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Aside from me and my body in dire need of a good steam iron, I found these photos of wrinkles around the house. It's been too hot, too wet and way too humid and rainy this past week to go on photo hunt excursions. Hey! I just thought of something! I shoulda just stepped outdoors for a day and then I'd be wrinkled like a prune! [did you realize they don't call them prunes any longer...they're now politically correct too....they're dried plums!!! Either way...prunes, dried plums they're still quite nasty!]

Okay...on with the show WRINKLES...

This one is ummmmmm, wrinkles! See 'em?
A blouse of mine that needs ironing. Ewwww, I don't do ironing much. For me, IRON is a four letter word!

Still, this one is more wrinkles! Can't miss this one, right?
Bed...ummmm, unmade bed. But afterward, once it's made, I can bounce a quarter off of it!
Military upbringing. LOLOLOL

Now these next two are putting a 'wrinkle' in the whole photo hunt adventure for sure, for sure! See the 'wrinkled' ribcage? [outlined in black] Yes...that IS a wrinkled rib cage, trust me!

...a 'wrinkled' forehead too.

I just KNEW you didn't trust me, so I had to prove it. This is of the same from above, and it's a favorite wood carving of my hubby's talented ways that I begged him to do for me! I've had it for years and years. And yes, the knife is a real blade! And this creature is from a favorite 'spooky' movie from decades ago [sometime in the early 70's]...
starring Karen Black
and the doll [character carving from above]
Zuni hunting fetish, equipped with razor sharp teeth and a spear.
[notice the chain around his waist? In the movie, it breaks off the doll and he comes to life!! And if you click on the link provided, you'll see how close to perfect my hubby's carving is----]
Excellent movie
Spread the Jello!!!! [if you don't know Bill Cosby's comedy routines, you won't understand that remark at all] Irene is still afraid of the carving -but she'll watch the movie over and over....and Erik loves it just because she's afraid of it. Yep, that's true sibling rivalry or a touch of evil. Guess at times those two are synonymous.


  1. I totally agree with you my friend about ironing!! Iron, such a bad four letter word, lol Take care, love you bunches.

  2. Anonymous8/23/2008

    Great minds think alike! But my shirts are far more wrinkled than your blouse. Harrumph at dried plums -- they'll always be prunes to this old prune that's for sure!
    Hope your weekend is going well. Thanks for your comments. I upgraded my Wordpress install and for some reason the comment moderation went screwy. I think I've fixed it but it did cause a few more wrinkles on my forhead LOL

  3. Anonymous8/23/2008

    Nice shot for this Saturday.

    Mine's is up too.

  4. You always make me smile:)

    Stop by and see my cute dimpled /wrinkled three generations/


  5. Woah... your entry started off conventionally and then!!!!!!! ;D

  6. brilliant idea.... and your husband is very talented... great job

  7. me too i hate ironing.

    i think i saw that movie whereas the vodoo doll cannot be killed and then at the end the spirit transferred to the lady, uhm.. am i right?

    see you at photohunt!

  8. You've so many collection of wrinkled photo :)

  9. haha. nice attempt.

  10. Wow.. Thanks for sharing your romantic moments with your hubby.. hehe. Anyway, the doll was crafted real good :)


  11. Anonymous8/23/2008

    Great take on the theme. One half of our post shows the lack of love for ironing. Have a great weekend.

  12. I'm still stuck on the 'prunes' bit. Are you kidding? Have we offended some dried plum by calling it a prune?


  13. I don't like wrinkles. The ones I really don't like are the ones I see when I look in the mirror.

    Stop back by my blog to get the award I just gave to you.

  14. Your weather sounds like mine! And I too think IRON is a 4 letter word. LOL Great photos. Your husband is very talented but that thing kinda gives me the creeps!

  15. That's one creepy wrinkled guy!

  16. You always make me smile. Love the fact that the guy is on your vanity table. Some irony there. :) Have a great weekend.

  17. Since Mr. Gattino is retired and stays (in my way)at home I don't know anymore what ironing means ! My iron is somewhere in the basement and I only by wrinkle look stuff or things which you don't have to iron ! Make your life easy is my devise !

