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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Monday, January 12th, 2009
12:10 A.M.

Just a 'barrel of monkeys' today.

Jan at the Prytz Family is hosting this week.

She asks of us to show and tell about the one quirky thing that you have that you'll never get rid of, ever.


Let me think on this. I'll get back in a jiffy.

I even had to ask for help. Why? 'Cause I don't think anything I had around here anymore was actually 'quirky'. I once made a huge tumbleweed into a Christmas Tree. But that was real, and you know, tumbleweeds don't last long...

So, I'm back. With what some would consider quirky. Not for the actual item, but it's quirky that I still have them.

Here's the scoop. I have this puppet. It's a monkey. A white monkey. It's now going on 40 years since I bought it. I bought it at a gift shop for my daughter when she was born. Not for her to play with, mind you, but for entertaining her. As she grew, it became a fixation. She'd see it come out and begin to giggle with delight. The older she got, the more she enjoyed it. Bud thought we were crazy. I'd stick my hand up its butt orifice hole back underside and push my hand up into the cavity where the head is, and place my fingers in the mouth just so. And talk and giggle with delight, Irene and I spent hours and hours with this guy!

When my fingers would close in laughter within his mouth, it'd squeak. More giggles from Irene. And the monkey could talk too. Now grant it, I'm not a professional ventriloquist, but I made a believer out of my daughter!! When she was sad, or when she still was in a crib, or bored, out would come the monkey! He was kinda therapeutic for her. AND me!!! Still, Bud thought and swore that we were both whacko! And yet, he enjoyed his daughter's delight in it all. It would now in today's terms be considered bonding. A very special bonding with Irene and myself.

Now the legs and arms are extremely long. On purpose! They have velcro patches [at that time, velcro was a new and very innovative invention] on each foot and each hand. Ummmmmm, when I was a lot younger, I could wrap the arms around my neck and then wrap the legs around my waist and have a good ol' time with Irene. Today? I can still get the arms around my neck, but....let's just say I leave the legs dangling loose. It's a very tight squeeze attempting to get them attached once I try to get them around me. LOLOL

This white one has been literally hanging around our house for nearly four decades [come this May]. There is no way in H E double L that I would rid myself of this creature that has taken us on a journey of mother and daughter that the memories still linger. And once Irene broke free of her marriage and brought the boys down here last Christmas, she asked if I still had them, and guess what?---Out he came. Another generation enjoyed his company. Both grandsons had their moments of pleasure with the infamous monkey of the family. And hopefully good memories for them also. Or perhaps a revelation of just how the crazy genes run in the family.

- - -

But wait....don't go yet. There's more to this story. Refill your cup of coffee or glass of juice [whatever] and stick around.

- - -

Three years later, when I found out I was pregnant with Erik, I went back to the same store and hoping against all odds they'd still have some. They did, and I immediately bought another for the next child. Yes indeedy! When Erik was born, and got older and able to sit on his own, this ol' mom got two monkeys out and had a double conversation with my two kids. And later in his little life, both kids would have a learning lesson attached to their memories of the monkeys. It got to the point where both would ask the silliest questions to the monkeys and laugh before the monkeys could come up with an answer...

Today, both monkeys adorn my rattan room divider in the master bedroom. Yes, they continue to hang around!! Literally. They are both something that I would never dream of getting rid of as long as I live. They are on the list of things to pack if we need to evacuate in a hurry. They're both right handy to get and throw in a suitcase in case of emergency. That's just how important they are to me and the kids, tho quirky it may seem. They've adorned our lives with hilarity and enjoying each other's company. Way into when they were teens. In fact, I bet if I brought them out right now [if the two kids, adult that they are] they'd hafta break up with laughter at their old lady bringing back a long lost childhood.

They're both, remarkably, in pretty good shape too after all these years [37 years for the brown one]. They've been washed in the washing machine, they've been well used, they've been with us for going on a third generation. Their voices still have the squeak! Their eyes are orignials, they still have the soft texture. The only thing that really shows a lot of 'wear and tear' are the velcro and felt of the feet and hands. Other than that...they still bring on the smiles. Bud saw them come out so I could make my blog entry and photograph them,........he smiled big! And shook his head in disbelief.


