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All righty then. I went out in the garage, looking for some scrap wood from Bud's stash. I found a piece of plywood large enough and some thick dowel for cutting down into four small pieces. I wanted a large circular piece cut. Of course, I'm not too keen on cutting wood with the electric jigsaw, so I asked Bud to cut the circle piece for me while I used the small hand saw to cut the four dowel pieces. With that all done, and then sanded, I drilled holes through the large circle and aligned those holes with the dowel and continued to drill...used wood screws to attach them all. After that being complete, I painted the dowel black, and the 'top' circle red! Let it stand several hours to make sure everything was completely dry. And let's just say right off the bat, it's big!

Why the project you ask? If you visit here often enough, you'll know that our cats have a 'perch' bench by the window near the outdoor bird feeder. They have a wonderful, cat-sized bench by the window. Our cats are indoor cats. They're not allowed outside the house. For so many reasons. Safety and health being the main reasons. And they're perfectly content being indoor critters. They told me so. So, anyway, I found this cute 'cushy' pillow shaped like a ladybug! It's large enough, I thought, to make it into a window cushion for our cat's new window perch! Right? I thought so too! I bring it home, and decide to make sure it's clean ---

...into the washing machine it goes! Looks odd, poor thing! But a bath is just the right thing for this critter pillow because it was found at the 2nd hand shop near our home. I got it for a dollar! As the washing machine tank was filling I was adjusting water temps to cold/cold wash/rinse cycles. And settling in to visit bloggers a bit while the little bug was getting cleaned and spiffy for its new purpose! And the paint on the new black and red stand was still drying. I was really quite anxious to see what our kitties thought of the great idea. Cute idea---

Paint dried, ladybug pillow washed, dried, and smelling fresh and clean. Sitting, waiting by the window...beckoning the kitties to come join her! To use her cushiness and comfort while watching life and the birds at the window!! Oops, the bird feeder is empty! Back out into the garage I go, out to the patio - filled up the feeder. And wait! Waiting still for them to come to terms their new bench is here to bickering. Either you use it, or you two get nothing! So, y'all better use it! After two days ----

...Winston says to me: "Are you kiddin' me?" "I'm not going near that red thing with floppy feet!" "Why, it's not even movin' ---sumppin's wrong with it!" "You went to a lotta trouble FUR nothin', trust me."

"Tahoe and I, we don't need competition with another critter in the house!!" "In fact, it freaks me out!"

Bud suggests I take some of the stuffing out to make it lie more flat; that it's too high. Maybe, I say. We'll wait and see what happens. I may have to listen to the old man all wise one ---Dang, I hate it that he may be right!! I'll never hear the end of it. You know how that goes, right?

- - -

UPDATE: Thursday afternoon

Stuffing's out. Back restitched closed. Getting slimmer and less filling as the minutes roll by! ... Ms. Bug awaits company! Come 'n' get 'er kitties!

Heck, where ARE the cats? I think they boog-a-looed outta here for good! "Here kitty, kitty!" Oh...oh! Here comes one now------

CLOSE! But no ceeee-gar!!
::Winston on the window sill...kinda sniffin' 'round:: but nope...He didn't touch the new bench! Maybe this winter...ya, maybe!


  1. I love this, so cute. My cat would probely totally ignore it, she is so picky. I love the ladybug.

  2. That's really a clever idea! I like how you thought it up and brought it to fruition! Cats are funny aren't they? I am a cat lover but we don't have one (right now). My folks are too. Their last 2 cats that passed away, they were both 19 years old!!!


  3. ROFL! Oh that is such a ME story! Have you tried actually PUTTING them on it? Kitty would be on it in a heartbeat! HE has to try out EVERY new surface that comes in the door! If I fold a blanket and lay it on a table for a minute, he's on it when I come back! Leave a box on the table - he's on it! Do a puzzle? YEP! Kitty WOULD use it! I don't think Freedom would though... I expect to see an update about this at some point! I DO think taking the stuffing out was a GOOD idea! :)

  4. Cute idea! Very creative.

  5. Thank you thank you for your nice words in my blog,your idea is great too.have fun and thanks for invitation.

  6. It was a great idea even if the cat doesn't think so!

  7. you're so crafty!

    And don't you love the conversations that cats have? :)

    I couldn't do any craft project that required cutting wood, because those saws scare the bejeebers out of me. I like all of my fingers and arms. :)

  8. Oh My Goodness, it is a small world!!!! Yeah, I LOVE the Stratton Home info and the book on Winfield Scott Stratton was very interesting! He was quite the eccentric!

    There is a Sinton Home Dairy. Is that the one you were thinking of?

  9. *To Constance* Yes, yes! That's it. My father in law was foreman there in the '50s to late '50s. And his grandmother [Bud's grandmother that is] resided in the Myron Stratton Home until she the age of 106 by the way!

    Amazing..small, small world. I really just can't get over your Show n Tell today.

