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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

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Friday, April 10th, 2009 --on Thursday
We just got done tearing all the roofing off our patio, Bud pulled the last nail out minutes ago, and I've been stacking the wood curbside for the city to pick it up tomorrow. I'm sore... I came in to work on my Friday post for my blog, mainly to cool down [it's in the high 80's today!] and then go shower off the dirt that came flying out of the eve vents while reattaching the TV cable...and figured I just might as well post it.

In your Easter Bonnet! With all the frills upon it....

Bud and I, when we went to lunch the other day, after stopping at the bookstore, we decided to walk over to Ross's. And it was "Senior Citizen's Day" where we get an extra 15% off their already marked down merchandise. Now, granted, I'm not into buying clothes much anymore since I don't work [a good pair of jeans is the height of my wardrobe these days], I DO like to go there to shop for trinkets and household items. Tuesday's are the best because of the discounts for us 'old duffers'. Back in the housewares, they had a few remaining Easter items. I spied the monocled rabbit and picked him up to check for anything that might be broken on him. He was all in one piece with no nicks, scratches, or broken ears, and stood about 10-12 inches tall. Yay!!! I thought he'd look mighty cute in our home. And to top it off it was marked down 55% off the retail price!! So, I walk around the aisle and spied MRS. Bunny!! Again, checked for broken parts on her and she too was in good shape. Same price mark down! Yippeee!!! I found two bargins. Now, I get up to the cash register and find that all Easter things had another special discount that day...more $$$ saved. [I was tempted to go back to the Easter stuff and check more, but I didn't. Bud would've strangled me I'm sure...right there in front of God and everybody...hehehehehe --kidding!] Anyway, two original $25 pieces, and the Ross' markdown price labeled at $7.99...with the 55% discount and the senior discount of 15% and Ross's manager wanting to get the Easter stuff sold...another discount on top of all the others...I got the Bunny couple for $5.81!!! [$2.90 a piece, tax included] Ho boy! Happy Camper, I was!

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Waves battered against
the circular structure
with the Summer hurricane
just minutes away from
making landfall. Palm trees uprooted
while soot, sand, rubble, washed back
out to sea in the ebbing tide.
With the rush of
another powerful surge,
the lighthouse remained
standing, stately and tall!
Hours passed, howling wind,
great damage; the house prevailed.


  1. Hey I like that Gandhi quote.

    That is quite a handsome pair of bunnies you scored there. Can't beat that price... unless you're talking free.

  2. I love those bunnies.

  3. Very special and what a bargain!

    Love the 55 words. Well done.

  4. jettied4/09/2009

    OOHh they are way cute!! I love how detailed they are!!

  5. love every details of it

  6. Its a echelon of strength...the lighthouse. Symbolizes human life, as it braves the storms of everyday existence...

  7. you made the storm sound beautiful. i like!!!

    you know, i was just wondering about your easter decorations yesterday. and here you are... didn't disappoint me! they are gorgeous!

  8. Lighthouses are made to last! Great 55.

    Mine's up too.

  9. Good buy on the bunnies.
    Well done flash 55.
    Lighthouses are forever.

  10. Anni,

    You got a great deal on the Easter bunnies. Good job. It was a great sale.

    Enjoyed your Flash Friday. You always do a great job with it.

    Happy Easter weekend, my friend. I hope it's quiet and relaxing. Leave the yard work until next week. It will still be there, my friend.


  11. Oh, I wish I'd have thought of running to the R store this past Tuesday! What a bargain you got. They're cute too!

  12. Happy Easter to you and your family too! And I think your bunnies are really cute!

  13. Don't ya just love a BARGIN! Cute bunnies...I'm happy for ya!!

    And the 55 was wonderful. The strong beacon of a lighthouse! There is something magestic about a lighthouse. Enjoy your Bunny Weekend!

  14. Those bunnies look really sharp! And such a good deal too. :) Have a Good Friday and a Happy Easter!

  15. Metaphorical...?
    Regardless, very well done Anni.
    Thank You so much for this fine piece of work.
    Thanks for visiting, and have a very Happy Easter...G

  16. It's the same with me, no interest in boutiques or shoes. I love my jeans since I am not working anymore.
    The bunnies are sooooo sweet ! I would have bought them immediately too !
    I cleaned our terrace today ! I am on my knees, lol !

  17. Those rabbits looked good enough to eat. What a bargain.
    I was flying in over the lake one night and the lighthouse guided me in.
    Great 55

  18. i like this 55 a lot, anni...great job. :)

    mine is finally up


  19. I really love clearance items. Oh my gosh! A good deal can make me happy for days.

  20. Your bunny couple is very sweet! What a wonderful bargain! I hope you and your family have a lovely Easter.

  21. Great bargain bunnies :)

    Happy Easter from N Ireland.

  22. Thanks for your visit. We do indeed observe. Happy Easter to you and your family!
    What a bargain you found at Ross. They are so cute!

  23. How nice for you to visit me on S&T day, when there's no S&T! Good idea to go ahead and visit our favorite S&T people even if it's a day off.

    Those rabbits are so adorable! What a great bargain!! Good thing I wasn't there too, we would have had a tug-o-war over those!! LOL!

    Happy Easter!


  24. I used to hate it when they would ask me if I wanted a senior citizen discount. I would want to scream that I was not that old. Now I love them. I love the bunnies too.