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A Trip to the Mall & Around & More
Sunday, December 7th, 2008
4:47 A M

I have two new blog entries this morning. Way too much to put in just one day's blogging. The awards and tags are just below this entry....

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I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Love affair :: Soap Opera
2. Bubble :: Burst
3. Pimple :: Ewwwww!
4. Knocks :: three times on the ceiling if you want me [Tony Orlando]
5. Persistent :: Pest
6. Infected :: Puss
7. Yay! :: Hot damn dog!
8. Repaint :: house trim
9. Daily :: routine
10. Quickly! :: Run! Run for your life!

~...end Mutterings
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Friday, Bud and I declared our job finished - shopping and shipping gifts and cards, that is. We're done. Except for the two of us, which we finished yesterday. I went off by myself and Bud went the other way. After we were done, we planned on meeting in the middle where Santa is, in the mall. I finished first, and sat around and sat around...watching the people. It's a good pastime. The hustle and bustle and frantic looks is quite comical. I remember those days. I'm happy to say that our super gift buying days are over. Tho, we never went out much for the 'big gift giving' ever, when the kids believed in Santa, THAT was a different story, tho never extravagant.

Anyway, as I sat and waited for Bud to show up when he was done, I got hungry. Naturally. The food court is mainly upstairs on the 2nd floor. There is one restaurant on the main floor, but that is a 'greasy spoon'!! This mall that we shopped in on this particular day has been under new ownership and is getting a renovation for months. So, the decorations for the season are sparce. I took the cellphone out of my pocket and snapped some photos while I was going up and down the escalator...Here's my first stop...

The aroma was drifting throughout the halls of the mall, and I just had to have one. A girl's gotta eat! And she asked me if I wanted the brownie, with or without nuts...are you kidding me? Take a good look at my figure dear cookie counter gal....does it look like I skip over the nuts? I don't think so!!! Gimme those nuts!!!

Some sights --

Then, the Polar Express!

...and then, Bud snapped this of me near the P E Conductor. This movie, the Polar Express, has jumped up in favorites. I love this movie and for what it stands. Sharing, believing, friendship, and the grace of giving. [not to mention the music!!] Then, after we both hid our gift buying stuff in the car, we went back in and looked together for some more new ornaments for my newly started collection this year. I've made a list of things in our life that would go with the theme...I wanted something to represent Colorado, Nebraska, Texas, and Arizona. On this particular day we found one at this mall, for Texas, of course. Here's a photo of Bud looking at the western themed glass ornaments. He found the Texas Longhorn, and I found the cowboy boot with the Texas flag. [photos of new ornaments coming soon]

- - -

Then, the newest ornaments for my beginning collection....

I learned about these pickle ornaments from Barb, an online friend for many years. In fact I had read a sales insert in our Sunday's newspaper about them. Imports from Germany at World Market. I didn't know anything about them until I read Germany's tradition of hiding a pickle ornament on the tree. The person that finds it...gets an extra gift for Christmas. Then, Barb had posted a message that she has her pickle ornament...I wondered why. Now I know. And I had to have one to add to my collection. Since it was purchased after the tree was decorated, it's not hidden, but NEXT year it will be.

A glass pelican. This one is to represent our life on the beach. The coast of Texas. We see pelicans by the hundreds on any given day when we are combing the beaches around here. I've photographed them many-a-time, and thought this was appropriate for our life of retirement. Actually, I didn't find this at either of the malls here in town. We drove to the island to the tourist traps stores that specialize in gifts and souvenirs. It was worth the trip! It has a lot of glitter and shines so pretty under the tree lights!! So fragile too. They all are.

The black player piano is one I found at another mall. I learned how to tinkle play the piano on one almost like this. So it too tells a story of my life and what I have done through the years. I had a spinet piano in Colorado and we sold it when we moved upon retiring to Arizona. I really miss sitting down to the keys and just playing and playing. My favorite song to play was from the movie...Chariots of Vangelis. It's such a pretty song and so easy to play on the piano. I have all my sheet music to this day; thinking someday I may have a piano once again.

