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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

What a wonderful, quiet, relaxing day we had yesterday. We didn't do any cleaning at all. We're both putting off the inevitable--the book shelves. Ugh! So, instead of toiling away, we kinda goofed off most of the day. It was a cold, miserable morning here - the low when I got up was 38° and it dropped a few degrees before the sun finally came out. Near noon!! Well, by that time since we didn't start any dusting, waxing jobs, I wanted to make a pot of chili and got that started in the morning in the slow cooker, and then we went to the store - always the grocery store. Just for a few items. Then very near to our Super Center we have a Jason's Deli...oh ya baby, and guess what? Yep, the usual. The sandwich and chips we always order. After that we came home [I didn't want my chili to scorch] and I started laundry. While the laundry was getting near done, my sweet cheeks, poor sap sucker, SOUL suggested we play some Gin Rummy. "Okay, if you insist on losing once again, my dear, I'll play."

He deals, we play the regular hands. Two threes of a kind, then a run and a three of a kind, the next hand being two runs, followed by three threes of a kind...etc. etc. etc. up until the last hand when you need three runs and NO discard.

GIN!!! Score: Bud OVER 100+ and Anni? 20 something!!! He never learns. But, hey....I'm not that humble. I always remind him that 'unlucky in cards, lucky in love'!!

I LOVE this game. hehehehe
Some day, I keep promising him, I'll teach him how to play to win. Some day!! I like to it may be that infamous cold day in hell when I do. :::snort:::



"Fairy tales can come true,
it can happen to you....
if you're young at heart."

And yes indeed, I flourish being young inside. I love being a kid. You should try it:
    Stop what you're doing and go pick some wildflowers.
    Look up in the sky and find objects in the clouds.
    Splash in a mud puddle...the shoes ruined mean nothing.
    Play with your pet.
    Forget that you have a responsibility of an adult for a few minutes.
    At the park...the swing has your name on it.
    Grab a scratch pad and doodle!
    Watch an old cartoon, and don't forget to giggle no matter how insane it is.
    Build a snowman, or fall into the snow and make a snow angel.
    Sit at the window and watch the birds nearby.
    Remember what your mom used to make that was your favorite? Make it!
    Don't fret about the calories---live!
    Sing a song.

There are so many things in life that are simple pleasures and they're right there for the asking. No cost, no harm....just fun for the young---


Mary says:
Please accept this award with the love and affection that it is presented with.
Love and blessings,

"...And if you should survive to 105
Look at all you'll derive out of being alive...
Then here is the best part
You have a head start
IF you are among the very young - at heart!"


Making a Band Meme...
Dear Melli had this meme tag that she did and she invited anyone to do the same if they wanted to. I thought I'd give it a go...

"To create a CD cover, this Band meme came originally from Mimi Writes, the meme queen and peace globe initiator.

Here's how it goes. You are about to have your own band's CD cover. Follow these directions to the letter. It's fun and requires no thought at all. Go to......


The first article title on the page is the name of our band.

[French Battleship]


The last four words of the very last quote is the title of our album.

"has forbidden to itself." [Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray]


The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover

4. Use whatever you want to make a nice cover and post the official result.

Here is my result:


Trust me, this is in no way posted in disrespect.
But, I failed to find anything really worthy this week of any newspaper items that weren't 'WAR' [or anything I could 'joke' about with the politic-season]. Except about the tax rebate planned for the Spring for us USA citizens. I'll believe it when I actually have my hot little hands on the check!!

Anyway, again, no disrespect, but the only good news I found was that my name was NOT in the obit column!!!




  1. Anni,

    What a wonderful post to read early this Sunday morning.

    Your chili sounds delicious. The only thing is, it's too far to drive to your house to have a bowl. LOL

    I love what you did with the award. I had forgotten all about the Young at Heart song. What fun! And there's no one that's more young at heart than you.

    I've sent you an email. I hope you enjoyed your brisk morning walk. Have a wonderful day.

    Oh, and my name isn't in the obits this morning either. Thank goodness. LOL

    Love and blessings,

  2. Your CD cover came out great ! It is amazing what everybody did with this meme I had a look on Mimi's blog and find the covers better then the once you find in the shops !
    I just learned something ! I always thought you were behind my hours and just stated that's already past 8 pm and here it is past 3 pm ! I wondered that you talked about a "passed" Sunday and thought you cheated, lol ! I did my laundry too today, i.e. I sit at my computer and when it's over I take it out put it in the dryer, sit at my computer then take it out fold it and hop in the wardrobe. When I think how my Grandma suffered at "laundry" days !!
    We have warm weather for January 12° (53) ! It rains and it's stormy. It's almost like in summer !

  3. Sometimes I have potatoes on my eyes ! I always look up the time here :, it's very interesting and you can see the time of the whole world.
    Of course I looked up Houston/Texas and read 8 but forgot to look at am or pm, lol !

  4. Absolutely Love it...Young at heart, the movie and the song. It is one of those that you can't get out of your head, once you start singing it. "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men" Congrats on the lovely award. BTW, the lasgna is almost better warmed over! YUM!

  5. Good morning dearest Anni:-)

    Yup, it's finally me coming by for a long overdue visit...last night I was all set to spend the whole evening visiting everyone and guess what...cable went down! Grrrrr! It didn't come back up until about 15 minutes ago so over 14 hours with no internet. Gasp!!

    I've also been so busy with the computer room...remind me never to take on such a project again! lol After lunch I'll start painting the ceiling...I just finished washing down all the walls after the holes were patched up and sanded. I think my arm is going to fall off! lol

    I've so enjoyed catching up on your last few posts...always a pleasure to read. And, oh my, you even passed an award on to me!! Thank you soooo much dear Anni, you'll never know how much these awards mean to me, not because they're awards but because it means someone truly does enjoy my blog:-) That really means the world to me.

    It's -17 F here right now...that's what I call "stupid" cold! Too cold even for this northern Ontario gal! lol I won't call you a wuss for saying that 30 F is cold because I know you're not used to these kind of temps!! hehe Let's all get into a big group hug and keep each other warm:-)

    Love your Valentine decor on here...I'll need to work on mine to change the background and such but just too busy right now. Know that I'm thinking of you!!! Love ya lots! xoxo

  6. I was following links on various blogs and ended up here. Love you page and I really love the Robert Frost poem. I was never into poetry but I remember learning that one and it always stuck with me and I still quote it randomly today.

  7. Oooooo I LOVE Gin Rummy! I taught my kids to play when they were about 4 years old - that is one of the games we used to sit around playing all.summer.long! LOVE it!!! Poor Bud!

    I love your album cover too! It all worked together in a way too... battleship... water... and MUCH can be read into that quote! :)

  8. You will be forever young at heart dear. My husband and I love to play rummy, and I always win. Bless his little loser heart, lol

  9. Hey, I got the award from Tammy. And your list of things to do. I love all of them. Don't you love blowing bubbles. Having a grandchild keeps you young at heart.
    We've been enjoying the warm house while it is 32 degrees outside. I don't know how you folks up North stand it. Must be thicker blood or something.
    Praise be to His name for the warmth inside!
    Mama Bear

  10. I hate not being able to see you in my google reader anymore. Guess I should try re-adding you again. I love your ideas about staying young but i already do a lot of those things. I love to color and love to swing for sure. So much fun!! Hope you had a great weekend. Sandy

  11. Ah, Anni, both our teams lost. Who the heck are we gonna root for now?????