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Friday, May 29th, 2009
6:00 A.M.

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My 55 Fiction today is Dream. Scroll down below Show N Tell, or CLICK HERE

They're VERY dusty...they've been around for nearly 30 years. They're a couple of Erik's toys. I guess some would consider them collector's items by now. Since his days in the Marine Corps, when he wanted me to take them to Goodwill, I packed them away for him for his "someday you may want them". But, now that he's been moved out for over a decade, he still doesn't want them. I, of course, continue to keep them. [He DID take all his Star Wars Action Figures when he moved from Denver to Houston...he probably sold them on Ebay, knowing him.]

Okay, so 'nough gab already Anni...just show whatcha got for the day......

From the movie, The Alien.
What a creature. It glows in the dark!!

From the movie, Star Wars
The At At

...maybe it's me, but I just can't part with these. Erik spent hours playing and doing role modeling from the movies. I can look at them and remember the days of his youth; thinking of the 'good ol' days' gone by!

...End Show n Tell
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  1. Great 55
    Too bad it's only fiction.I could have asked for a little grant.

  2. OH! I remember those! Goodness, maybe one day another little boy in the family would like to play with them! Happy Friday and enjoy your week-end!

  3. A work of fiction indeed. One great African philosopher said " All fiction is true". You just have to see the truth in it.

    Good 55

    We dragons have posted.

  4. If I win the lotto I will have one of my hired help write my 55..LOL..

    You are a hoot, Anni!

  5. Thanks for sharing. I have the Star Wars action figures that belonged to our foster daughter. I also have a creature. I will have to share them one Friday. But first, I'll have to ask someone what the creature is called. I won't give them up either. I love the Ewoks, just saw Return of the Jedi on MTV Monday night.
    Mama Bear

  6. I imagine they're collectibles now. I understand why you've kept them.

  7. i don't play the lotto either, but damn that moment... must be the best...

    and hang on to those toys. i've also got a couple, even though the bean still has a way to go before leaving home, but have them i do. and mostly likely will have them a few (or more) years down the line too. happy memories.

  8. I would keep them, too. Kev was hard on his toys, so we don't have too many.

    I am amazed every week at your ability to do the 55 challenge - my brain doesn't work that way - and I don't seem to have much time to ponder and think these days!

  9. I would do the same. Those special toys hold special memories for us mom's!

  10. 30 years wow! they are in amazing condition. mine prob would have got broke or destroyed somehow by now by the kids lol

  11. Your a rhyming fool, Anni. A poet who does not know it.

  12. Good morning! thank you for your sweet words on my first show and tell! I'm here to peruse your blog!
    Loved some of my kids' toys. In particular Teddy Ruxspin. Loved him!
    Great memories!

  13. Ah, but would you REALLY be happy?

    I know, dumb question :-)

  14. I'm the same way. I don't play because I dislike loosing over and over, but I still dream of winning one day.

  15. In the UK we have what is called Premium Bonds, where you have a series of numbers from how many you have collected over the years, and all the numbers are put in one big machine and each month, numbers are chosen, at random ... ranging from £50 up to a million. Every time we have a tell-tale envelope on the mat, we hold our breath in case it is the million one.!!!
    It has never been yet, only 50's, but for a few minutes we can dream.
    Loved to see the toys you have kept all these years. I can't hoard for too long till I HAVE to have a clear out, so no old charmers like this around the house.
    Love Granny

  16. A part of me misses the toys left lying about, when pretend play was interrupted.

  17. Anni,

    Love the toys that were Erik's and don't blame you for keeping them. Brandon and Jordan played with the muscial ball that Michelle received for her first Christmas. She still has it. It was given to her by her Dad and she has very little that was his.

    Enjoyed the poem about the lottery. We don't play often but did have a ticket on the one that was 49 million. It was won by someone in Alberta. :-(

    Have a beautiful day, my friend.

  18. Now, my husband and grandsons would say those are cool! I think you should keep on holding on to them for If he doesn't want them, Put a note on them for Maybe his children if he has them. Hubby love his old toy. I thru out a doll when I was around 9. I gave her a hair cut, and it was bad, My older sister saved her and gave my doll to me after I was married. Means a lot to me for I only got three dolls growing up. Love it when you drop by for a visit!

  19. What fun to see these vintage toys...I imagine they are collectibles and have increased in worth by now.

  20. Anni,

    It looks like we may have a bit of a cosmic connection. Pretty amazing.

    Loved the 55 (of course)

  21. I remember those star wars toys. I remember that those little guns are murder on your bare feet!
    Have a good weekend.

  22. I remember those star wars toys. I remember that those little guns are murder on your bare feet!
    Have a good weekend.

  23. Anonymous5/29/2009

    I can imagine they hold a special place in your heart because of the memories.

    Thank you for stopping by my show and tell today. (o:

  24. Anonymous5/29/2009

    Wonderful 55. I really enjoyed it :) Great post :)

  25. I am sure one day he will thank you. In the meantime, thanks for sharing.

  26. Don't get rid of them. He'll want them someday. I am holding on to my son's hero figures, too. He is only 12, but I can't let go yet.
    I like your blog.
    Cindy D

  27. Hi Anni,
    Thanks for stopping in on my blog.
    Great toys, I can understand you wanting to save them for you and for him! I have things of my sons that I won't let him sell etc. Making him save even if I have to store them here.
    They grow up so fast!
    Linda Q

  28. LOL Anni I love it. We can all dream and I am sure we have all had those moments where we needed a number or two. I think I would pee my pants if I ever won lol.

  29. Wow, that is really cool! It's great that you saved them. I am sentimental too:)

  30. Hey, Hootin'

    It's not like those toys are taking up room you need--I mean you don't sleep in that closet corner, right?

    Love it!

  31. Ah, yes, the lottery! Great 55 - I haven't won yet, either!

  32. nice 55 did you here about the gal in new zealand who found the winning ticket after 10 months? she almost didn't cash it in.

  33. I've seen both Alien and the Star Wars trilogy...enjoyed them both, too. It's great that you still have those figures. Hang on to them, they'll be worth a fortune one day and then you won't have to dream about winning!

  34. I don't blame you for keeping them.
    My dad is 63 and he still has toys of his that my grandma wouldn't part with. He treasures them now.

  35. I had my begging letter all written out and ready to post! Then I read that you don't even play. Oh what a disappointment. LOL

    Great 55 Anni - if only it would happen to me for real! :)

  36. Anni...Lotto Dreaming seems to be popping up several times today.
    Excellent 55...
    Thanks for playing and have a Great Week-End...G

  37. Wow! That's a dream worth dreaming!

  38. I still have some of my two daughters playthings too, can't bear to part with them, even though they don't want them! I don't understand the (grown) "kids" these days, they just aren't as nostalgic as their parents, are they?

    Love your new blog design, so pretty!


  39. I would keep them too...wonderful treasures to remind you of days past. Happy June!