  18. did not do wrinkled today..All I would need is some part of this ole' body and of course that would scare everyone!! Not in the mood today to do it I guess!!
    Glad that you guys have not been getting all of this rain ....YET!! I guess you might!! It is kind of sunny today!! Yesterday was a mess...water everywhere.

  19. Anni,

    You always find something unique for the photo hunt themes. The carved doll Bud made you certainly does look much like the doll in the movie.

    Have a great time today. I hope you took your camera.


  20. Great set of wrinkled HA! Esp. like the last one - you had me laughing. That's always good. Nice picks for The Hunt. As always I enjoy a visit so thanks for stopping by! I love Saturdays.

  21. Ironing is clearly my least favorite chore. I'd rather have wrinkles, thank you. As always, you are a hoot, dear Anni! Have a blessed weekend.

  22. Anonymous8/23/2008

    Great post, love the photo's :-)
    View mine if you wish here Thanks..

  23. Anonymous8/23/2008

    Wrinkles? You can't avoid them. Either we are talking about shirts, or those we have in our face.
    Iron a shirt, and five minutes after you wear it, it's wrinkled. Why? because you use it----same goes with the wrinkle in your face, one can see that you have lived, and the wrinkle are there to stay.!!!
    A woman I know, have had so many facelifts to get rid of her wrinkles, that next time they have to lower her body.
    A wrinkled face can tell you 1000 things, and I like it.
    Your Hubby is a very talented man (also) when it comes to carving, I know because I have seen so much of his work you have shown.
    I love your Blog and your sence of humor!!!
    Have a nice sunday my friend
    as always UATB

  24. Anonymous8/23/2008

    They will always be prunes to me.
    Good selection, Anni.

  25. I came to see your wrinkles anni, and found your very nice blog. This is my first visit and enjoyed it muchly! Thanks for your visit to mine.

  26. Hi Anni! Hope things dry up for you soon. Or maybe you need all that moisture. Good job finding wrinkles in a pinch...

  27. Loved your selection of ‘wrinkled’ things … don’t even OWN an iron any more … thought about sharing a photo of my face today but went with other ‘wrinkles’ instead … posting on both blogs again just because.
    Hugs and blessings,

  28. haha - who but you can give me that many Wrinkles. Even my T'Shirt.LOL:

  29. Anonymous8/23/2008

    Me too hate ironing.
    Great shots for the wrinkled theme.
    Happy weekend.

  30. Good choices Anni, even if you had to go through your archives or shoot inside. Have a happy weekend.

  31. Great photos! I loved that movie, too!!! The carving is outstanding. :)

  32. Anonymous8/23/2008

    What a strange, wrinkled creature! lol

    My Photo Hunt is up, too! Please visit and leave your link. :) http://newyorktraveler.net/photo-hunters-wrinkled/

  33. But you didn't answer the age old questions about prunes. 'Is one enough? Are 2 too many?'
    One has to be careful at times.

    Good wrinkled collection.

    (thanks for stopping by)

  34. I took ages to find one photo, and here you are with a pagefull! Well done Anni!

  35. Anonymous8/23/2008

    Great choices - I thought about a shirt as well but mine were just back from the dry cleaners! LOL

  36. Anonymous8/23/2008

    Hi there - I was just admiring your new blog look. :)

    How are you going this week? Good choice of photos for the PhotoHunt theme. ;)

  37. I'm behind this week! Missed your S&T entirely, and got in on the "wrinkled" one - made me laugh!

    Have a great rest of the week-end!

  38. Great take on this week's theme Anni! Have a good weekend

  39. Anonymous8/24/2008

    i absolutely hate ironing too!! but i love that carving. :) thanks for stopping by.

  40. Beaut Anni. Liked those. Have a not so hot and sweaty week.

  41. Haha... I had fun looking at your entries as usual. Good job! :)

  42. I SOOO hate ironing! thanks for sharing your week's PH =)

  43. Hi Anni. Sorry for the late visit.

    I've never learned how to iron clothes properly. I'm grateful that someone does this chore on my behalf.

    That's a very interesting wood carving. He does look spooky but I'm sure he's very special to you.


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