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Category: SQUEAKY

Posted for Saturday, December 27th
12:01 A.M.

Honestly, I have nothing that is squeaky ...not even a door hinge. But by the day's end, I'll have polished and scrubbed everything down to where it all squeaks with cleanliness....

Somewhere in time the house will be so clean, it'll squeak when I do the finger test! In the meantime, these photos show that I'm in the midst of packing all my Santas away for the season....

I can see the light at the end
The stuff will be stuffed and we'll again have a house...
The Santas'll be packed and soon'll nothing will be stirring...
Not EVEN a squeaky mouse!!!

May 2009 bring your life filled with happiness and joy...


  1. I wanted to do squeaky clean today too but I did not get around to it :) What a lovely bunch of Santa's

  2. I read the other entries below this and I want to say I'm sorry for your loss, my friend. I pray God comforts your heart.

    I'm a long way from getting the Christmas clutter cleaned up and put away here. Hopefully by the first of the week I'll have made some progress in that area.

    Wishing you a wonderful and Happy 2009, my friend. Now I have to get used to dating my checks for 2009. ;o)

    Love and hugs,


  3. Hello dear one, enjoy your weekend.

  4. Anonymous12/27/2008

    I was going to go the "Squeaky Clean" way but everything out here in the desert is dusty! So I went with the flow :)

  5. heee heee heee, not even a squeaky mouse you say? i see a bunch of them on your page here....

  6. Isn't it sad to put everything away? Enjoy your clean house and your New Year's! Sorry for the lost of your aunt.

  7. My sweet Anni... Sounds like you've been a very busy little girl... I am going to do that today too but it saddens me because I love my decorations and everyone else's so much... I think it looks so plain and ordinary after the holidays... BUT it must be done and that is on my to do list today... We are taking Tassie for a ride up to North Florida for a couple of weeks so I need to get everything back into storage.... Have a great day and watch out for any left over mousies... Love Ya


  8. Ugh... when you're done will ya come put MY stuff away? LOL! I don't do that until January 1st... or beyond. But this year, I'm READY to!

    I was reading your Christmas post below this one - and I just LOVE that envelope story! That is awesome! I'm going to remember that when I don't know what to give someone!

  9. I thought that "squeaky" was a tough theme week!

    I have to get busy putting our Christmas stuff away. Wish you could come help around here. I would love things to be squeaky clean but there's rarely enough time to get it that clean.

    May your New Year be blessed in way you don't even expect, HA!

  10. That is certainly a bunch o Santas.
    Miss Nancy at Nancy's Nonsense said to vist, so I did. Very nice blog, I shall return.

    Have a wonderful New Year.

  11. No squeaky for me this week!! When I get home I will get back to this again. WE are still in Illinois but cannot return until we hopefully get our dolly fixed for our car...Hope you had a wonderful christmas...

  12. Hi Anni. Merry Christmas. I'm not putting my stuff away until 12 night, then it will all be stowed until next year.

    Now we are looking forward to New Year and the celebrations thereof. It's a good life if you don't weaken...

  13. I haven't seen thought of taking an Christmas stuff down.
    The tree will be the last one it smell so nice.

    Coffee is on.

  14. Anni,

    Well, we are not squeaky clean here as the boys stayed all night. There are dishes to be done, floors to be vacuumed and laundry to be done. I'm exhausted, so it will all have to wait until tomorrow.

    So glad we met and our friendship has blossomed.

    Love, hugs and

  15. Squeaky clean works! Happy New Year to you, too, Anni!

  16. Hello, Anni -

    Gosh, you're putting Christmas away already? I was raised with the custom of leaving most up until "Old Christmas" (Feast of the Epiphany?) on January 6th. I don't usually keep it up that long anymore, but I do it on January 1st.

    I'm still listening to Christmas music! HA!

    I guess I almost enjoy the Season after Christmas Day the most, because the stress of preparations is all over and I can just sit and enjoy!

    God Bless! (What will you be doing for New Years?)


  17. I wait until Jan 1st to get squeaky!

    Happy New Year to you too!

  18. With Steve here I haven't put any of my Christmas decorations away, he hasn't given me time! lol Yesterday we spent the day going to the Boxing Day sales even after I had said I don't do Boxing Day sales! lol

    It's when you have all your Santas in a pile that you realize just how many you have!! Love your new look and that's another thing I have to work on soon, changing my own layout for New Year! xoxo

  19. Congratulations to your beautiful Blog dress ! It looks real refreshing after all this green and red !
    I read that you also had a nice Christmas it's only sad that a family member passed away, I don't know why, but around Christmas there are always a lot of people dying.
    I want to put all Christmas stuff away after New Year, but Mr. Gattino wants to wait until January 7th, because he has to move the 3 kings of his nativitiy scene on the 6th !! (sigh*)
    Yes, our son is a real good cook ! He must inherited it from my grandma, she was cook in a castle, lol !

  20. Hello Anni!! I am so behind reading blogs now!! We are still in Illinois at our daughter's house. Today we got the dolly that pulls our car all done and repaired so now we should be able to leave to travel back home..maybe tomorrow. Depending on the weather especially the wind...

    Happy 2009