    When Bud gets home, I'm gonna send him over there to your place...he grew up in the Springs y'know. :o)

  10. nice idea, great catch for ST! Happy weekend! Mine's up too hope you can drop by too.

  11. Anni, thanks for the comment on my bedroom. The pictures you asked about are 4 that are painted the same background, different designs in the center and all of them are painted - highlighted to look like copper. Your kitty is funny...she doesn't look too interested in the cute bench!

  12. What a cute and creative idea!!! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Ungrateful cats ! such a nice seat ! If they don't want it, I will use it, lol ! it's so cute !

  14. Anni,

    The ladybug is absolutely gorgeous and you did a fantastic job with it. I'm sure your kitties will lay there when they get used to it. How wonderful that you would make them something like this.

    Thanks for your comments on my Bambi post. She is a darling and I'm hoping we can get more photos. I'm not sure how they are going to manage her. She can run faster than the wind already.

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend.


  15. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your blog. We have a cat too and I can see the same thing happening at our house. They are funny characters!

  16. Cats definitely have minds of their own, don't they?! Mine would have no problem getting on it now that stuffing is reduced. Anything dark that they might be able to completely cover in cat fur is on the top of their sleeping list!

    Maybe some catnip?

  17. Such ungrateful kitties after all that work you put in making them that new window seat!! LOL Oh Anni, I'm laughing so much, I've got tears coming down my cheeks! hehe When I first saw the picture of all the stuffing, I though THEY had chewed the stuffing out! lol Maybe give them more time and they'll start using it....or you can sit on it and show them how comfortable it is!!! hehe

    When you get a chance, come over to my blog to enter my giveaway:-) xoxo

  18. Your beautiful cat should be more appreciative. You spent a lot of time and energy on that project. I'm thinking maybe you took out too much stuffing. It was too puffy but now it looks too flat. Just a thought, but what do I know, I'm not a cat. Maybe Winston just needs to get use to the new critter. I think cats just want us to know who's in charge.
    Have a great weekend.

  19. Isn't this just like a Cat!!!! We have two and they are so funny about some things!!
    The lady bug is so cute even if the kitty's don't think so! Love aand hugs Grams

  20. Kitties are just like this..they want their own way and they will do what they WANT to do WHEN they want too!! Cute idea though at least you have tried. I really love Cats for this reason. They are so just themselves. Annie is a dear cat!! she is smart too which I just love. Sandy

  21. Well, I know how finicky those cats can be.
    I bought one of those cat perches that fastens to the window. Alas, my window is too low. Well, I boxed it up. We do plan to move in a year or so and maybe I can use it then.
    I aked Hubby to make me a bench just the height of the window which is about 6 inches from the floor and I will cover it with carpet. I'm waiting....
    Mama Bear

  22. Hi Anni! Long time no see. I love the bench and the ladybug! What a thoughtful thing to do...but we who have cats know how truly ungrateful they can be. Maybe a bag of catnip inside old ladybugs head will change their minds. hehehehehe. You sure tell a great story girlfriend!

  23. Cats seem to pick their space.
    The fresh smelling bug is just
    that, to fresh, rub a little cat
    nip on it and then they'll pay
    attention to it. A blanket they've
    used probably would get them to the
    cat bench.

  24. Thought you would like to know that I accepted your offer of the cute little bookworm graphic. It's on my sidebar. I had a little difficulty in figuring out how to do it, but finally got it. Thank you for your generosity.

  25. Just like a cat! They're so finicky. But you gotta love 'em. I actually made my Blogger over 50 button clickable. It wasn't hard! :D

  26. Very clever and cute. Well done!

  27. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Sorry I'm late getting my visit'n done. I love your lady bug. The cat would never get to sit on it at my house- one of the grandkids would have pleaded to take it home. Hope you have a great week.

  28. Love that lady bug did the cats ever use it. they wil when you are not looking!!!!! That probable will be a good idea of framing the picture except it is about six feet tall as I put it in the front of the church for decoration for a weekend mini campmeeting we are having. He is Bruce Marshiano who has made a movie about Jesus. You might be able to see it on you tube.

    like the looks of your blog. i think you just changed the background didn't you?
    I am going to feed my worms avacado skins now!!!! have a good weekend....too
    like the poem.
    charcoal is forgiving to work with eh!!!

  29. What a cute project!! I would have agreed with your husband that maybe it was a little too high and pillowy. It's too bad the kitties don't appreciate it! But it is cute anyway, and maybe they'll get used to it. You're right, when it turns cold they may want its warmth.

  30. Anonymous5/31/2008

    Nice idea about ladybug!
    But maybe your cat prefers a big mouse pillow? LOL

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a good week!


  31. now see, if ya hadn't have washed it, they'd be alll over it sniffing new sniffs...I mean smells.



    thanks for coming by my place, the apron is peiced like a quilt..but not quilted.

    glad you liked it

    come on back anytime.

  32. Cats can be so silly can't they? I think it's a cute little bench, but it looks like they had fun with the stuffing instead! LOL