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As always, I have three items in one blog entry on Sunday's. Today is no different. Green Thumb Sunday, Unconscious Mutterings, and my Sunday Snippet....
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Today, it's all about amaryllis. In our front yard this Spring. I dearly wish they'd last longer while blooming--they're now seeding [but I find it's easier to go to the nursery and buy the bulb!], which I ignore 'cause from what I learned while my dad was here on earth - they're VERY difficult to start from seed, taking years to produce...


As you know tigers are my favorite big cat. But I too love Pandas. After reading this article, I'm happy to 'hear' they were unharmed in the China earthquake recently. Animals' sense astounds me. And they [as in scientists in general] try to tell us they can't reason that we humans are far more superior. I totally disagree!----
    Pandas Sensed China Quake Coming?
    Christine Dell'Amore
    National Geographic News
    May 15, 2008

    In the minutes before a massive earthquake shook central China on Monday, captive pandas near the epicenter began acting strangely, according to an eyewitness account released today. (Watch video.)

    The observation, made by a British tourist who had been watching the pandas at the famous Wolong National Nature Reserve near Chengdu, mirrors previous accounts of animals "sensing" disasters before they occur.

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    - - -

    And the eight pandas that were displaced from the same quake, losing their surroundings in the devastation, return and become instant stars with 'celebrity status'!!


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She says ... and I think ...
  1. Rambling :: ROSE [an oldie by Nat King Cole]

  2. Magnetic :: FORCE, SEDUCTIVE

  3. Again! :: FURTHERMORE!

  4. Acoustic :: GUITAR

  5. Mahogany :: TABLE

  6. Promises :: TO KEEP [part of poem by Robert Frost-see sidebar!]

  7. Ill fitting :: LOOSE

  8. Sublime :: SPIRITUAL

  9. Poop :: -ER SCOOPER

  10. Disoriented :: DEMENTIA


  1. Wow, we have several similar mutterings! LOL

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Thanks for dropping by!
    You can take my #7 if you want! >D *sends t-shirt across virtually* =O

    Ash -

  3. Love the flowers ! Today the sun is shining (for once) that puts me in a joyful mood !

  4. Good morning dear Anni:-)

    Your Amaryllis are just gorgeous, I so love the colours! I'm like you, I prefer to buy bulbs because I have the worst luck with seeds! lol

    Isn't that something about the Pandas sensing the quake was you, I truly believe that animals can sense these things and are a lot smarter than people give them credit for. I'm just so glad that all the pandas were found and none were hurt in that quake!!

    You realize I'll be humming Rambling Rose to myself all day now? hehe Have a great day dear friend!! xoxo

  5. I so wish I could grow Amaryllis in my yard! LOL! But I WISH I could grow ANYthing in MY yard!!! They are lovely though! I enjoy having them in the house at Christmas time... but out in the yard WOULD be great!

  6. thanks for the visit. nice mutterings.

  7. After looking at your gorgeous amaryllis and reading some of the interesting things in your sidebar, I'm now singing (in my head) "amaryllis by morning..." LOL (Amarillo by Morning was in your favorite song list!!) I know, I'm strange! hahaha

    That is a very interesting story about the pandas in China.

    Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. Love the new header. Great mutterings! Have a great Sunday!

  9. Anni,

    I love amaryllis. They have such beautiful flowers but I've never tried to grow them. They have to be brought in for the winter and I just don't have room or enough light in the house. Many here do grow them though.

    Whoohoo! The pandas are gorgeous. They are one of my favorite animals. Brandon loves them too, so will pass on this news to him. I'm glad they are unharmed.

    I always enjoy my visits here. Your blog is interesting and informative and FUN. Take care and have a beautiful Sunday. Sending an email.

    Blessings and hugs,

  10. Anonymous6/08/2008

    Hi Anni:

    I never start from the seed either. I mostly just concentrate on keeping the bulb alive. I love the layout of your site!

    Happy Green Thumb Sunday.

  11. Annie - thanks for stopping by my Garden Wise Guy blog today. Speaking of wise, good of you to pass on starting Amaryllis from seed. Why delay the payoff when you can get the full effect with a bulb?


  12. Anonymous6/08/2008

    Lovely amaryllis! Thanks for sharing the photos -- they're gorgeous. Happy GTS!

  13. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I really appreciate it. Anyway, love your articles on the pandas. I always love animals.

    And many people seems to be matching on acoustic guitar. :D What's up with Poop and ER Scooper?

  14. Well, well, preparing for the 4th of July are we? *giggles*

    Nice new blog layout!

    Ah, the Amaryllis. I've never seen the third and the last one and I must say I find them extra gorgeous!

  15. I've never had the patience to start much from seed myself. The colors of your amaryllis are lovely.
    Happy GTS,

  16. Anni! I LOVE the pictures of your flowers! They are stunning!! Absolutely beautiful!! You are one great gardener! As for the Panda's, I hadn't heard this story. That is very interesting. The picture of those Panda's was very cute! I seriously have never seen Panda's quit so big!

  17. These amaryllis are lovely. Only ONE of mine bloomed this year, but it did so twice. Guess I should dig it up and split the bulb for next year but I’m not quite sure when to do so. Interesting story about the Pandas & earthquakes. Looks like you & I were on the save wave-length for ‘rambling’ and ‘acoustic’ in our ‘mutterings’ … and as for the upright piano, I’m not sure I have any ‘digital photos’ of it because I gave it away after my brother died to make room for mom’s organ, but perhaps I can find a photograph to scan and share at some point, but not today.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. Thanks for stopping by, Anni! Love your mutterings :)

  19. Great mutterings.

    I love that poem from Frost!

    You can find my mutterings ::here::

    Have a great week!

  20. The Amaryllises around here are starting to bloom too...I"ve never seen red before, thanks for sharing, happy gts!

  21. i know that animals always know what is "going to happen. Our son lives in California. He told us that his cat, Boots started running up and down the hall...right after that he experienced an earthquake. They know...
    Hope your Sunday is going well. Ours is.


  22. I so wish I had a green thumb. I am not very good at growing anything.

    I enjoyed these posts...


  23. I love the seductive in number 2 :)

  24. Great photos and happy GTS!

  25. Great mutterings! Have a great evening.

    I love the new look.

  26. Beautiful blooms for GTS! Thanks for visiting mine:)

  27. pooper scooper - LOL

    Love it.

  28. Great mutterings. You have so unique answers here. Love it!