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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

edition #61


Thirteen cable - computer issues!

1] Early morning Wednesday
2] Cable goes out
3] No TV, no computer [not necessarily in that order, but I miss hearing in the background my CNN that's on a lot during the day].
4] Boredom quickly sets in
5] Way too many urges for sweets now!
6] Gone shopping
7] Still wanting junk food, go to the food court in the mall and have a chunk of Almond, Chocolate Toffee from Burbon Street Candy Store. MMMmmmmm!!
8] Drive home ..."I'd rather be bloggin'" bumper sticker comes to mind!
9] Read and crochet earlier in the day than usual, and go outdoors to check the cable connection to the house!
10] I break down and call cable company
11] Go through the awful Menu Tree on the phone once connected.
12] "Your call is important to us" Click one for English, etc. etc. blah, blah, blah
13] C R A P!! Find out some construction outfit cut the cable by accident somewhere down the road!

Thirteen more thoughts and ambitions go hand in hand here...

1] I connect well with the load of laundry that is in the basket to be folded from the day before.
2] The dust rag and I become molded for an hour or two!
3] The dishwasher got cleaned out, and scrubbed out!
4] The bedding was washed, hung outdoors to air dry!
5] Read the collectible [Obama wins the Democratic Nomination-pleases me, but I'd rather be bloggin'!] newspaper from front page news to classifieds.
6] I scrounged around the garage and found the cat brush...they purred with delight!
7] I cleaned out my tube files and imported photos I no longer use.
8] I lost three straight games of Hearts on the computer...oh, the computer won!
9] Weeded the rose garden - in the heat!
10] Long about 4 PM the cable was back on...
11] Caught up with what's new on CNN. Wolf and his "Situation Room"!!! Hello!!!! "Long time no see!"
12] Still haven't heard who Donna Belize is endorsing! D A M N
13] I made a batch my OWN pecan toffee!!

Now, it's catch-up time with my daily visitors! Hope you understand why I didn't stop by your blog on Wednesday now.

~...end Thursday Thirteen
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Crystal dropped by to let me know I was a recipient of her special award! Isn't it lovely?!! I feel so honored!!! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Been there done that with the cable. That pecan toffee sure sounds good. Thanks for visiting me and happy TT.

  2. Anonymous6/04/2008

    You're so funny! Our computer crashed a couple of weeks ago, and I was feeling a similar sense of panic. But at least I had cable! It sounds like you got a lot accomplished. Maybe I should set more limits for myself in terms of computer time....naaaahhh. LOL

  3. I laughed out loud because you described it so funny, but the situation itself is CRAP indeed! The things you can do when you're not on the computer... ;-)
    Thanks for visiting my goddess TT!

  4. Mmmmmm pecan toffee!!!!! That alone might be worth it!!! I'm glad to hear you are back up and running though :)

    Happy TT!!! My list is up here:

    My Life In The Urban Zoo

  5. I am having problems with my computer too! The battery does not work very well.

  6. You had a fun day..just goes to show how dependent we are on everyone and everything. My computer is not with the cable well we dont have cable just a dish!! We like it a lot better than cable anyway.
    Our air conditioner has finally given out in the hottest weather that we are having this week..SURE!! Now we have to get a new one whether we can or not. Friday a new one is being put in.


  7. Anni,

    Sounds like you are addicted to blogging and the computer as I am. What did we ever do before computers? Glad you went out for a bit, bought yourself a treat and got caught up on your dusting. I am not dusting much until all of the work upstairs is done. This is an old house and as we're hammering upstairs the dust comes out of cracks and crevices we don't even realize are there. LOL

    Enjoyed reading your thirteen. Take care, my friend.


  8. You always have the best TT!! Loved it. I hate when the cable or internet goes out. I always feel so disconnected from the world. Thanks for visiting mine.

  9. Don't you feel helpless when the computer crashes! Congratulations on your award!

  10. That was a very great list. My computer broke down too for some time and it really pissed me off too.

  11. My local ISP is absolutely insulting when I call to complain. It is NEVER their fault.


    The Pink Flamingo

  12. I do love almond toffee - and I don't know how to make pecan toffee. Do you have a good recipe?

    Sorry about the cable - that happens here due to all the construction in Denver. grr.

    Happy TT

  13. Although it sucks that you had computer/cable problems, at least it sounds like you can laugh about it now.

    Sometimes the picture on my digital cable just freezes. It was really frustrating a few weeks ago when I was watching an NBA playoff game. I am praying that it doesn't happen tonight while I watch game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

  14. I know this pain. In my world it's called Charter. I admire your ability to turn it around for your day! I hope this doesn't happen again anytime soon--or at all.

  15. Pecan toffee sounds divinnnnne.

  16. I lost three straight games of Hearts on the computer...oh, the computer won!
    >>> what a bad day! but i also tried 5staright lose. lol.

  17. Anonymous6/04/2008

    Welcome back online!

