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Show and Tell


My Show N Tell this week is a magazine. It's not just a magazine...there are two. Of the same subject but both covers are opposite one another. On purpose. The publishing date/info is LIFE magazine. December 1986...some twenty two years ago. I happened to buy one back then because I'm a huge Paul Newman fan. I've never been very awestruck with the little punky dude next to him for the cover photo...but, the movie was the new story of an old story. It was about "The Hustler" [c. 1960-61] which introduced me to Paul Newman in the 'young guy' character that Tom Cruise would play in the 'new movie'. Now the tables have turned and he's the old guy teaching the young soon-to-be pool shark.

But, thing is, when I bought it...I was hungering for a good interview inside. As I turned the pages I noticed the editor's note inside the cover [2nd photo down] states:
"Either Way, one of them had to wind up upside down"...

Then goes on to read:
"You are holding in your hands a unique copy of "LIFE". For the first time in a half century of publishing, there are TWO versions of a single issue." And so the editorial continues...reading that Tom Cruise fans would not want him upside down....nor would the Paul Newman fans want Mr. Newman upside down....for the solution, the company divided the United States...the eastern half would get 'version b' which has Paul Newman rightside up. The western half of the USA would get 'version a' -Tom Cruise with him rightside up. Well, when I read that...[we being on the western side, we got the cover with Tom Cruise rightside up].....I immediately got on the phone and called a friend of mine that lives in Chicago [still does] and asked her to go to the newstand and pick up a December issue of Life and send it to me. She did....I have 'em both!! I'm sure it's a collectors' item now since I've never seen anything done like it since. And, it's my understanding that they 'sold out' of copies nationwide in just days.

[it was to promote the new movie "Color of Money"..photoshoot done at Mr. Newman's Connecticut home.]

~...end Show N Tell



One frosty, and very cold winter's afternoon in Colorado, the kids weren't in school because of the snowy and icy road conditions that morning, so, we were outside, playing. We lived in the foothills north of Denver. Actually getting glimpses now and then of these solitary, mostly hidden birds was often along the mountain range. It really wasn't much of a 'surprise' to see them flying above us on any given day. But, for some reason --perhaps it was the kids screaming with delight in our snow playing and snowballing, that this particular one had to come down from his soaring, right above us, to check out what all the ruckus was about ----

This, one of my PHAVORITE PHOTOS, is of a bald eagle. Perched in one of our front yard trees. Just below it were both kids - amazing that it would land so close to a human!!!! And what's more amazing is that this ol' girl got such a clear, good shot...I was shivering from the cold and the excitment of seeing one come to us so close and personal.


For this week's Friday's Fixins'----

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  1. Anni,
    Very interesting! I must have missed that issue....

    What a great picture of the Bald did good...

    I'll look forward to reading your blessings.....Betty

  2. Good Morning Anni,
    Well now, looks like you do have quite a collector's item there. That is so neat for the same article in the same magazine to be divided in parts like that. I bet those magazines will be worth some money one of those days. I remember the days of when Tom Cruise was a heart throb. Oh he is still good looking and all, but his newness has worn off now. LOL. Paul Newman has always been handsome as well. I have my Phriday's Phavorite Photo Phun posted as well. I do hope you will stop by and see it when you have time. I can't believe that a Bald Eagle was still sitting in the tree with the kids down below and that you were able to get such a close up picture of it. He must of been one of those Photogenic Bald Eagles. LOL. "THANK YOU" for sharing your Phriday's Phavorite Photo Phun and you Show & Tell Friday with us. I really enjoyed it. It is bitterly cold again there this morning. It is 19 degrees with a windchill of 6 degrees. Way to cold for me now. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  3. Very interesting post dear. I have always liked paul newman. The picture of the bald eagle is awesome.

  4. Thank you for stopping by my show & tell! I didn't remember that magazine issue, thanks for sharing. I also love the eagle photo.

    Have a great day.

  5. Anonymous1/25/2008

    Neat post. Thanks for sharing.

  6. i have always wanted to see a bald eagle like that in the wild!! What a shot!! I would have been so happy to see that and happy that I was actually getting a picture too. Beautiful. Today is Mike and my 44th wedding anniversary...Can you believe..I know that i can't. it has gone by so very quick. Sandy

  7. My mouth is still open, fortunately there are no flies in winter ! I am sooo surprised that Tom Cruise existed already !! I had never heard of him at that time, he probably was unknown here in Europe. Paul Newman also counted amongst my favourites, lol !

  8. How cool is that???!!!!

    And I love the bald eagle photo!



  9. Wow Anni, that is so cool that you got a copy of both those issues. I never was aware of these. Of course I had just delivered my last baby and was out of the mainstream for a while. The photo of the eagle is amazing!!!

