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Sunday, December 28th, 2008
4:25 A. M.

For a couple of weeks off and on, I've been working on this post. There is a mixture of things that has crossed my mind and I wanted to write about them. Some interesting, fun things I've read [making a special "2008 Award"], a poem [Four Seasons© -found below all this] I composed after walking around in the damp, chilled air before Christmas, contemplating life...things like that. Today, I post it all. Along with the Sunday's meme I participate in.

[if you know of any one or any blog that has been extra-special for 2008, you're more than welcome to grab the award and pass it on to others]

- - -

Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
Join here.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Destined :: fate
2. FAIL :: "F" [grade]
3. Camping :: trip
4. Only you :: can prevent forest fires
5. Incessant :: unrelenting; pest
6. Tomorrow :: never comes
7. Impressive :: extra ordinary
8. Riches :: wealth
9. Dislike :: boo!! hiss!
10. Speaker :: of the House

~...end Unconscious Mutterings
[COMMENT HERE if you wish to skip over the rest]


I do enjoy my own effort of trying to make a blog for my very own. But there is something I truly enjoy more. That is going out on the 'net and reading other blogs! I look forward to it. Wishing I could spend a lot more time doing so, but the hours in the day slip by all too quickly....

As 2008's close is near and the new year fast approaches. I, in the last week or two, have come upon some fabulous, loving and even funny things while visiting other blogs. For this small list, I'd like to present them with the BEST of 2008 blog grade "A"! Follow me:

A most ingenious idea for the holiday was this tree for Christmas!!
Decorated Tree for 2008:

Her poetry and prose just blow me away. I find myself there a lot, reading and shaking my head in agreement constantly; admiring the's like we're two of a kind in mind.
Poem for 2008:
    "...say what you feel
    what you mean, with intent
    what you stand for, believe in
    leaves your spirit calm, content
    what you utter is a mirror
    a reflection of your soul
    of your thoughts and of your meaning
    vocal section of your whole...."
Read the entire work, HERE

Copied section posted here with permission from Shadow.

One of the most fun holiday outdoor decor was this. It really makes the adage take on a whole different form.
Fun Hump Day for 2008:

The composition and work that goes into weekly memes takes a lot of time to prepare and get it working correctly. There is a lot of patience and perseverance that goes into making them successful. I'd like to show my appreciation with the leaders of all I participate in during the week [tho sometimes I don't always] because, afterall, when you think about it, memes are part of making your own personal blogging successful also!!
Online Memes for 2008 HERE - :
Saturday's Photo Hunt
Sunday's Unconscious Mutterings
Monday's Fun Monday --for all who have hosted at one time or another in 2008
Tuesday's Heads or Tails
Thursday's Thursday 13
Friday's Show n Tell

One particular, very recent blog, took my breath away. It's what she typed that made me stop and think how wonderful life-long generations are. The newness of meeting a family member and talking with them, tho words were never spoken.
Personal blog line for 2008:
HERE -the entire blog entry with photos

"Such A Wonderful Time.... I started missing my grandbaby as soon as she left!! I sure did get to cuddle her quite a bit, though, throughout the three days they were here. My favourite times was rocking her in the rocking chair when I was alone with her:-) She was telling me all kinds of stories, you know! hehe She's starting to coo and very precious

Top fun gift giving for 2008:
You just gotta see this. What a hoot. Gotta love this entry!!


Four Seasons©
by Hootin' Anni
December 2008

The beads of dew on a leaf'll trickle down
the green still unrelenting; constant and ceaseless
a fading winter rose drinks in heartily
and captures in itself life-giving liquor;
the seasons, all too brief...

On a cold December morn
there remains a glory of nature 'round me
In the gray misty sky hides the light of day.
Still, it shows the delicate balance
of life on a limb with the warm golden glow
of tawny saffron, among the saturated bough;
clinging to its soul for all eternity...

Each year, each season, flora's generation.
'Tis twenty years a progenitor of mankind.
I have lived fully
the twenty Springs,
the twenty Summers,
and the twenty Autumns...
As the winter solstice I enter.
As the saffron colored leaf clutching and remaining steadfast
I too, to the branch will cling
living in harmony; espirt to the end of my time.


  1. you had me gasping, you had me blushing, you had me laughing out loud, you brought tears to my eyes.... and then your poem, moving!!! i cannot tell you how much pleasure your blog brings me every day. you have a beautiful mind, the most entertaining stories and simply the best decorations in the world, i believe. from the bottom of my heart, i thank you, dear anni, for the award!

