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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Hoooooo boy, our hostess almost gave me a challenge I would still be working on if she followed through on one of her ideas for Fun Monday...and honestly, I'm wiping my brow that she didn't choose it! Can you imagine, ME rewriting a scene from a movie I haven't seen but only once and can't recall much of it? Thank goodness she went with another choice!! Which is:
    Careers- Then and Now THEN: As a child day dreaming of what your future would hold for you, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you ever pursue or achieve it? NOW: If you could be trained and placed in any career beginning tomorrow, what would it be?

The first part is so easy. I've always wanted to be a mom.

Yep, a career mother. And yes, I was lucky enough to be just that. But never wanting to be one who suffocated a child with over protection either. Oh yes, I worked outside the home, but only after my two kids were old enough and in school all day. I chose my 'outside the home' job to coincide with their schooling too. While they were pre-teens and then through their high school years, I worked with the school district as an office manager in one of the high schools in our district! It wasn't anything special...just calling, setting up special outings for students, helping with scheduling field trips, typing, and having a few other women working for me with things that needed to be done in the office that I could not have the time for and get it all done before the day was over. It was a lot of fun tho! I always loved working with students. When one would come and complain about this or that or a teacher being a pain or anything such as through a teen's eye ---I'd help work with them when and where and how I could. Sometimes ---actually MOST times they'd leave my office working area happy once again. We'd joke a lot, and it was fulfilling. I probably saved a lot of heartache and such for the student counselors. Diverting the students woes into making them 'happy' again.

I never thought of any outside work as a career. I was wife; mother, and that was most important. I still, to this day, consider myself very fortunate to not HAVE to work. All I made went for extras that we could have done without if need be. But with my income we DID have some super vacations, and we paid our mortgage off in half the time. That was cool. At times I did feel a bit of anxieties tho, both my parents were in need of a lot of daytime care, and I felt like I was being pulled on both ends....

After the kids finished school, I had the house to myself, it was lonely. I no longer had a huge interest or necessity to work at the school district. No need to take the summers off because the kids were I went to work building my resumé and interviewed for a office manager and patient coordinator at a psychiatrists' office. It was actually a psychiatrists' corporate. Many, MANY medical doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists I worked under. My mom passed away from a fifth, and that time, fatal stroke, and while our son was in the Marine Corps, my father passed away. His heart gave out on him --I still to this day think he died of a LONELY heart. So, I was compelled to really 'work' a lot to have the busy-ness and not linger on my loss of both parents, and I did. I learned so much working there. But it was only less than a decade that I worked there because my Bud decided to buy out his retirement at an early age and enjoy a bit of life left in us while we were young. We traveled 'til we got bored with it. Now we consider being home bodies precious and enjoy our company with each other. We still have fun together after all these years.

But---once a mom, always a mom!!! And I love being called mom!!! [Oh and I do love being called mom at a distance now-a-days. Retirement and having grown kids away from home is good too!!! Nothing wrong with enjoying life with just the two of us and less worry about what the kids are in need of as they grow.]


Now, what would I like to be trained for as a 2nd 'fantasy' career? Ohhhhhhhhh, you guessed it. I'd like to become another Picasso. Where my art would be museum quality. I'd even like to be trained to sculpt! Wouldn't that be just too awesome? I think so. But, like a three year old kid....this is what I came up with today. Tomorrow it may all change and I'd choose maybe archaeologist. Or perhaps a professor of science or English or math [my favorite subjects]. But ya, today it'd be a professional artist! Oh.....wait, next WEEK I'd like to be trained to take a Nobel-prize style photograph and have it published as a cover of TIME magazine!! Stop by next year and see what I'd be wanting to do when I grow up!!!! Trust me, it'll change.

Next Week's Hostess


  1. Enjoy your week sweet one, love you.

  2. You still have enough time to learn all that and make your dreams come true. Maybe it doesn't workd to become famous, but that's not so important ! I am leaving this morning for one week summer school (about 80 miles away) where I will be in boarding school together with around 500 (or more) students from 16 to X ! It is the Summer Academy which takes place each year and I have done painting courses there a few years ago. There are a lot of things to learn ! Music, instruments, theatre, fashion, painting, drawing, sculpturing, photo etc.etc. I will post from there then.

  3. Anonymous7/21/2008

    Lovely Fun Monday post :)
    Sounds like you really enjoyed your work and bringing up your kids and managed to get a great balance of the two.

    I think that being an artist of some kind would be a very fun thing to do - though I don't think I'd make Picasso...

  4. My mom was similar to you - she was able to stay home and raise kids - only taking a job to get out of the house when there was a gap in little kids. She was an excellent Mother and I'll bet you were too!

    I never dreamed of becoming a mom. In fact, I thought I never would be one. A happy accident ended that and I am happy to say that I am proud to add "mom" to my resume!!!

    Picasso, huh? You arty people make me feel so jealous!!! I have no art in my fingers. Just words.

