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Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
[posted Monday afternoon]

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It's early, I know, but I'm trying to catch up around the house with work, and I'm thinking to get this done for tomorrow will be one less thing I have on my 'to do list' for the day....

HEADS - Anything round

We're entitled to think outside the I'm really going through with it today. In fact I added an apostrophe to the theme this week. 'ROUND.

On a given sunny day, Bud and I can be found walking 'round old town. There is a special shop...I should actually say HUGE. complex The whole building covers nearly a city block. It's a renovated warehouse. And it sits right at the intersection of old town, called 6 points. Six points 'cause there are six streets coming together at one point. And the great place to peruse is called the "Bleu Frog". It has everything you'd want for gift giving. Quite expensive but some of the things are one of a kind. Also part of the establishment; an indoor cafe. Specializing in coffees, sandwiches, home made candies, salads, desserts...things like that. While just walking 'round the old warehouse, I spied a tree by the window..."Two Turtle Doves"....the tree was decorated with nothing but white doves. Continuing through the humongous area, I spied another....and guess what? It dawned on me that they have stuff hidden throughout the sections and coveys that pertain to the Christmas Carol "12 Days of Christmas". Naturally, the competitor in me made me whip out my cellphone and go searchin'. I spent way too long, and found MOST of them hidden in crevices here and there. But, the proprietors began keeping an eye on me...I'm sure they were getting ready to kick me out. I bought some maple fudge with pecans, a small piece for $2.49 to munch on ---homemade and oh so good...Bud had his little yuppy Styrofoam cup of specialty coffee and a piece of milk chocolate with pecan fudge, and on we went....'round and 'round we go... Bud, in order to keep me from embarrassing him, stayed a few feet ahead of me. He tried to act nonchalant and aloof like "I don't know this woman with the cellphone...she came in the door just in front of me but really, I don't know her at all". He stopped and told me about the dolphins he had seen in the glass hutch. I had to check it out. The photo to the left shows that there is a hand blown pair of dolphins jumping out of the sea...but, look closer and there are laser etchings of smaller whole dolphins UNDERWATER. A beautiful work of art for sale. And a very expensive piece of art too. If you're rich and feel your pockets 'round your hips bulging with money, I'd suggest you buy it. [kidding!] Oh, and speaking of dolphins, wait 'til you see what I received last week!! From Mutti. Whoa!!! It just knocked my socks off. Of course, along with novelties such as this, there were things not even dreamed of in the sections of stores...from Old West, to Victorian, to homespun items, to exotic name it, they have it. I really liked these angels. Eden's Angels. They're a lot more colorful and quite a bit more delicate and less primitive than the famous Willow Tree varieties. As with the Willow Tree figurines, I'm sure these can be purchased online also, and I was told by one of the ladies at Bleu Frog that they're less costly than Willow Tree. [I just don't like the wire wings with Willow Tree, that makes the whole figurine look cold and opinion] But still, I was on a quest. I wanted to find all twelve days of Christmas. I never succeeded before a large grouping of evil eyes showed a bit of concern towards me. Afterall, I was in there for probably a couple of hours, devouring my fudge slowly and acting like I was truly interested in purchasing some of these items. The antiques intrigued me. But alas, they were more decor and display...most had tags stating "Not For Sale". Well, truly bummed I was. 'Round the establishment I found these days of Christmas hidden...I could not for the life of me find the hidden 3rd day nor the 7th day, nor the infamous 12th day. I'd thought of going back real soon to see if I could find them, but I fear they have my mugshot by now. And if I even attempted to re-enter, an alarm system would go off, I'd be frisked and my cellphone confiscated, and then...."Please, lady....step away from the building!" LOL

Remaining hidden from me are
    Three French Hens
    Seven Swans a Swimming
    Twelve Drummers Drumming

And so you have it, a trip 'round 6 points in Corpus Christi.

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  1. I love the dolphins, and willow tree figurines.


