complete look on the wall, okay?

  11. Dawn I'm not sure I can get back far enough from the entire wall to show you the 'whole look'...I'll try. Just for you. :o)

  12. Love this post on aging ....... gracefully............ great painting too.

  13. so much energy, time and money, wasted on looking good. don't take me wrong, i'm all for looking good, but that is NOT my ultimate daily goal. and if that makes me old, i guess i'm old. at 43, heee heee heeeee. but hubby still thinks i'm hot (and so does the guy at the corner shop) so i can't be all that bad *grin*. anyway, what did i want to say??? oh yes, your painting, framed, is absolutely beautiful!!!

  14. ROFLMBO! Anni - you are such a character! And you ARE just like the little old Playboy granny! A ZEST for everything!

    Your painting looks really nice -- and I LIKE the simple frame around it!

  15. I love the way you framed your painting. Ten years from now you'll still be the coolest gal on the block.

  16. Anonymous6/08/2009 funny. I so agree with you on aging and your morph w3as hilarious. LOL. What a good attitude you have about it. So many people worry about the "look". Irritates me but oh well. Makes me think of "Your So Vain" LOL. Love your painting. Was wonderful. Have a great Monday :) Aloha

  17. Oh Annie your FM is so much fun- love the cartoon LOL.

  18. First of all, your painting, it's lovely when I saw it first and lovelier now that it's on that frame! It also fits well in that wall...

    Now...for Fun Monday, FUN it is! LOL

    You always crack me up the granny...and more than anything, love this --Graceful would be attitude toward life.

    So very true...and I don't think you'll look distorted years from now. ;)

  19. Anni,

    I love your attitude toward life...always positive. You're such an inspiration to all of your readers. Like you, I don't worry too much about vanity. I do dye my hair, but only because it is so thin. I had never dyed it in my life until last year.

    I absolutely adore that painting and the mat and frame really does it justice. It looks great hanging below the cross.

    Have a great day, my friend. It's raining here once again, so won't be going into the yard.


  20. You have a great attitude about getting older. I share your sentiments. Life is what you make of it. Your painting is beautiful, you are gifted.

  21. Omigosh, I SO remember granny from the Playboy magazines...well I did have 4 brothers, ya know! LOL I've always said that growing old is a frame of mind, you either fight it with all you're worth or just let it come naturally:-) You're as sexy as granny in that morphed picture! ROFL!! Oh, Anni, you do my heart good with your sense of humour.

    Your painting looks perfect in that matted frame. Your talent never ceases to amaze me!! xoxo

  22. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're FM made me remember something I forgot to mention in my post - TEETH. I must make sure I always take care of my teeth!

    Wonderful painting!

  23. I am still laughing about the cartoon ! especially because there are quite a lot of not even so rich women of all nationalities who go to exotic countries to pay themselves a handsome lover !
    I also think to go with the future and being young in mind is much more important then face liftings. I only dye my hair, I hate grey or white and without make up I feel naked. But that's all I am doing ! and I do it for myself for nobody else !!

  24. Thanks! It looks very lovely all put together - especially on the dark wall. Love the cross!

  25. That painting is incredible!!! You are so talented!
    I love the Granny comic. So cute.
    My mother (yes, I said my mother) used to read a naughty comic mag called Sex to Sexty and it was full of comics like the Granny one including some Granny ones. When I was a teenager my best friend and I used to sneak the mags out from under my mom's bed and read them. Yep, I was a wild one...

  26. LOL. Only you could have a cross and a Playboy cartoon in the same post, Anni! Too funny.

  27. I love that picture of you that you morphed! Too funny! Those of us that work in nursing homes don't talk about what we'll look like, we talk about who we'll act like. We can all see similarities in behaviors to know which of our residents we are like! :)
    The painting looks beautiful in the frame.

  28. First, this morning, I was wanting to visit Anni and didn't have the URL. I thought you might be over at the Daybook site but no. I tried just putting what I thought your URL would be and got someone else. Finally, I remembered that Mary had a header and thank you to you so I went over and clicked on that. Now you're in blogs I follow so I'll be able to see you whenever I want to.
    I love your attitude. I am beginning to be a little more relaxed about the whole make up/hair thing. I shampoo and then put my hair up in a pony tail wet and I'm ready to go, just a little moisturizer on my face and Lipstick. Always have to have that because my lips are just so dry. I've just weened from HRT and notice my boobs are almost flat when I lie on my back. They still stuff a size C cup though.
    I have always enjoyed some of the content of that magazine, looking at it with my Honey. I'm sure there are those that would disapprove. Oh Well.
    You are very talented. I love the painting and I like the mat and frame you chose.
    Love ya, girl,
    Mama Bear

  29. Anni-
    What a wonderful picture,- you have a way with colors that never fail, and you hung it just where it belongs, a "thing" both Bud and you have made with your own little hands."s"
    About aging, what you say could not be more true, as long as you can laugh you will not age, it's when you stop laughing you become old "s"
    My Doctor once asked me= who is you you home help? after all you are 84? I had to tell him that my hubby and myself is our home help"G" just to confirm what you say about moving around and be active and doing things yourself, as long as you can, right?
    Love and DEDB

  30. I'm with you on the aging with grace thing, Anni. And anyone who goes to the Playboy granny to get illustrations for her aging philosophy doesn't have anything to worry about! BTW, not to challenge your 80th photo, but I think your mouth will still be smiling, not pinched1

  31. Heh heh heh! Old lady titties!!

    Hey!! Those could be mine!!


  32. I think that God is helping me through the aging thing by letting my husband's eyesight fail at about the same rate that my hair color is fading. great system, I think.

  33. Anonymous6/08/2009

    What a beautiful painting. The aging thing is funny - the post, not aging. lol My biggest problem with aging is not being able to do so many things I used to could do. Now just walking around is painful. And to get down on my knees to do anything - forget it.
    You might enjoy my posts from yesterday and today about In-N-Out Burger and their coming to Tucson.

  34. Yes, I'm a Granny fan, too, Anni. And yes...I have four brothers so I have seen THAT magazine plenty of times in my younger years.

    As for aging, like you, I'm there and I don't mind it a bit. I especially like it 'cos I can shock the younger ones...heheh. They then get a different take on an older lady.

    I do like the framing you've chosen for your painting. It really sets it off as does the wall colour. Very nice, indeed.

  35. Honey, God willing you'll always feel sexy!!

    Love your work, my friend!