  10. Good morning dear Anni:-)

    Wow, how very lucky you are to have those two versions of that Life magazine...that was smart thinking to have your friend send you the other version from the one you had!! It would certainly be fun to find out how much they're worth right now to a collector. I've always loved Paul Newman and was so thrilled a few years ago when I mailed him a photo to autograph, and he did:-) He's still so handsome today!! As for Tom Cruise, never really been a fan of his.

    Love that photo of the you say, it's surprising it landed while children were nearby like that. We don't see bald eagles here in Northern Ontario.

    Have a great weekend dear friend!! Love ya! xoxo

  11. Wow, these magazines seem to be real treasures, lucky you!

    Best wishes from Germany, Anita

  12. Paul Newman looks good no matter what direction he is! I am not a big Tom Cruise fan, but I do appreciate some of his qualities (eyes) :0)

    Have a great weekend!


  13. I'm a Newman fan too! MMMMMM! Enjoyed your S&T! I re-posted mine since I couldn't get it to work last night. Please return!


    P.S. - You blog is always decorated so pretty for the holidays!

  14. Anni,

    Your Life magazines would certainly be a collector's treasure. You're lucky to have got your hands on both copies.

    Love your photo of the bald eagle. We actually saw one on our way home from Florida. He was gliding on the wind currents. We also saw one by the side of the road. I guess it had been killed by a car. Very sad. They are such beautiful birds.

    Your tip about taking the silk off of corn is terrific. It can also be easily removed by holding the cob of corn under the tap and running your hand from the pointed end of the ear to the large end.

    Take care and have a great weekend.


  15. Anni, this was a wonderful show and tell. I wonder how rare it is to have the set. I especially like the bottom photo of both of them biting a knuckle. Really cute. Your quote here on the comment page is very dear to me. I have alittle plaque given to me by my husband nearly 40 years ago which bears the same quote. Mine ends "time is not." I wonder which one is true to the original. I'll have to look it up or it will keep me awake tonight.

  16. What a neat Show & Tell Anni!!! I so appreciate your sharing this story with us. Good for you to think of calling the friend and getting both copies. I'm sure they have to be a collectors item.

  17. How neat! I'm glad you were able to get both copies. I'm sure those are collector's items now.

    Thanks for the tip about corn silk. I always have a hard time getting it all off.

    That's neat about the eagle. Once I was looking out my kitchen window at my kids and the neighbor's kids playing, and all of a sudden an owl came flying out of the trees behind us, landed on a branch, looked at the kids for a minute (probably trying to see what all the noise was about) and then flew off. It was so quick I wouldn't have even been able to get to a camera. It was a special moment.

  18. What an interesting set of magazine covers! It's neat to see them side by side. I also love the picture of the eagle! :)

  19. nice catch! an interesting one... thanks for dropping and for the kind comment...

  20. Oh how time goes by!..but beautiful people become even more attractive!

  21. I had the hardest time trying to figure out how to leave a comment, but looks like I finally found it. Thanks for visiting my blog. The magazines are so interesting. Thanks for sharing them.

  22. Another Comment: I love your blog. It's so original.

  23. That was neat. Whenever I buy a magazine, I think about saving it and wonder, hmmm...LOL.


  24. hello Anni,

    I must agree that bald eagle photo is cool


  25. Ah, Paul Newman... I could live without Tom Cruise though. Great picture of the eagle!

  26. Hi Anni, I would put Paul Newman or Tom Cruise's shoes under my bed any time...I loved Paul Newman and he has been in some great movies....I used to like reading Life magazine....
    The bald eagle is amazing..a great shot.. thanks for sharing and visiting my place today..Hugs, baba

  27. Anni, I must apologize. For some reason, your posts don't show up in my reader so I have been missing you.

    I loved Paul Newman then and I love Paul Newman now. Darn that old Joanne Woodward anyway. Her and Katherine Ross!

    Oh, well, sorry I've been ignoring you and have a terrific weekend!

  28. the magazines are really cool. i'm not a keeper of much but it would be cool to have kept some of the stuff, that shows photos or fashion, from years past.

    i really enjoyed your photo of the bald eagle. too cool. as you know, i'm in the denver area. we used to live next to a reservoir and there were two that came to nest every winter. we could watch them through the binoculars but that's about as close as they would get. thanks for sharing this photo.

  29. What fun to have to such a collectable :-)

    Your so lucky to have seen/photographed a bald eagle. It does give you a feeling of witnessing "something special" doesn't it?

  30. What a treasure! How fun to have.

  31. Wow! That is certainly a collectable. How special you have it. Thanks for sharing it and thanks for visiting my site.

  32. For some reason I cannot find the 'leave comment' button in your entry for photo hun so im leaving my comment here. =)

    Really fits the theme well, your mom looks like Nicole Kidman!

    Happy weekend!

  33. What a great show and tell! The magazines are really interesting.

  34. That is so neat, Anni! I'm so glad you were able to get a copy of each one!