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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Monday, December 29th, 2008
6:50 A.M.

I've been tagged by Peppylady, with the "First Sentence Meme"
Take the first post you wrote for each month, the first sentence.

Note: Naturally, I just copied and pasted the first part of the blog entry....there are, in some cases, more than a sentence. I really liked November for me! roflmao.

January 2008:

I make no resolutions for sanity's sake.
The task of keepin' 'em, will-pow'r it'd take...
Resolve to lose weight would be excellent, but-
This here idea of dieting is not pro, but con!
Y'see? I never turn away from a delectable....
fresh from the ovens, 'n' hot-baked * Cinnabon!

February 2008:

A long time ago, in days of yore, I was convinced that white walls were best for our lifestyle.

March 2008:

Party? Party it is. A challenging subject since I'm not a 'partying-type person'. I took this photo off our TV screen is of a 'different kind of party' at the Democratic Party Rally for Obama last week televised on CNN, as most already know.

April 2008:

The 1st of April, huh? It is my daughter's birthday! Yep, she was an April Fool's baby. But, no, I wasn't the fool...but my mother-in-law was!! LOL Irene in her Baptizing dress - 1969 White lace with pink underlay

May 2008:

Y'all know I'm a kid at heart when it comes to Christmas. And tho it's May now, I wanted to show y'all these two new additions to our home decorations.

June 2008:

Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
Join here.

She says ... and I think ...

Gossipping :: Neighbors
Misplaced :: Lost
Spaceship :: Uh, Houston, we have a problem!
Ignore :: Snub
Bodily :: Harm
Tweezers :: Pluck
Goodnight :: Irene [song -daughter -of course!]
Curls :: Tresses
Faucet :: Spigot
Right? :: Wrong! ['gossiping' is with one 'p']

July 2008:


August 2008:

This is the show n tell I wanted to do last week, but with the storm coming in and the computer unplugged, I had no chance of really giving this show n tell its much needed time to share the 'tell' part.......... [Apache Tears]

September 2008:

Hmmmm, this gives me an opportunity to talk about 1a] Yogi Bera's "Yogisms". My favorite is Déjà vu all over again. [I talked about a face in the crowd, being someone I've seen before but it wasn't the same person......]

October 2008:

Edition 77

Thirteen things I love about October -

1] Of course, Halloween
2] Cooler weather
3] Autumn Leaves
4] The odor of fireplace usage in the air
5] The crisp, clear, deep blue skies for daytime
6] The October Moon
7] Apples in Season & Pumpkins
8] Decorating the house
9] The sun moving southward [no, wait, it's the earth tilting]
10] Everyone around me seems happier 'cause the heat is subsiding
11] Baseball Playoff games
12] World Series
13] Being able to park the car without fear of overheating inside from the summer sun.

November 2008:

I so! dislike Daylight Savings Time!!!! LOLOLOL

December 2008:

I've been patiently waiting for December 1st to write about this. A story of two special deliveries to my doorstep. Like a kid, waiting; for Christmas morn....


  1. Very cute meme Anni... Aren't these a fun way to get to know people and not to mention it gives us something to blog about...LOL
    Have a great day!!!


  2. what a cute meme... mind if i do it???

  3. love your new layout!

  4. Oh yea... I've got this one lined up for tomorrow. Mine is BORING though! By the way - meant to tell ya the other day - and I know it won't be around LONG - but I love your New Years layout!

  5. Thank for the year review.

    Coffee is just made.

  6. I remember this meme from last December ... and at that time I'd only been blogging for about 12 weeks so I got creative about how I could join the fun. Methinks I may participate in this one because I enjoyed YOURS so much and it's a great way to revisit the year.
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Anni,

    I remember all of these things, which means I read your post on the first day of each month for an entire year. Enjoyed the memories. You always have something interesting to post.

    Enjoy the week, my friend and remember to relax and have some fun.


  8. I too remember many of these posts Anni. In fact I first became acquainted with your blog when you hosted Fun Monday and I read Three Dog Blog's take on your "Simon Sez" assignment. I'm hosting Fun Monday on Jan 5. Stop by my place to sign up now--or wait until Wednesday for the assignment and sign up if you're not willing to buy a pig in a poke!

    Wishing you and yours all the best in '09 Anni.

  9. Love your meme answers, Anni, but your entire post was a fun read. You always come through with what I call difficult assignments, lol.

    I hope you are having a good week and wish you the bese New Year ever.

  10. hiya! posted the meme this morning...

  11. Such a cute idea, but I would have a little trouble doing each month because I was "Bad" during the fall!
    Loved your May with the stuffed gingerbread dolls! Don't they smell like the cake? I gave them as gifts!!!