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Note to all who visited on Thursday: I didn't get to visit many who left me comments. We had a hellacious storm move in and the computer was shut down and unplugged. I hope to get back to you all soon...please forgive me.

Show and Tell

[also on this blog entry, I've shared my "Friday Fixin's" weekly hint, and my "Phriday Phavorite Photo Phun" The comments link is below my awards]

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I kinda have an eclectic theme going for Show N Tell this week. St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and a special cookbook I bought in the museum/old ranch hand house while touring the world famous King Ranch here in Texas; just about an hour's drive from our home. The top photo is a small crystal St. Patrick's Day angel. I have it hanging from my car's windshield mirror. It's so pretty. And it was only $1.77 at Hobby Lobby the other day when they had their St. Patrick's Day items 1/2 off! Then, the next two photos below my angel are of a small egg-shaped basket I also found at Hobby Lobby. I filled it with Easter grass that I had left over from making my plastic bowl Easter Egg, and then placed a small custard cup inside, hidden, and filled with fruit flavored jelly beans [grape, strawberry, orange citrus, green apple, and blueberry]. And the last two photos are of the King Ranch Cookbook I have in my possession. The cattle brand that you see on the cover is famous world-wide's dubbed the "Running 'W'" I have only tried a very few recipes from here. It's just the idea of having such a cookbook that has a history all in its own right...from the historical King Ranch The two pages shown are on the left, a recipe for Red Snapper --credit goes to "The King Ranch Main House" and on the right is a history of the Nilgai, an asian antelope that was introduced to the ranch in 1940. According to the page, it does not have a taste of wild venison as expected, but a flavor of beef but lacks the fatty marbling that beef has. All the recipes are from either the descendants of the King family, the vaqueros, the Kineños culture, neighboring counties and large ranch families throughout Texas's history. The following page, if I continued on, shows a recipe for ....

"Savory Nilgai Stroganov"!!! from the Santa Gertrudis Ranch also in Texas

[I lost all my King Ranch Tour Photos I had --well, they're 'kinda' lost --they're on the old computer still on the hard drive].

~...end Show N Tell
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This phavorite photo is taken 1 day after Hurricane Emily passed south of us into the Mexican shores near Monterey, Mexico. Look closely, there is a lone seagull near the right bottom. I love the darkened sky and the sparkle and almost iridescent glow, almost serenity after the storm. On a 'normal' day the beach sign on the post is a lot more visible...the sands and the tide were up way higher than on any other given day. Hurricane Emily...category 5 - summer of 2005


Betty surprised me with this gorgeous stamp of approval for my blog!! Isn't it pretty?! I love it. It's people like you Betty, that keep me blogging. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The next awards were given to me by two blogging friends. Karen and Mary. Thanks you two. I luvya both lots and lots. And it IS friendship that keeps us blogging. And the recognition is truly appreciated from my side of the computer. I love 'em.


  1. Good Evening/Morning Anni,
    Well it looks like I may be the first one here tonight. That is unless after I hit publish someone else beat me to it. LOL. I love your glass St. Patrick's Angel. You did get a great bargain on it. I can't believe they already have St. Patrick's Day stuff already half-price. Your Easter Egg Basket is just adorable. You did a great job as always fixing it up. Now are you going to give that away or keep it for yourself? LOL. It would make a great Giveaway. Wow, I have never heard of the King Ranch Cookbook before. I think that is so neat for you to have one with all that history behind it. Your picture for your Phriday Phavorite Photo Phun is just breathtaking. It does look so serene. I do see the lone sea gull on the sand there. I love how the water is sparkling against the darkened sky. Such a beautiful, beautiful picture. I hope yall didn't have any damage there today with all the storms. It is 35 degrees here as I'm typing this and very windy outside. Me and the girls took a few things in sacks and boxes over to the other house a bit ago and that wind will cut right thru you. We are under a Winter Storm Warning until midnight on Friday. They are now saying we could get anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of Snow. We will just have to wait and see. Take care my friend and have a great evening/day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  2. Sorry for the bad weather you had there dear. We are suppose to have rain, and storms here on friday, then snow saturday. Crazy weather. Have a nice weekend, love you.

