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Today once again, 3 posts in one
[Sunday Snippet, Green Thumb Sunday, and Unconscious Mutterings]

Last week, as you know Hurricane Dolly hit the South Texas Shores...near Brownsville Texas. Here in Corpus we got the right side of the storm's wind speeds...which are the worst of the winds according to meteorologists. Yes, we did get the winds. But the next morning, tho we still had flooding rains and the storm lingered somewhat off and on the theme song from Poseidon came to mind as we took a drive to Padre Island to see the damage on the coast, and get a glimpse of the heavy surf.
    There's got to be a morning after If we can hold on thru the night We have a chance to find the sunshine Let's keep on looking for the light. Oh can't you see the morning after? It's waiting right outside the storm Why don't we cross the bridge together And find the place that's safe and warm....

Well, when we went over the JFK Causeway we could see that the shoreline off the highway had been washed away...there was still 'no beach' there. And finally, we arrived on the island. Of course, we knew that all the beach access roads were closed by power of the city/county/parks. But, we're also 'locals', we knew how we could get around the 'law' and find where we could get to the beaches and the wild surf. We went around the back way and parked in the closeby Holiday Inn...then, walked the long parking lot and hit the shore that way. And, we weren't the only ones curious to see the damage. The winds were still fierce that morning after Dolly hit...the sand was blowing in our eyes, even with the protection of glasses. We ate quite a bit of sand too. LOL And even tho Bud was right at my side, I could not begin to hear him over the loud roar of the sea and the winds. The seaweed was piled! The storm washed in the day before up and over the hotel's walkway/sea wall...we waded through a goodly amount of washed up beach on the wall, and then, could see below the huge amount of seaweed. Then, the surf.......

Tho the day after the storm we could easily walk the parking lot [above, where you see the light poles], there was remnants and tell tale signs of the sea being up above, TO the lights!!--Sand all over. This is Bud sitting on the sea wall as I ventured out into the sea weed to view the surf and take photos...
You'll notice the great amount of seaweed washed ashore. There was a lot of bird activity in there as they scavenged the area for washed up 'food'. And if you didn't read above, the surf pounding and the wind was so great you couldn't hear anything else if you tried.

Then, the muddied, dirty swirling and clashing of the waves. On any given 'normal' day the water is clear and blue/grey. The wave action is minimal and the surf/sound is a gentle relaxing wonderful song to your ears. But here, the pounding and the rush of the soiled foaming water was quite upsetting. And to think just how awful it was for the people 120-130 miles south of it was for them, and no time to really get an organized evacuation for them except for those who left voluntarily. It was supposed to hit them as a category 1! Instead by landfall, and the stalling out in the Gulf, Dolly strengthened to a category 2 overnight! The winds here, at this spot, on the day after was trying to topple me over in the 'mush'...I can only envision the nightmarish acts of nature the day before.

While standing there for just about 1/2 hour only, watching and listening and dreaming...I spotted a black object way out --about 1/4 of a mile out from the shore [maybe more- but still less than a mile away from where I stood] --the black object was drifting. Above, you see Bud with his binoculars..he's watching also. He spotted it too. And the object, once I got back to where he sat, I looked through the field glasses and saw there was a HUMAN on looked like a humongous black rubber raft/or maybe an innertube! I thought what fool would actually go out there in water like this? Then, it dawned on me...could it be an alien from Mexico. An illegal alien coming into America? Is it possible? Yes, I guess so. When we got back in the car and drove down the road, I stopped and told them [the authorities at the road block] about the strange object - with a human aboard. Desperate times calls for desperate actions. Still, today, I think of him. Did he make it to shore in one piece? Safe and sound. I sure hope so.