  18. What did we ever do before the internet lol Fun post. Happy T13!

  19. that sounds like a fun day of doing new and old things, except for the obvious stress of missing what you actually wanted to do! I really identified with trading the TV/computer addiction for the sweets and back again... I am grateful to not be doing it anymore, but I have plenty of other addictions like that I am still learning to become willing to start letting go of ;)

  20. Anonymous6/04/2008

    Unless the phone company lines go down I do not have to wotrry about lost I guess I will just stick to the "slow connection" of DSL as the cable companies want you to believe.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  21. This was a harrowing tale of horror! No cable AND no internet? That's my idea of "roughing it." Glad you came through safe and sound on the other side. (Thanks for visiting my TT)

  22. I hope they fix your cable before you exhaust yourself!

  23. a lot on your mind I hope you getit or got it fixed you posted so I guess youare OK?

  24. I guess my home looked cleaner before I started blogging, lol. No internet connection is a bummer, no tv as well is a nightmare, but then it shows how much we can accomplish! you've done your share for the year. No need to prove that again!

    Congratulations on that lovely award

  25. Hi Dear Anni.
    I was completely lost when my computer broke downdont you just hate it when that happens,,,
    and Your No 11, Oh how I hate that your call is placed in a queue and will be answered as soon as operater available.. Makes my blood boil.. and im a very placid...person... Take care dear Anni Cheers \_/\_/

  26. Withdrawal is painful, isn't it? I'll be doing the same in about two weeks when I no longer have a computer to work with, while I'm in the States.

    ...sigh... I'm sure I'll find plenty to keep me busy, though...


    Ciao for now!

  27. Wow, double the thirteen for the price of one. Glad to see that everything's back up and running.

    Happy TT!

  28. Aack! The nerve of that contractor! Glad it's back on now.

    Homemade toffee though? Might make it almost worthwhile to lose internet for a day. Almost. Not quite.

  29. what did we do before computers? thanks for stopping by my TT.

  30. You got a lot done! Good for you. :)

    I feel at such a loss if I'm w/o the internet or cable. Sad, maybe, but true. I can relate!

    Have a great day.

  31. It's AMAZING what gets done when the cable goes out - huh?! LOL! Hope you get to spend the WHOLE DAY playin' on the puter today! I know you've got to make up for lost time!!! :)

  32. Anni, it's amazing how much work we get done when the cable goes out! :) BTW yea! Obama's on his way!

  33. We don't have cable, but when our DSL goes out, I'm lost. Glad you got so much done while it was out, but hope you don't have to go through withdrawals again.

    Thanks for visiting my TT!

  34. I hate when the cable goes out! Something else that bothers me is our wireless connection for the upstairs and laptops. I think the cell phones interfere with it. Great T13!

  35. The cable going down is the worst. The. Worst. But pecan toffee? I bet that's the best! Cable back on *and* pecan toffee to munch while blogging/surfing/tv-ing = heaven. Not all bad :)

  36. I hate it when the cable goes out. Luckily we only lose the internet in that situation because tv is satellite. Happy TT

  37. I'm used to no TV--haven't had cable in years! But yesterday, when our power went out, I went crazy. Internet is the only way we get news! I know how you feel.

  38. ... I just hate it when that happens. Though, it made a fun list for TT! Thanks for stopping by mine!

  39. My god all that cleaning because you could not blog! Next time you just come on down to my place and you can use my computer.

  40. That happened to me last week- no internet or cable. It only took me about 5 minutes to break down and call. I was sure I was going to lose my mind!

    Our Happy Happenings
    Livin' With Me

  41. Great list as always, Anni! Computer issues are the pits, BTW...

  42. Funny. When the DSL goes out, my house gets realllllly clean. LOL

    Good T13, and thanks for stopping by mine, Anni!

  43. I hate when the cable goes out! They seem to do that a lot here! GRRR! I do get lots accomplished like you did when it's out though. Perhaps sometimes it's a good thing although I'll be the LAST person to admit that ;) Oh and pecan Toffee!! That just sounds SO GOOD right now and the fact you make it homemade is super impressive!

  44. Our cable was out a while yesterday and then the internet was out all day!!!!

    Karen came over last night and she was able to unplug stuff and get it back on!! I sure hate to be with out the internet!!! Love and hugs Grams

  45. Good ones! Now are you gonna share some of that toffee with me?

    and I too often thinnk, "Id rather be blogging". I need a support group..

  46. The cable company can drive you crazy!! That pecan toffee looks really yummy. You amaze me sweetie, you are so crafty. I love you my friend.

  47. Hate it when computer crash or cable and internet are out. So I can sympathy with you. It can be pain in the butt when construction cut off something, and we can't do anything except to

    Always look forward to your TTs! Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you visit me again :)

  48. hmmmmm. so that's where all my reading and writing and sewing time has been going.

    thanx for visiting my moods of water TT

  49. Oh my … withdrawal can be challenging indeed … but sometimes produces benefits as you’ve discovered. Now I know why you missed out on my two Blog Blasts for peace on Wednesday however … and it’s goo to know you’re back in business electronically ;--)

    I’m about to call it a day and turn my computer off because it’s after 9pm and it’s been a LONG day!!! Congrats on the nifty award!
    Hugs and blessings,