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This is my antique commode and antique wash stand. The bars to the left and right of the commode are towel holders. There is a shelf on the underside. And above the commode is a mirrored unit with candle holders on each side for lighting in the olden days. I got this at an estate sale auction. I recall the whole unit was less than $10 cost to me. [this was long before antiques came into 'vogue', and becoming costly purchases.]

When I went to pick it up after bidding on it, and load it in the truck, I noticed inside the pitcher was an unwrapped bar of soap. After I got home with my 'find', I fell in love with the soap, actually, 'cause I had never seen anything like it. Shaped like a cameo. It's darkened with age, and the fragrance has long gone. But I vowed never to use it. And *knock wood* it's not been chipped or broken all these years.

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    Sure God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece.
    ~Author Unknown


  1. Good Evening/Morning Anni,
    Ohmygosh, I so love your Antique Commode and Wash Stand. It is so beautiful. I do love the colors of it. And the bar of soap is so very authentic. I have never seen anything like it before either. My Mom has one of those bowls and pitchers in one of her bedrooms but it's a different color. I'm going to have to be on the lookout for one now when Yard Sale Season starts up. It should start sometime next month. "THANK YOU" for sharing it with us. I must say you got a great steal on it. I enjoyed the Friday Fixin's on Tulips. I do love Tulips but have never grown them. I am just in awe how beautiful they are tho. The Phriday Phavorite Photo Phun of your Precious Grandson is so priceless. I do love the Sweatsuit he has on and it looks very nice on him. He is one Precious Little Man. I know you are very proud of him. I love the little saying at the end about Man. LOL. So funny, but yet so true huh? LOL. I'm not sure if I will do a Phriday Phavorite Photo Phun just yet. I may wait till I get my new camera and have better pictures. I'm hoping to get it sometime next week. I don't really have alot of pictures to show right now, but I might be able to come up with something. You can check in with me in the morning to see if I did it or not. Take care my friend and have a great evening/day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.
    P.S. I have never made Hamburger Helper in a Slow Cooker either. LOL. I just made it up and I figured you could do it that way. LOL. Ain't I clever. LOL. NOT.

  2. oh tulips!
    I SHOULD have some growing everywhere . . .

  3. I love your antique..and the soap was definitely a treasure to find!! thanks for the tulip tip..I had never heard that! Your gradson is adorabale!!

  4. Anni,

    You antique commode and washstand is awesome. I love antiques and wish I had more money so I could buy more. My house would be antiques from one end to the other. In fact, my house is an antique but I don't have a lot of antiques in it. LOL

    Love the photo of your grandson. What a cutie and I agree that God made a rough draft when he created man first.

    Thanks for the wonderful visit. I will be AWOL tomorrow. I'm watching Griffyn for Melissa to go to a funeral and then taking her home. It's a full day tomorrow. I may get a little time in the afternoon.

    Just wanted you to know that all is well. Michelle is coming along nicely.

    Blessings and love,

  5. Your grandson is adorable!!!

  6. Love your show and tell. I showed my bowl and pitcher last week, but mine didn't come with a pretty soap like yours.
    I love your Friday's Fixin's.

  7. Hi, Anni - glad you came on over today. I love your treasures today - especially the soap! We have lots of tulips in our yard and can't wait for them to show their faces - but they DO droop after awhile. I'll have to make a copy of that tip!

    I decided to reveal my home town right after Valentine's Day - if you go back a few days, you'll be able to read about it, if you wish. It's on my sidebar called "Tale of Two Towns." Also - I've been seeing the Blogoholics Anonymous graphic on lots of sidebars lately. When I had been blogging for 3 months, on September 13, 2006, I believe, I did a post on that very subject. I may have to re-run that one!

    Have a great week-end!

  8. Hi! returning the compliment by visiting your blog! I love old china, and old furniture, so much nicer than most new stuff!
    Leanne x

  9. You have a great site and thanks for visiting mine! What a gorgeous grandson you have - he has a cheeky face : ) I will try and remember the tulip tip - does it work with any other flowers too? My late m-in-law used to trim the base of the cut flowers every couple of days, to help them last longer.

    We bought just about all our furniture from auction. Some of it old rather than antique, but it has such character. I loved your antique commode and washstand too. I guess someone else also thought that bar of soap was too precious to ever use.

  10. Unfortunately I can't see the commode very well but wash stand is very beautiful ! Imagine if we still had to wash ourselves in that, lol ! I remember when I was little my grandma still had one in her bedroom and used it ! There was no bath in her flat and each saturday we went to the public bath ! That must have been just after the war. Your grandson looks so cute in his yellow outfit !