Now this one, for me, needs no explanations. No? You need the reason I found and bought this triceratops dinosaur? Well, let me tellya. You see, my son loved playing with the miniature dinosaurs, collecting them, and reading about them from the time he was able to handle toys and after he learned to read. Bud and I would read to him about dinosaurs, we'd watch everything possible on National Geographic specials about them...anything we could get. He loved them so. And lo and behold, one store had just the thing...his favorite too when he was growing up. A Triceratops.

The last one for today's posting is representing our life in Texas again. This is the one I found [Bud? He's having fun looking for special ornaments also!] at the mall we were in in the photos above. Of course as you can see it's a cowboy boot with the Texas Flag colors....the lonestar state! Bud also bought for himself a longhorn steer. But he didn't want that on the tree, he wanted it for his western room where he has all the old west and antique stuff. To each his own, I guess. It is pretty cool. He did have a hard time finding one that didn't have the horns chipped or broken tho.

I'm gonna keep looking for something other than the Nebraska Cornhuskers [I was born in Nebraska, but I can't stand the University's football team.] When I went out and did an Ebay search for Nebraska glass ornaments, all that I found were pertaining to the Cornhuskers. Really people, there is more to the state than football! Of course, I know, I those Nebraskans you can't convince them otherwise. I thought of maybe a meadowlark [the state bird] or perhaps an ear of corn....cornhusker state.

I need to find something pertaining to Colorado also. Who knows what I will find. Maybe a columbine flower or perhaps a stage coach or something. I think the Overland Trail Stage went through the northern part of Colorado. That would be a find.

Oh, and Arizona. I saw a Santa sitting on a saguaro cactus. Since Saguaros only grow in that state, I thought I'd get that one. I best get to looking and see if it's still in the stores; Hobby Lobby. And yes, I found one of only a couple left on the hangers -- the day I spied them there were about a dozen!

And the needles [the white on the cactus] are actually kinda 'stickery'!! Like the real thing. Well, kinda sorta.


  1. I have that song stuck in my head now :-)

  2. What a nice way to decorate a tree using ornaments that represent occasions in a life ! Love the pickle!

  3. I also am now singing at the top of my voice - incurring strange looks and comments about cats from the husband :o( Thanks for visiting Hootin' Anni

  4. Anonymous12/07/2008

    I was born in South Dakota but spent many years growing up in Nebraska. They do love their football. I don't hate their football team - love them for nostalgic reasons. They have been humbled the last few seasons but back in the day they were awesome.

    There are other things that represent Nebraska. One of them is the Whopping Cranes that stop in March near one of the places I lived, Grand Island. There are thousands of them doing their little mating dance. It is something to see.

  5. You sat around and around why not on Father Christmas lap ? I also love to watch people I can do that for hours it's never boring ! Since 4 days I feel a "must" to go in Christmas decoration shops and each time I come back with something else. Mr. Gattino gets a nervous breakdown telling me that we have already tons and tons, but I don't care, I just found a little angel orchestra, and of course couldn't resist, lol !

  6. as always, interesting mutterings and great stories. Happy Sunday!

  7. Anonymous12/07/2008

    Great mutterings. Tony Orlando, huh? Was this to get me back for all the songs I've muttered that got stuck in your head? lol.
    Thanks for dropping by my place.

  8. Great mutterings! I do believe we matched on one this week :)

  9. I enjoyed this post dear, thanks for the tour of the mall.

  10. hey! i didn't know about the pickle. it explains the presence of one in my mom's decorations though. never put it up, 'cause i thought it odd. now i can. and tell the tale about it, thank you!!!

  11. 'Loved your ornaments' chronology .. what a fine idea!

    And heartfelt thanks, for adding me to the Blogroll. To answer your question, we're in Goodyear, AZ (approx. 30 mi. west of Phoenix). And here, you're living in my favorite spot in the universe ... the Great State of Texas! Tho' I grew up in N.M., I still consider myself a Texan at heart, having lived n' loved in West Texas for near 25 years!

    Have a beautiful day!


  12. Myra: I know right where you're living. Been there a few times. Texas is a super state.

    Glad you stopped by. Nice to meet you.

  13. Thanks for the xmas spirit :-) And I love your xmas layout, the Santa is very adorable!

    Oh, there were so much nice xmas deco in the mall. We don't have enough of that over here! Very sparsely compared.

    I love that tradition with the pickle ornament, though it was the first time I heard of it too. Germany seem to have a lot of more unusuals ornaments, very interesting ones. It's only this year that I've spotted some over here too.