  1. I love the monkey, lol

  2. Love your story and the monkeys!!

    Our son got a polar bear and a brown bear from different family friends when he was born. I will keep them forever!!

  3. Anni,

    What beautiful memories these monkeys have for you. We didn't have these in 1969 when Michelle was born, but you can still buy them here now. The boys each have one that I purchased for them. One is a snow tiger, the other I can't remember.

    The monkeys look in fantastic shape for their age and I am glad you have them on the evacuation list. They are precious.

    Thanks for the bonding memories that this post brought forth. I have also posted a memory tonight.

    Blessings for a great week.

  4. That's a cute story and so nice that you kept the 2 monkeys !
    I have a 40 year old lemon which I keep for some reason, lol !

  5. Oh...beautiful stories, Anni, and cute monkeys! Happy FM!

  6. hey! that little minki (my name for a monkey) looks like a perfect candidate for jeff dunham to bring to life.

  7. what a lovely story, those Monkeys hold such great memories for you and now your grandchildren. They are certainly something to cherish.

  8. What a great story - and I can picture Bud shaking his head!

    My grandgirls love it when I take a snapdragon and make it talk - just a silly summertime thing we do. They ask it questions, too, and believe the answers! Two more are coming up to enjoy this summer.

  9. My girls love to make me "hot waffee" in their new tea set, i would like to keep that for them

  10. Hmmm, your husband had the same reaction to the monkeys as mine did to the santa cookies.

    Goes to show what men know huh?

    BTW, the picture of the santa cookie is now posted.

  11. That's sweet! Love it!

  12. Love it! When I was little I had one very similar as monkeys were my favorite. I wonder what ever happened to it....

  13. you cheeky monkey. ;)

    You have more site designs than I don't know what! Like the mice.

  14. What a great story!!! And it's not quirky at all to have kept them all of those years! So many great memories!

  15. That is so sweet and I really love monkeys.

  16. I agree with you Anni, this is a great Fun Monday topic. I'm loving the originality and wonderful stories behind all the things that we're hanging onto because of the memories they hold. And what a smart mom you were to find Brown Monkey so that each child could have a special friend. And how touching that your little grands were comforted by the puppets when their lives were not so good.

  17. Oh, Anni this is a great post! I love those monkeys. I think it's very cool that you still have them. Isn't it funny how the simplest things can amuse a kid?

  18. Great post Anni, well done.

  19. Oh Annie, they are very sweet! We had a Rigadoon doll for our daughter which was much the same, my dad used to have her squeeling with his funny antics with the doll! He used to pretend it was biting him and she would scream and giggle. I wish we had of kept it, we passed it on when she outgrew it.

  20. What a wonderful memory to have still *hanging* around. I don't blame you for having them ready at a moments notice to pack up and take. I totally understand.

  21. This reminds me of my younger years. Thanks for stopping by and for the Greetings! Have a great weekdays ahead!

  22. Love the monkeys, I'm a monkey, too.

  23. How nice of you to share your monkey story. When my kids were little (toddlers), my dad gave them a "Mr. Turtle" puppet. They loved Mr. Turtle and he became part of our bedtime routine. Then one day, when we moved, Mr. Turtle was accidentally thrown into the trash!!! I was heart broken!

  24. So sweet!
    ... Did you ever imagine (when your two were small), that you were weaving such lasting memories?
    Perhaps some young mother somewhere will read this and be inspired to start a tradition of her own!

  25. Did you ever think 40 years ago that you'd still have those monkeys today and blogging about them?? lol I so enjoyed reading their history and how much pleasure they brought both your kids. I love it that you still have them out and not hidden away in some box...such memories they hold:-) xoxo

  26. I love your stuffed animals. Cute, cute. I actually have a few myself.

    Take care,

  27. Gday .Dear Anni. lovely Monkey Story.. ang great Memories. I bought the same monkey for my son he loved it and he bought it out of the cupboard when hi eldest daughter was old enough to play with it she screamed and screamed every time she saw it now I dont know what happened to it as they have moved to a new house...

    Hugs Anni.. Jen.

  28. the monkeys are great. and i love your theme with all the mice.

  29. I am late at viewing this week's Fun Monday. Your monkeys are very nice.The memories provided by the monkeys are heart-warming.