  11. Your grandson is so very cute.

  12. The flow blue pitcher and bowl are GORGEOUS, no telling WHAT they are worth - far more than the original 10 bucks. I love cameos too. Very pretty soap - Jennifer

  13. Your grandson is sure a cutie but now i expect he is all grown up! Mine are about getting that way sad! i loved your find today...very pretty!! I am packing for us to leave tomorrow. Laptop i going along so I will try to check up with you when I can. Going to the cold Illinois territory!! Smile. Ugh.not looking forward to that LONG drive...Sandy

  14. Hi Anni, What a real bargain you found on your wash stand and the bowl and pitcher. It is hard to believe the bar of soap would last so long with it's beauty intact.

    I will surely try the tulip trick...if it ever stops snowing and my tulips have a chance to emerge from the frozen tundra...LOL

    Your Grandson was an adorable baby! Have a fabulous friday!! BTW, no rush you have 365 days you know! HUGS!

  15. I LOVE the whole idea of having awashstand when we finally go to having a guest bedroom (our kids are almost grown and gone, not quite!) Yours, is beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Going to the re-enactments was such fun! I tried to get my Hub, whose hobby is photography, to consider getting into the old time photography and going to the re-enactments, a la "Matthew Brady". Unfortunately it is VERY expensive!

  16. Hello, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    I love your Show and Tell. Love the colours of that wash pitcher and bowl, just beautiful. The soap is pretty awesome too. Nice stuff.

  17. Beautiful antiques! I like the bar of soap too! My grandmother had a flow blue pitcher and bowl similar to yours, I don't know who got that, but wish it had been me!


    Cutie grandson too!

  18. That was a great find--et hem--I thought antiques were always in style--My mom and I loved going to the antique stores when I was a tot. But as you say--things have really gone up in price. Cute pic of the grandbaby too--I am wondering how old he is not. Man--you have a lot going on on your blog!!!! (do you live, perchance, in front of your computer? lol)

  19. The stand is lovely.

  20. your site is soooo mawmaw(grandmother for anyone that doesnt speak southern)had one very the way, your grandson is a cutie pie....i hope and pray that your son is doing good in japan, my brother( a fellow marine) and his family are stationed in japan as well...

  21. This is beautiful! My mother in law has made many ceramic reproductions for friends and family because they are so popular. I love the soap too!

  22. Anni, the commode and wash stand are beautiful! You were very lucky to have gotten it when people didn't realize the value... What an adorable grandson! :D

  23. Great SHow & Tell- very cute grandson! *U*
    Thanks for visitng...I see you have done some work on your blog- nice!

  24. This is so pretty! And in great condition, too!! What a treasure! My favorite, though, is the soap!! I have never thought of "antique" soap and it hadn't crossed my mind that the smell would fade! How interesting!!!

    Mrs. U

  25. What a beautiful commode! Love the color. The soap is certainly unique! Can't believe you've kept it is such good shape! Great post!

  26. This was a great find. The beautiful bar of soap was a nice surprise for you. I love all your little Hootin' Annie pictures. They're so cute.

  27. whirlwind2/29/2008

    So pretty. The blue pitcher & bowl are so beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  28. What wonderful and pretty treasures.
    This is the first time I have been to your blog and I have to tell
    you it is delightful and so much fun.


  29. I think i finally have figured out how to leave a comment!!!!!I love your stand very very pretty!!!!

  30. Beautiful and the soap is really special.

  31. I especially like the beautiful soap. thanks for your visit to my blog! I always enjoy coming to visit

  32. Thanks for stopping by the other day. You've got quite a bit going on over here! I'm looking for a TT banner that is based on food. Know of any good ones?

  33. I used to have one like that. It belonged to my grandmother but my boys broke it when they were little. That soap is so cool. What a great hidden treasure!

  34. Your antique commode and wash stand are just beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen that design before. And that soap is so pretty.

    That's good to know about tulips. I love them except that they droop so soon.

  35. I have not seen to many of these.
    We never had many antiques in my
    moms house. About how old would this be?

  36. I love your water piture and basin. They are very pretty. The story about the soap is cool too! I thought it was ceramic when I first looked at it.

    :0) Sharon

  37. What beautiful treasures. I wouldn't use the soap either!

  38. Whew girl! Lots of birds with one stone! Love that soap! I am a nurse & came across a vintage 1940's 1st aid kit with all pieces intact. One day I caught my little looking for band-aids in it! Made me think that my kids would probably had a bubble bath with your beautiful bar of soap!

    You can pop over to my S&T at

  39. Anni, the pitcher and bowl is absolutely gorgeous and the bar of soap is so pretty! I would never use it either!