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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


~end Wordless....


Our New Year's Day was a very relaxing one for sure. Just the kind of days I'm beginning to enjoy any more! Most of the day was spent in front of the TV, watching a marathon of Monk on USA. It's okay, nothing exciting, but we both wanted a quiet day...lounging in front of the TV seemed like a good idea at the time. But, I soon got bored. And I have vowed now, for about a couple of months, to not sit at the computer very long. Sometimes, I would spend HOURS sitting. Well, not any more. Like I said I got bored, so I started cooking. And first things first, dessert. I made us a small dish of cherry crisp. The recipe is easy...CANNED pie filling. LOL and then I just mixed up a small amount of oatmeal, brown sugar, cinnamon, flour and butter. Patted it in a pie dish and popped in into the oven 'til all hot and bubbly. We reheated it for dinner and topped it with soft serve ice cream.

While that was baking, we both snacked on summer sausage cold cuts and extra sharp cheddar cheese slices in crackers and I drank a diet root beer [no sugar, no calories, and most of all NO caffeine!] while hubby had a Miller's Chill.

After snacking, and the cherry crisp was done, I started making some Spanish Rice for our evening's side dish. We had Mexican food and a tossed salad. With cilantro salsa and warmed corn tortilla chips. Nope, no traditional black-eyed peas for us this year. Guess you can say we broke tradition this year. Maybe that'll be an omen for a non-traditional year ahead.

It started off very cloudy, windy and chilly New Year's Day...but it soon turned out very clear and sunny. A most gorgeous day...being that there was no cloud cover to protect got mighty cold at night and it's predicted to get around 28 degrees for a low tonight!!! But it IS winter, and there is NO snow, so I'm happy without the white stuff!! I'm too old to enjoy that.........


....did someone say older?

There were two old fellows who were chatting. Suddenly one of them asked, "What in the world is that sticking out of your right ear?" The other, with a puzzled look, said, "I don't know", and reached up pulling out the object, then exclaimed, "My word, a suppository!" Then he slapped his forehead and excitedly declared, "Now I know what I did with my hearing aid."


A preacher visits an elderly woman for his congregation. As he sits on the couch he notices a large bowl of peanuts on the coffee table. "Mind if I have a few" he asks. "Not at all" the woman replied. They chat for an hour and as the preacher stands to leave, he realizes that instead of eating just a few peanuts, he emptied most of the bowl. "I'm totally sorry for eating all your peanuts, I really meant to eat few." "Oh that's all right" the woman says. "Ever since I lost my teeth, all I can do is suck the chocolate off them."


  1. * *My W W is just a special teddy bear I received when I was in the hospital for heart problems about 12 years ago....he was shipped to me and delivered to my hospital bed ---all the way from Colorado!!

  2. Happy New Year, Anni!
    I wish my teddy bears were well kept as the one you have here :)

  3. lol @ the preacher and the peanuts joke, Annie ;~)

    Love the teddy bear!

  4. Do you start a Teddy bear collection now, lol ?

  5. What a beautiful bear. God bless your New Year, Anni!

  6. That bear is a great friend it seems, Anni :)

    Happy New Year and Happy New WW!


    P.s.: since you like it so much, I have added you to the list of bloggers that are a "Little Nutty". Enjoy! :))

  7. Good Morning Anni,
    Wow, your Cherry Crisp looks yummy. You got any left? LOL. It would go right good with my cup of coffee this morning. LOL. It is hard to get away from the computer huh? I have found myself doing that. I guess I need to get away from it once in a while and do something else. I loved the jokes. Hubby is sitting here waiting on his Uncle and I read them both to him. He loved them too. "THANK YOU" for sharing them with us as well as your Cherry Crisp. Since your in a cooking mood, why don't you make something and have it as a Giveaway? LOL. Hey, I love Diet Caffeine Free Root Beer as well. We stuck with the tradition again this year. But your meal you had sounds yummy tho. It is a cold morning here as well. It is 20 degrees with a windchill of 12 degrees. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. Are you starting a Teddy Bear Collection now? They will look right purty with all your Santa's this coming Christmas.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  8. Anni,

    Hope all is well with you. I did make a post on Dec 31st and another this morning. Happy 2008 to you.