  5. I am blessed that I don't HAVE to work either. I do so to keep my brain active and because I enjoy it! Happy Monday :0)

  6. Great post. I never thought I'd be a mother, but I wouldn't trade it for any career. And I too have been lucky enough to be able to work a schedule that lets me be home with my daughter most of the time.

  7. I wish I didn't have to work, although I do like having my brain engaged daily.

  8. Anni, what comes through your post today is that you're a woman who's very comfortable in your own skin. I love how clear you are about what you want from life--being near your children in their school years and now enjoying retirement with Bud. With the grown-up kids and grands at a safe, but convenient, distance! Smart to keep it that way so you'll have time to work on your future artistic career goals.

  9. Thanks for the yummy recipe.

    I enjoyed those years at home as a mom too. Although if I didn't go to work when the children went to school, I might have been one ,"who suffocated a child with over protection." I do rather enjoy being a Grandma.

    You do speak well of retirement. That will be my next step someday.

  10. Being a full time mom is a challenge in itself. You deserve a well earned retirement. When you become an artist,you could always paint about your motherly exploits.

  11. Do you know when I had my children I too wanted to be a stay at home mum. Unfortunately after 7 yrs I became an unwilling single parent, but this was OK as I had my nursing to fall back on until I went in another direction. To me it sounds like you had the best of both worlds~you were always there for your children and if you hadn't worked think of all those poor students who would have missed out on your support :)

  12. Anni,

    Oh, I hope Dolly goes the other way. If you disappear off the radar I will be so worried. Be sure to keep yourself safe, my friend. Hurricanes are not fun.

    I wish I could have been a stay at home Mom, but that wasn't in the stars, being a young widow. I had to work to provide for Michelle and myself and I regret how many hours she was a latch key kid. However, I was lucky enough to work in jobs where she could call me. First, being a partner in a business and secondly, driving taxi.

    All of your careers sound very satisfying. I'm thinking you need to take an sculpting course. That would be one of your dreams fulfilled and when you do the archeology, send for me. I'll be your partner. LOL

    Have a great week. I'm keeping you, Bud and all the people along the Texas coast in my prayers.


  13. Thanks so much for your visit. I love hearing from you. I'll be watching "Dolly" with renewed interest now that I know you are close by. Good luck and keep safe. You've got Hurricanes and I've got Forest Fires to worry about. What is it about us that attracts %^&*@#%^&*.

  14. Thanks so much for your visit. I love hearing from you. I'll be watching "Dolly" with renewed interest now that I know you are close by. Good luck and keep safe. You've got Hurricanes and I've got Forest Fires to worry about. What is it about us that attracts %^&*@#%^&*.

  15. Sorry to comment twice but I love your new Blog look and your masthead is so cool. It's great that your the hostess next week.

  16. Anni,

    I'm a little late, but my Fun Monday is posted now.

  17. I enjoyed learning more about your life path from today's Fun Monday topic and I'm glad you got to be the mom you wanted to be. Sorry about the loss of your parents. As for your future, why be another Picasso when you can be your artist self???
    Mine's finally up at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. We seem to be like-minded on our life's work. I love being a mom and think it's the most important thing I could ever do.

    I only have a couple more years until my girls "fly the coop" so I'm trying to figure out what full-time job I want....

    I hope Dolly stays far, far away from you!

    Susan at A Slice of Life

  19. i love that you always wanted to be a mom, but being an artist? somehow that doesn't surprise be...but you know? it's never too late!!!!!

  20. Being a mom is a great career! As for the art, whats stopping you? Art does not need to be learned it is an expression of who we are!

  21. Mom..the noblest and most important of all professions. Congratulations on a great career. And an artist? That sounds like great fun!

  22. being a Mom is such a wonderful career, so rewarding. I hope you survive the storm without any damage or problems...I will be thinking of you!!

  23. Anonymous7/21/2008

    I love you new look! Being a mom is a great career. My mom was a career mom, too!

  24. Good Morning Annie,
    I just thought I would pop in and check on you. I just seen where Hurricane Dolly maybe coming your way. I sure hope she doesn't. I hope yall are okay and that it doesn't do anything where you live at. Just know I am thinking of you and hoping all is okay with you. Take care my friend and have a great day.

    LOVE & HUGS,
    Karen H.

  25. First please keep safe!!!!!!!

    I love your post. :) Mom is the best job there is!! :)

  26. Hey, you're the only one like me. We both just wanted to be mommies. :) I'm sure you would do great art!

    Hope you guys are staying safe! In the short time I lived in Corpus we had a hurricane, it swooped up to Galveston but hubby and I drove towards it. :) I remember waking up that morning and watching the clouds swirling in a huge circle - the only time I've ever seen that.

  27. "Mom" is a great job. The hardest there is...

  28. Anonymous7/24/2008

    I am just getting to Fun Monday on Thursday, yep, I loved your post, I wish you worked in my school...I never thought about being a mom, my friends still think it is funny that I am a mom, I love being a mom though