  3. Anni,

    I LOVE that St. Patrick's Day angel. She is beautiful. Of course it could be because I love green, especially that emerald color.

    You did a great job on the Easter basket. Things like that give a house a homey feeling.

    The King Ranch cookbook is certainly a wonderful piece of history. Did I ever tell you that Dad worked on the King Ranch. I've always wanted to see it just because he did work there. He was a young man at that time and had left home seeking adventure. All he and his friend found was hard work.

    Thanks for such an interesting post. I enjoyed my visit, as always.

    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Thanks for stopping by my site. I really like your St. Patrick's Day angel. I have seen that type of ornament before, but never in Paddy's Day green.

  5. I want that cook book. It looks like a great one.

  6. You are a postin' so the storm must have left you alone. Glad to know you are up and running. The green angle Chrystal is my favorite. She is gorgeous!!! Jen

  7. Hmm. I should have gone to Hobby Lobby yesterday! I saw the snow in Texas on somebody's site - can't remember who right now!

    I went down and looked at your distorted pictures - hilarious! But don't get a job! Not if you can help it.

  8. Good morning!
    I love your blog and that photo of the shoreline is gorgeous.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I need to post here in a bit but first I have to go do some shopping - ugh! No, I don't hate shopping normally but I have so much else to do and I need to find a dress for my granddaughter's baptism this weekend. You know how it is when you want something specific and you can never find it until about a week later and there it is. Sigh.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I love all the items you showed, but I was especially interested by the King Ranch. Had to read of course what it was ! Very interesting ! Stories from the old far West are always so romantic and remind me of my childhood.
    The picture after the hurricane is just beautiful !!

  10. great angel....i love them, have a huge collection...maybe i should use them for my next show and tell....

    p.s. i love hobby lobby too!!

  11. Love your angel! I hope the weather takes a better turn for everyone! It is still so cold and raw here on the east coast. I love to cook! When time allow's. Have you ever come across a good childrens peanut free cookbook? My son Thomas who is autistic loves to cook, but unfortunately he is allergic to so many ingredients.

    Such a heartwarming irish blessing.
    Right back at you!

  12. Love the crystal angel.
    We are in for a big snow storm here in Ontario, Canada.
    Have a great day.

  13. We've lived here in Texas about 15 years now but I haven't made it down to the ranch. I get their catalog and I love their King Ranch Chicken dish! We got a record breaking 7" of snow here in Denton yesterday! It's still gorgeous outside, the Hub is going in later this morning to work when the roads are better and our son is off today! Making another pot of soup today for dinner. We had Seafood Chowder yesterday, making 7 Can Soup today and I have a peach pie I made, baking in the oven!

  14. Great picture at the bottom!! Very pretty!! But in a way scary because of the high tide!!
    Thanks for stopping by!! I am still at the hotel this morning being lazy once again. poor hubby has been working so hard on daughter's kitchen. This is our last day and he is determined to get those cabinets up. He could not sleep last night for thinking about that. smile!! Such a guy and a good dad.

  15. I LOVE cookbooks and I LOVE King's Ranch Chicken!! What a great little treasure:)
    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my state plates.
    Have a great week!

  16. I'm sorry you had to endure such a horrible storm!!! I'm glad your back with is online now though!!! I LOVED that on the beach and the fact that you pointed out the lone seagull! It is beautiful!!! Thanks again for always posting such sweet comments on my blog! I ADORE your blog and can't miss reading it for even one day! Have a great weekend! :)

  17. Hi Anni! Love the easter basket egg - very cute! The photo after the storm is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing all. Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. I bet thats a neat cook book!! looks like it would be!!Love the easter egg!!