  2. I love your poem, you are so sweet for giving that award out dear one. I love you.

  3. The forest fire...?? Had to laugh about that one, but there's nothing to laugh about actually,

    Thanks for sharing your mutterings. Happy new Year!

  4. Dearest Anni,

    Getting this award from you is truly an honour...THANK YOU!! I've always said that if my blog can make even one person smile, then I'm happy:-) You know me enough by now to know that I don't write a lot on my posts (I prefer to post mainly pictures! lol) but what I do write always comes straight from the heart. Thank you again for understanding what I DO write:-)

    I love your Four Seasons poem! I so look forward to many more seasons of friendship with you:-) xoxo

  5. Good Morning Anni... Love you post today... That was fun reading all about your favorite blogs... Thanks for letting us take the award but I am not so sure I deserve it... New to the game so I am learning... Love your blog decorations... where do you find such cute stuff??? I need to live near you so you can teach me all the things about decorating... Thanks for the fun read


  6. Very nice meanderings - I also loved that paragraph from Pea.

    We're heading to Estes Park after morning service to celebrate our 36th anniversary. It'll be good after having so much commotion the last week. I hope I can get a post written while DC watches the Broncos (probably lose!). I hope they have wireless.

    Have a great week!

  7. Anni, you are so creative and sweet! I love your award and those you awarded. That was nice of you to include Fun Monday Hosts. :-)

    I love your new layout!

    Good mutterings too; I like the forest fires prevention tip!

    I wish you a Wonderful Week!

  8. We matched on #10 this week :) Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Thanks SO much, Anni, for the link, and the honor!

    I love your blog, and hope to trade giggles with you over the next year!


  10. I liked the word association. Came over here by way of Shadow. Stop by my site if you get a chance

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Anni,

    Sorry, I had to delete my comment above.

    Another awesome post, my friend. You have such talent for inspiring people.

    I followed your links and came upon some awesome stuff. Thanks for giving me a look at all of these very special blogs.

    I loved your poem and your photos of the seasons. You're quite a talented poet.

    Michelle absolutely LOVED that toilet seat and we had such fun with it. Another Christmas memory to talk about in future years.

    Have a wonderful day, my friend and thanks so much for the linky love and for the award.


  13. Excellent mutterings as always.

    I thoroughly enjoyed visiting all the blogs and the beautiful poem!

  14. I haven't been out visiting in some time now so I had to pop in and see how you were doing. As always I am enjoying my visit. Wishing you a bright and wonderful new year!!

  15. Thank you! You make a wonderful addition to wordful wednesdays, and I look forward to your participation each week. HAPPy NEW yEAR! :)

  16. Thanks so much for featuring my Pretty Tree--and to think I almost talked myself out of putting it up this year!

    Wish I could take credit for the bird idea, seeing as how you've featured me and all--but I found it on some website which I can no longer remember--so I'll just give you a big thank you very much and best wishes for a joyous New Year!!


  17. You have the absolute cutest blog design. I may just have to try to replicate! One of my resolutions for 2009 - upgrade the scene at the Bumbles blog. Thanks for your entertaining posts.

  18. I've missed you. I chose to stay away from the blogs during the time I was with family this Christmas. This was a wonderful blog to come home to -- it had everything!
    I hope the New Year finds you rested and inspired.

  19. What a wonderful post! You put your heart and soul into your posts, that's for sure! Everyone loves your blog, too!

    And your new header for the New Year is absolutley darling!!! Brought a smile to my face this morning!

    Wishing you a wonderful and healthy 2009!

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

  20. Catching up after falling behind. Seems to be more common than not these days. How funny that our minds BOTH went to Smokey the Bear and Speaker of the House. I enjoyed the links and have added a few to my reader (against my better judgment because I'm already so far behind I may NEVER catch up) because I don't want to miss 'good stuph' out there and I value your advice. Love your poem!
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. Wow, Anni - thank you SO very much for honoring me with the award for the PhotoHunt!! I humbly accept with a big smile. =) I wish yu many more blessings in 2009 and hope that it rings in well, for you. xoxo

  22. Congrats to your award winners, and what a lovely poem you've written, dear Anni.

    Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed 2009, my friend. :o)

    Much Love,