In this last photo, you will be able to see the object that was of interest and concern to me and Bud...I cropped this from the previous photo. In order for you to see what we saw. The raft was caught in the squall, between the wave action and didn't make any progress while we were there. After reporting this, we slowly made our way back to the car once again, and drove home. We saw many downed power lines still and several broken trees! And it was then, that we both got busy and cleaned the garage out. The best thing for me on the 'day after' was seeing light through our windows. The darkness from the storm outside the day before and all the hurricane shutters closed, well, it makes for an eerie feeling!!! Even if only we had the tropical remnants of her huge outer bands. [enlarge it]

~...end Sunday Snippet
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As we were taking the hanging plants back outside to re-hang from the patio lattice work, I snapped this photo for Green Thumb Sunday. It's my hoya. It's blooming right now. Glad I took it in before the storm hit, otherwise the blossoms and the waxy leaves would have taken a beating. Some of the leaves turned yellow almost overnight, guess it too didn't like the total darkness. Like me.

~...end Green Thumb Sunday
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7. Dusty :: Springfield [singer]
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9. Sunlight :: Moonlight
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  1. Thanks for hopping by! Why didn't I think of JOB for listings? hahaha Happy Sunday! :)

  2. That must have been quite a dilemma: saving a person's life by calling the rescue service or letting a probable illegal go, maybe leaving him to drown. That's awful! Hope it worked out.

    Oh yes, Dusty Springfield!

    Thaqnks for commenting.
    I've been so bussy the past weeks. I hardly had the chance.

    Glad to see your blog so nice!!

  3. Wow! I hope that if that WAS somebody out there that they survived the storm!

  4. I always loved Dusty Springfield and almost said the same thing in my Mutterings this morning :)

    Have a great Sunday, Anni!

  5. Maaaaan! That beach is a MESS! I can never believe the amount of seaweed and sea grass that washes up out of the gulf -- we don't get that at all up here out of the big ocean! Very strange. I feel so sorry for that guy if he WAS an illegal alien! To go through all that - and then get caught and sent back! OY! That must have been some walk for you though... Mm!

  6. Glad you survived the storm - Beautiful photo of Hoya

  7. How interesting to see your photos and read your account of the 'after effects of Dolly' ... so thanks for sharing. Thanks also for the animated 'bookworm' graphic and if I add it to my sidebar, I'll definitely give you credit. Methinks none of my 'mutterings' matched yourz ... but I did love your response to 'memory,' 'original,' and 'change of plans' ... methinks I'm a bit 'dead in the head' & uninspired this morning. Hopefully I'll 'wake up' with the coffee intake. Have a great Sunday!
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Anonymous7/27/2008

    Glad you came through Dolly OK, that was a close one. Thanks for the bday greetings. I hope to get back to the blog next month, it just has not been a priority with everything going on with my work. Have a nice Sunday..PJ:)

  9. Anonymous7/27/2008

    Great mutterings. Your comment on Dragonmage's page made me chuckle because I got a John Denver song for "Sunlight" ;)

    Have a great Sunday!

  10. Anni,

    The photos of the shore show the destruction of nature. There is a LOT of seaweed there. I can't imagine anyone wanting to be on the water in those conditions. The person must have been desperate.

    Great photo of the Hoya. I have never seen one that I know of. It is gorgeous.

    Enjoyed your unconscious mutterings, as always. I haven't seen the Bucket List yet, but love Morgan Freeman and want to see it. I just haven't had time.

    Take care and enjoy a restful Sunday.

  11. Very pretty! Dollys tail end is giving us a wet weekend here in Tucson AZ!

  12. Nice answers! Happy Sunday and thank you for visiting me.

  13. Enjoyed this post sweetie.

  14. I enjoyed your account of the "day after Dolly". You made me feel like I was experiencing it myself. I enjoyed your mutterings also, especially # 8. Good thinking! Thanks for visiting my site!

  15. Anonymous7/27/2008

    Great mutterings! I loved A Knight's Tale! Thanks for stopping by my place.

  16. WOW you have really been a busy blogger - 3 post in one.
    Another yummy recipe - thank you.

    Thanks for stopping by my mutterings.

    I really liked the movie the Knights Tale it was fun.

  17. Your hoya is beautiful! Hoyas are not sold around here, so I've never seen a real live one. I visit a blogger who almost exclusively shows hoyas, and I've become fascinated with them!

  18. Ahhh I remember her - we used to call her Lusty Dusty down here ... love your mutterings as always!