  3. What a fun looking shop. I could waste a lot of time there!

  4. How fun!! I think hubby would have joined me, he loves a good hunt! When we leave our drive, he is always watching for things on the road. May be a screw driver, set of hub caps new, insulation, ect every what has fallen off someone truck. He can't pass it up, he always go back. lol

  5. Oh my, how I would love to prowl "round" in all those stores. I love one of a kind things.

  6. Anni,

    I couldn't sleep and so decided to drop over and I'm glad I did. I would love to take a tour 'round this place. It sounds magnificient and the trees are lovely.

    Like you, I am going to have a busy day tomorrow. Tonight I've been wrapping a few gifts, watched a Christmas special and did some writing. Tomorrow hubby and I are going to work together to get more things done.

    Have a great day, my friend.

  7. It souns like my kind of shop...! I'll go with you to find the hidden days :)

  8. What a great place! I'd have to go back to find those missing days! LOL!

  9. That looks like one interesting place.

  10. I like your take on this.
    Walking "round".
    And then that children's song came into my head: "The wheels of the bus go round and round . . ."

    I have never seen those Angels before so I guess I will have to keep my eyes opened.

    The Dolphins are really nice!

    Thanks for stopping by Penny Lane!

  11. I loved reading about your adventure. It seems that they wouldn't have gone to the trouble of creating all those and hiding them if they hadn't wanted you to find them. But I'm glad you got out of there before they kicked you out.

  12. Those people should realize that the longer shoppers are in a store, the more likely it is they will buy something. And you DID buy a piece of fudge! Sheesh. :P

    Here's an idea. (But only because I haven't taken my meds yet.) Go back in and see if they throw you out. Then sue them on the basis of them putting out those displays while not displaying signs that you shouldn't look at them.

    Yeah. I think I'll go take my meds now. Thanks for your tour 'round this fascinating place.

  13. Anonymous12/16/2008

    Wow I love those kind of shopping places. Sounds like you had fun staying ahead of the posse.
    I posted my Christmas Spirit award today. Thanks again for thinking of me.
    Christmas hugs,

  14. Sounds like a fun place to visit! Photos are wonderful - almost makes me feel like I got to go along!

  15. Nice blog Anni. I'd love to join Bloggers Over 50. I didn't know you all were out there. Thanks.

  16. oh man, you are making me realize that I REALLY need to finish my Christmas shopping :)

  17. oooooh I love the butterflies. All the stuff looks great.

    hehehe liked how you linked it to Heads and tails.

    Does leaving a comment here mean I am entered into the draw?

  18. Looks like a shop near me that I've only recently discovered. I actually walked through it yesterday on my way to Trader Joes for groceries and bought a couple of gifts for friends ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  19. Anonymous12/16/2008

    You go to some very neat places. That store looks so inviting and fun.

  20. The three French Hens decided to take a trip to Hawaii...the seven swans got tired of swimming and are now skating....the twelve drummers dumped their drums and are now playing frisbee. THAT'S why you couldn't find those! hehe

    Sounds like a fabulous place and I know the feeling of being watched if you spend too much time browsing, especially if you have your camera out! lol I'm just about ready to put a sign around my neck that says "I'm a blogger and I need to take pictures of every little thing"!!!! :-) xoxo

  21. Clever and fun -- you can think outside the box in a delightful way. I was just about ready to start mine when I decided to drop by. It will be up later so come by when you get the chance.

  22. You posted on my place last week and I am just getting around to reading your blog! I am loving it! First I love the design and this post today was very funny! I could just picture you roaming around that store...and the looks you must have my!! What a fun person you are! I'll be back again!

  23. I love those angels! I'm familiar with Willow Tree, but I've never seen these before...Pretty!

    Hey, I was just sent a hilarious e-mail of stupid/funny newspaper headlines. If you would like a good laugh, give me your e-mail addy and I'll pass it on.

    God Bless,

  24. So much fun!!! We try to go the Port Aransas (did I spell that right?) each year, so, I will have to get with you for a list of places to go and things to see:)