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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Boy howdy...did we get a storm this afternoon!! It was quiet and peaceful in the morning. Bud and I cleaned out one of the flowerbeds in our front yard. We have four large high growing [wild rose like] bushes that was overgrown. We trimmed those down to about 8 inches from the root ball. Then, the amaryllis that are growing low to the ground we got the clover that grows wild around the foundation cleared away from those bulbs. Cut out some canna lilies that are from last year's growth, and go the bed nice and cleaned out. Tho, it was mild in temperature [around 70 degrees], it was quite humid. Making a heat index that made it quite uncomfortable on the body when working. Okay...that was our first clue. We shoulda known it was coming.

'long about 2 or so in the afternoon, while I was still doing laundry, the skies began to blacken. And as the minutes passed by, the skies got darker and darker! Then, thunder and lightning! Pretty soon all hell broke loose!! Winds swirling the downpour off the neighborhood house tops....and there was such a vacuum in the garage, that I had to open the patio door a crack to get the air to move in the house so it wouldn't implode!!

I then got the camera [which the pictures below not doing it any justice]...I went back out in the garage and took a couple looking from the garage door windows. The garage door sounded like it was being riddled with bullets, and the wind howled!!

This is before the storm moved into our area...not quite dark enough to show you the full force....

Then it got darker....

...and it rained buckets!! [look closer you can see the rainwater streaming down]

We, needless to say because of the high wind gusts, lost power around 2PM....and it was dark and gloomy indoors. We played the best two out of three games of Gin Rummy and I finally went out to see if there were any lines broken from the house connections...we were safe. I came back in and called the electric company and got a recording that they were working on the outages across town and our area wouldn't have power until around 10PM!! Well, it was restored just about 20 minutes ago, and "awwwwwwwwwwwwww, hello computer!!!"


  1. My gooooodness those are some gray GRAY skies!!! Mmmmm... I could actually handle a day like that sometime soon! I hope you sent it MY way! I'm not ready to start gardening yet though... well... I'm really NEVER ready to start gardening! LOL!

  2. Wow! Those are black skies for sure and it looks like you got buckets of rain. The way you describe that vacuum makes me think tornado. I'm glad you are safe and that your power has been restored.

    Can you believe that we are to get up to 10 more inches of snow on Tues and Wed? Oh my! The world was real pretty today, but am not sure where we are going to put anymore snow. The snow banks are so high we have to be very careful driving because you can't see over them. It seems like Mother Nature is striking back all over the globe.

    Be safe, Anni.

    BTW, I participated in your meme. My habits are now listed on my blog.


  3. My sister lost power too...said it was a heck of a rain!
    We got it too (Houston), but we're used to it.

  4. I grew up and lived most of my adult life in the Tampa Bay Area - the lightning capitol. When we moved to WA, it was like pure heaven, our area had maybe one thunderstorm a year - and about 3 claps in the distance and it was over. Moved back to FL and I just dread all the storms this summer, I remember them well and you just reminded me, grin.

    The photo of the chair, so peaceful, even with the rain, though.

  5. I so love a peacful storm..yours looked a little scary!!

  6. Thank you for the blessing!
    I LOVED Kermie's song. It seemed to go right along with what I was feeling this St. Paddy's Day. Thanks for posting that.
    Your storm looked a little frightening, but I can almost smell the after effects. I love the day after a heavy storm. We are also having heavy rain today! After falling on my face in the snow yesterday (taking pictures, of course), and struggling to get up because the snow was deeper than my arms, I'm not sure I'm too happy about this heavy rain. What a mess our gravel roads are going to be.

    Great posts, as always. Happy St. Pat's!

  7. I LOVE Kermit and the Muppets! Your posts are always so great!

  8. I haven't seen the whole video in quite awhile. I have however seen parts of it in the Ford commercials that are on tv. Good post for this weeks meme.

  9. I'll welcome the rain, too, since it will melt all of this snow quicker.