    I think I'd have choosen that boot ornament too, it's so cool!

    I've been busy with the xmas preps too, so I'm almost done. Just the xmas dinner ingredients left now and it's so great to be done early and be able to just relax!

    Now starts the wrapping, which is my kind of art, love it.

  14. You have an amazing way of celebrating the season - so beautiful - and so fun. I'm still looking for my Christmas spirit. (Probably why yours feels so amazing! ;)

    I think pimples are pretty gross

  15. Anni,

    This is a wonderful post beginning with your mutterings and right to the end. I love your mall. I wish we could have something like the Polar Express. We don't have much in this town it seems. Of course you town is much bigger than my town. lol

    I was hoping you sat on Santa's knee to get your photos taken that at the PE. What a keepsake that would have been. Your mall looks fantastic.

    And those Christmas decorations...absolutely fabulous. I will keep my eye open for any that you collect. The triceratops is perfect. Both Brandon and Jordan loved dinosaurs just as your son did.

    I enjoyed your post so much this morning. Now I know something else you collect and will be keeping my eye open for any that might fit into your collection. :-) Maybe a cob of corn or a stagecoach. lol

    Hugs and blessings for a great day.

  16. We had the same response for #4 and the same idea for #8. I fear we're infecting the Mutterers with Tony Orlando and Dawn!

  17. I am behind again reading my favorite blogs!! Mike has had the flu this weekend so not been one of the very best weekends. I am sitting here wondering when it will be my turn. Course i had a flu shot..wonder if that will help??
    I love seeing your picture!! You need to post pictures of yourself more often. it just helps when talking to everyone to see more of their photos!! You guys had a good time.
    Mike and I got ourselves the Wii this year so that is our gift to each other.

  18. Great mutterings Anni. #4 was excellent. I enjoyed reading about your shopping experience and seeing the photos. The pickle ornament was cool!

  19. Sounds like a good way to spend the day.

    Never heard of the pickle ornament before. Will have to look for one when we're at the mall tomorrow. Thanks for the information!

  20. How festive! I love it. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones! ;)

  21. Brownies!!!! MMMMMMmmmmmmmm they look soooooooooo good!!!!!

    (I'll take a dozen!)

    Have a nice week :)

  22. Anonymous12/07/2008

    Tony Orlando~ Now that brings back some memories!!

  23. Once again amazing story.
    I believe Tuesday I'll have everything done as for Christmas shopping.

    I need to get a pickle but I never heard the story about the extra present. I heard it was a simple for good luck.

    I got meme over at my blog and the coffee is on.

  24. Anonymous12/07/2008

    I love this post. I can identify with the mall thing. Watching the people go by reminded me of my mother. One of her favorite pass times was to watch people. She got into that when she was growing up and everybody went to town on Saturday. Much of the time they just sat in the car and watched the people go by. I love your new ornaments. I had heard about the pickle thing but had forgotten about it. I may have to get a pickle some day. I'd better hurry. Time's awastin'.

  25. Fun mutterings - I too have the song stuck in my head now!!

  26. That's some Mutterings, Anni. We didn't agree on any of them... but that's ok... You're a Hoot!

  27. Those are really wonderful Christmas sights! ^-^

  28. I did the same MEME over at Moody Mum's and found out a little too much about myself!! LOL.
    Nice to stop by and see all of the wonderful Christmas things you are seeing.
    Merry Christmas.

  29. I knew about hiding the pickle ornament in the Christmas tree although I haven't thought about it in ages.

    Love all your themed ornaments. I don't really have any special ornaments, or very few.

    Thank you for the cute holiday button, Anni! I'll put it up on my awards page soon.

    Have a great week!

    Love and hugs,


  30. Sorry to be so slow getting around. Yesterday was just a busy hectic day. Fun muttering list. like your *yay* thought.

  31. This is so strange because I read this yesterday and seem to recall writing a comment, but I don't see it here ... so perhaps something happened to it (or my mind?) ... or the phone rang and I got distracted and closed the window w/o posting it??? I just don't know ... anyway ... I enjoyed it all a second time too. As for your mutterings, all of your answers are quite 'kewl' but my favs are #3 and 4 ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  32. Anonymous12/08/2008

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