  19. A fun Show and Tell, today, Anni.
    I really like the little angel. Are you making a St. Pat's wreath?
    I made a cute wreath you might enjoy trying. Go to my WIP page to a post called Tying One On, if youd like to see it. (I thin that's a direct link.)

  20. No, it's not.

  21. What a cute little Irish angel. Here in Wales we celebrate St David's Day, which is March 1st. That cookbook looks good too.

  22. Hello Anni,

    I didn't manage any meme today but I have a tag for you.


  23. What a delightful mix of pictures.
    I adore the St. Patrick's Day angel, very sweet...


  24. Neat show & tell's, Anni. We toured The King Ranch once.

  25. Thanks for stopping by! Cute post! :-)

  26. Love the St. Pat Day angel. I'm like you, I love to watch the quail. There were about 7 or 8 of them out in the back yard the other day. I took a picture of them but it didn't turn out too good. I thought about posting it, but didn't. I love the way they just walk around instead of flying. Every once in a while I see a few of them walking by the front of our house. So cute.

  27. Cute St Patrick's angel! The cook book sure sounds interesting!

  28. quite it all *U*
    Happy Friday!

  29. I've never heard of the King Ranch - but I love getting "local cookbooks" to take home and try some new things!

    have a great weekend

  30. You put shamrocks on your jean pockets! We're having some nasty storms here in South Georgia, too. What is with this crazy weather? Will you save me a few black jelly beans?

  31. Hello! Thank you for stopping by to say hi and leave a comment! :) I really love your St. Patrick's Day angel! It's gorgeous!! Wonderful pictures! Have a beautiful day!

  32. Your little angel is so sweet, I love it!
    I'll bet it's really interesting to page through that cookbook!!

  33. Love the egg basket! My family is in Texas and I do remember hearing about the King ranch.

  34. tha angel is so pretty !!! I love it and all the other goodies too !! I ove an eclectic gal !!! Have a happy week !! Mica

  35. Your green angel is so cute,
    I like your wearing of the green
    on your header too! The egg basket
    is a good idea and the cook book
    is interesting - how about a
    few recipes?

  36. Anni, I love, love, love the angel. It is beautiful. Of course one of my favorite colors is emerald green, and I like angels a lot too.

    Have a good weekend.

  37. Hello Anni

    First time visitor to your blog and I enjoyed it very much!

    I hope the storm didn't do any damage.

    I love your angel! I am blogging about a trip I made to Ireland a fdw years ago in my blog so I hope you'll come by for a visit and see my pictures.

    Thank you for the St Patrick's day blessing -- I wish you the same ;-)
    Hugs, Pat

  38. I like your pretty green St. Patty's Angel! She is pretty neat! I also like your Easter decor. I am glad that you got the cookbook that you wanted, I hope you find many recipes in it that you will enjoy!

    Hugs, Sharon

  39. Hi Anni, just dropped by to see how you're doing and I just love that Irish angel! I also think the picture taken after Hurricane Emily is awesome! Have a great weekened!

  40. I love the angel. Your picture of the beach is beautiful. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting me.

  41. I LOVE old cookbooks, that's another collection of mine that Grandma Tallmon passed on to me! I just love how so many of the recipes call for things no one uses anymore. It's like a scavenger hunt for me to find old books with the most obscure recipes! My grandma has been de-stashing her cookbooks to me. Most of her collection is from the 60's and 70's so the photos are really out there.

  42. What a fun show and tell! The little St. Patrick's angel is really beautiful. What a deal! Love all of your treasures, and the cookbook and history of the ranch sounds fascinating. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my show and tell Friday! ;o)

  43. sorry it's taken me awhile to get over here, and thanks for the kind words over at my place.

    my favorite was that pic of the beach after the hurricane. awesome!

    oh and can I get one of those "book I'm into" thingy?? that looks just like me when I'm reading!!! cracked me up!!

  44. YOur little angel is adorable, I've got to get to our local hobby lobby one of these days. thanks again for your visits to my blog!

  45. I love the little angel, Anni! So sweet! I love Hobby Lobby. :0)