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Friday, June 5th, 2009
5:10 A.M.

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It all started with this. My quick sketch of a newspaper photo from Easter's Sunrise Service.

I got my easel set up and started another watercolor painting from the above. I had some done, and then...we started a new painting project. The exterior of the house. Naturally, this project was put away until I had time enough to devote to working on it properly.

This is the painting at the point where I discontinued the project in mid April. The past couple of weeks, I began working on it again...

The painting as it was around our holiday, Memorial Day at the end of last month.

It's now complete! Still on the easel drying.
All it needs now is the framework...
Finished Wednesday afternoon [June 3rd]

The original newspaper photo from which I used as a 'model' was littered with worshipers all over the grassy knoll. I blocked them out. Added a bit more color to the painting than was the image in the paper since it was 'colorless' from the hour of the day and the drought had the lawn at the park's was all brown and dry-looking. Gray waters...not much but a monotone. As I said above, it only needs my signature & thumbprint along with going to the frame shop and getting a double matting made to fit with a frame yet to be determined. I entitled it:
[Kinda a Biblical overtone, but to remember it was just a reenactment on Easter, hence 'Acts", 412 is the month and day, and of the year--(chapter) 2009]

~...End Show N Tell
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  1. My friend, you are so talented. That picture is beautiful, bless you. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. WOW! You are such a gifted artist. Beautiful!


  3. Poor Girl. Let us know who the groom was and we will fire him up.
    Great 55

    Ours is up

  4. Oh, my, that conversation with Bud gave me a good start to the day!

    The theme "forsaken" goes along with the painting so perfectly. It is wonderful. I wish I could see it without your copyright markings on it. Just beautiful!

  5. Dawn Ya, when I saw it in the newspaper I said the same thing....that photo is so beautiful. I just had to try my luck and see if it could be painted by me.


  6. Very nice painting !
    Don't talk about glasses, I sat on my glasses in Morocco, fortunately Ilona could repair them and they held until yesterday but I have to have new once otherwise I am blind like a mole ! Costs a fortune ! I still have the blues it's so cold here after the heat in Morocco !

  7. Very pretty painting. You're very talented.

  8. That is gorgeous. You are definitely talented. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Any man who would leave you at the altar, you're better off without.

  10. You are so talented! That is a beautiful painting.

  11. I would make sure that man never forgot me. Perhaps his next love would find something lacking..LOL

  12. Anni,

    Wow! I love that painting. You are certainly talented in so many ways. Wonderful...

    Like you, I can't remember anything but can remember the game and other shows we watched way back in our hey day. My post about the Four Lads was one of those moments. I heard them singing, "Standing on the Corner," on PBS and then did the research I posted.

    So many talented actors and actresses are gone. The modern day ones just don't have the same stuff, or maybe it's just me. I loved the old entertainment. Dwight was watching the Smother's Brothers the other night on deja vu. That was entertainment.

    Take care, my friend and have a great day. I'm going to get ready and get out into the garden.


  13. A case of bride and doom. What a cad!

  14. Hi, I'm responding to everything in this Friday post. First of all, the painting is great! I love it. Excellent!

    I haven't looked up the rules to the meme, but it was fun to read. I'm assuming you wrote that, right? It was excellent, too.

    As for Carradine, how the heck does someone hang themselves "accidentally"? I mean how to you accidentally make a noose and get your neck into it??? Will have to read more about that!

    Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Home Musings!

  15. Anni, I can't keep up with you! I'm such a poor artist that I've been asked not to draw stick figures. So, I'm pretty impressed with the art work. Poor bride but more to the point, poor Daddy, literally, footing the bill for 300. Memory is a funny thing, I loved Hans Conried. He was probably a son-of-a-gun, but the younger me thought him to be cool, witty and refined. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. I really enjoyed your drawing.

  17. Lovely painting Anni! I enjoyed seeing the steps too... I've always wanted to learn watercolor - one of these days I'm going to take a class!

  18. you're an artist too???? your creativity knows no bounds... that's a beautiful painting!

    how sad. the bride. never to be a wife. forsaken indeed. good writing there.

  19. How sad. How heartbreaking. wonderful that she was probably spared how many years there would have been of heartache.

    Maybe God was doing for her what she didn't even know needed doing (or...maybe somewhere deep inside she did know).

    Loved this 55.
    Prayer Girl

  20. That is a beautiful painting. You are very talented. About our grapevine. I didn't put in there that we lived on the coast north of San Diego and grapes do not do well there. They flourish in the Napa Valley area though. The area that we live in here in Oregon is grape country too. We have many many wineries and grape orchards here. Thank you for sharing your painting. Have a wonderful weekend! Elena

  21. What a sad 55 - jilted at the altar. You portrayed all the emotion in your 55 words, excellent.

    Mine's up too.

  22. You did an excellent job! I want to see more!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

  23. She don't know how lucky she really is...hehehehe

    Thanks for playing Anni...

    Have a Great Week-End...G

  24. Oh, Annie I do wish I could paint like this! Your painting is dear to my heart, for it says to me, My Cross to Bare.

  25. Oh Anni...I'm so read laughing here at my work desk and people are looking at me! Pfft! LOL

    First off...oh my! I LOVE your work! So.very.MUCH!

    And the rest of the post are just so entertaining...and I'm 29, and I have the same problem with you, it's hard for me to remember where I just put my pen or cellphone but I can remember lines from friends at a given moment...even the clothes they wore that moment! /Sigh

  26. Anonymous6/05/2009

    What an awesome painting. You are very talented. The 55 is excellent as well. I'm reading now that David Carradine death might have been a sexual thing gone wrong. What will they think of next Aloha

  27. You are so talented girl.
    I have trouble drawing a stick person.
    Have a great weekend.

  28. Hi. Thanks for visiting me. Your painting looks wonderful!

  29. It turned out nicely. I wish I could paint!

  30. My, as everyone says, you are very talented. Love the painting, and your flash fiction is great! Those are extremely hard to write, for it to be what it is meant to be. The John Carradine case is puzzling. He was a great actor.

    Happy weekend!



  31. Thanks for your comment on my garden Show and Tell. I love your watercolor painting! Makes me want to get out my paints and try my hand again at watercolor. I have a hard time with paints that don't "stay put"! lol

  32. Oh, Anni, I did not know you were such a talented artist. (I guess I haven't been blogging long enough) This is so very lovely! So glad I came by to visit!

    Kindly, ldh

  33. A beautiful watercolor. Your talents still amaze me.

  34. What a lovely picture that you painted, so much talent, want to share some with me? I can't draw a straight line. Well I did start to draw horses once and they weren't too awful but they all looked the same, I never got any better. I should post them,,,,,,NOT!

    Hubby and I have had converstaions like that before. Like some of your other commenters said, can't remember what we did five minutes ago but can remember something from 50 years ago. Go figure!

  35. That is gorgeous! Your very talented!

  36. Very nice, you are a good artist! I used to paint many years ago. Some day I'm going to pick up my paint brushes again!

    Thanks for sharing.


  37. Hello Anni
    The first thing that crossed my mind when I heard about Daivd's death was 'Kinky S'X'. Bit of an odd way to go
    Great post today, enjoyed it immensely
    Take care

  38. Oh, you are a fantastic painter, Anni. I love that picture.

  39. Hi Anni, how many times do you reckon that may have happened to a bride or groom? Very enjoyable poetic 55. :))

  40. That is gorgeous! You have wonderful talent.

  41. O Dear.. that is so be ditched at the altar :(

  42. Great 55 feel sorry for the bride but then again the groom didn't show so that just goes to show she deserves better. My 55 is up



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