    Love and blessings,

  9. What a cute Teddy. I love the jokes too. Happy WW and a very happy New Year

  10. The person that sent ya the bear was very sweet. Cheers to the new year 2008!
    p/s: anymore cherry crisp?
    It's not a Weekend;It's a Lifestyle

  11. Thanks for dropping in to say hello...I am in love with this teddy bear, all the more so because it has special value and meaning to you. We are never too young to have a teddy bear..I was given a leather teddy bear for Christmas..meant to be a doorstop and while my children laughed (being 16 & 19), it made me feel like a child again.

    Your mexican meal and the cherry crisp have made me hungry and I just ate yogurt, granola and blackberries....I'm thinking Mexican is a good bet for my dinner tonight!!!

    All the very best to you as this new year gets underway!

    BTW...I love this e.e. cummings quote...wonderful!!!

  12. The bear is great. Looks like my kind of day you had on New Years. Happy 2008!

  13. That's a beautiful teddy bear! I use to have one that was 4 foot tall but it burned in a fire. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Thanks for stopping over to visit my blog during the Christmas Tour of Homes. I hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  15. We watched several Monk episodes yesterday as well. The teddy bear is adorable. Happy New Year!!!

  16. Happy New year to You Anni You cherry crisp looks ohh so yummy..your Teddy bear still in good shape, you did a good job takin care of it..;)
    wishing the best this year! :)
    MIne is here

  17. oh, that cherry crisp looks yummy...happy wednesday!

  18. What a sweet bear! And a special memory, too.

    I have never had black-eyed peas. You think eating them would help my year? LOL I'm hoping this is the year for some fixing around here.

  19. Good Morning is cold here too plus the wind in blowing and of course that does not help. Had to go get my hair cut this morning and then I work this afternoon. Curves has air conditioning all of the time so I will have to wear something warm.
    hope your day goes great..Sandy

  20. OH...a great memory of a kind, and thoughtful sender. I hope the surgery was a success 12 years ago.

    Happy WW~

  21. Nice jokes! Happy new year 2008 and for the years to come!

  22. Happy New Years!

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Happy WW!

  23. Great blog today - Wish I was there to eat the cheddar cheese with you - I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVe cheddar cheese!!
    good jokes too.
    Thank goodness I don't wear a hearing aid, yet!! :)

  24. mrs. mustard1/02/2008

    First visit here, and I have to tell you that I love your header! And I really did not know the official definition of a hootenanny until I came here.
    Very cool stuff.

  25. Hi Annie,
    I kept seeing your comments on Karen's blog and you always have such a great sense of humor. I thought I'd pop over and visit you. I love your blog! You have one of my favorite Robert Frost poems on your sidebar!!

    I'm gonna go read more on your site. I'm sure I'll be back here!! :)


  26. Anni, thanks for the jokes and the cherry crisp and the relaxing day in front of the TV...great way to start off the new year! :)

  27. I've always been fond of teddy bears. I have three that sit in my room at all times.

    That pie does look good but I can't eat cooked fruit for some reason. That doesn't stop me from attacking the crust though!!

    Ouch! and ew, ew, ew, ew!!!

  28. great shots! The cherry crisp looks so good, I made apple crisp for dessert ;) Thanks for dropping by

  29. That cherry crisp is making me hungry, lol. It looks so yummy. Happy WW.

  30. I like your teddy. I saw it on your sidebar, so I also wanted to know what you think about Rhett's People?? I'm about 3/4 of the way done with it.

  31. Haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa! Love your jokes.

  32. That's a lovely bear - I bet he helped keep your spirits up.

    Happy New Year!

    My WW pics are up at Siani's Pot-Pourri.

  33. That bear is very cute ... but that cherry crisp looks super yummy!!! Happy New Year! :)

  34. Nice Teddy and hillarious peanut joke

  35. I got a teddy bear when I had lung surgery too. I don't have mine anymore though but I was supposed to hold him when I coughed and I had to cough so many times a day.

  36. Love your bear. Glad you had a relaxing New Year. I love Monk!
    You are just a Hoot! Love it!
    That cherry crisp sounds and looks YUMMY!!!!!

  37. Sounds like you great New Years!! Nice and quiet! Your menu sounds so good! Love your bear!
    I have one more Christmas Party to go to tonight and then we wiil be done!! I think I am almost Chrismased (it that a word) out!!
    I am ready for us to take down everything for another year.
    I don't know when we will get this done... My daughter Carrie picked up a bug and is real sick tonight
    Love and Hugs Carolyn