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More seafaring stuff again this week. This time the theme is carried out from the computer room into the dining area and the kitchen:

More or less, this is really for hubby. He is the one that snacks on cookies and heavily seasons his food since I stopped cooking with salt. LOL As you can see, it's a lighthouse cookie jar with matching salt and pepper shakers.

After we moved to the coast, I made this little key holder and a couple of hooks for my eye glasses. I can't drive without prescription lenses [or so my driver's license states], so this little project is hanging right by the exit door to the garage and the car!! Everything I need is right at my fingertips. Keys & glasses.

There is an open counter trimmed in mahogany wood that separates the kitchen from the dining room. Atop this counter is part of my blown glass dolphins. Some, I bought, others were given to me as gifts.

This one is the newest. I love it because of the colors in the glass. It's smaller than some, but oh so much prettier!! It too was a gift from hubby.

Hubby and I both fell in love with this dude, a carved wooden captain...the 'old salt' that he is! And he fit right in. He made himself at home on the dining room/ kitchen ledge. And placed between two wooden support beams. Ahoy there, matey!!!

And lastly, these are perched out of the way for now...but they do come down when and if we dine at the table [hehehehe, these days we're eating mostly off the TV trays watching a movie in the living room]. I made these candle holders. They were unfinished lighthouses of wood with a metal light top. Tho, they originally had a handle at the top, I had my dear man cut those off and drill holes at the top for a candle taper to fit there. I painted them white and black with a red 'bricked' foundation and glued a small clear light bulb in the center [inside the 'tower'] and now use them as candle holders for the nautical theme that dominates three rooms of our home. Oh, and the guy in the center is a bobble headed pirate.


~My Friday's Fixins'

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  1. I love dolphins, I collect them. Thanks for the pancake tip.

  2. Good Mornin' Anni,
    Well crap, I had just left a comment and I guess I hit a wrong button and then it was gone. I'm having to start over now. Dadburnit. LOL. I hate when that happens. Makes me want to say one of them thar bad words. LOL. I love your Lighthouse Cookie Jar and Salt & Pepper Shakers. Those are beautiful. I have never seen anything like those before. I love the Lighthouse you have sitting at your back door that holds your keys and glasses as well. I like your Wooden Captain too. I've never seen anything like that either. Your Dolphin collection is gorgeous. I have a Dolphin thingy my DH bought me out on the road a couple of years ago. It lights up. Hmmmm, I may have to use that for a Show & Tell Friday one day. "THANK YOU" for reminding me of that. There is a little funny story behind it as well. I may just do that next Friday. My Sister has one of her Bathrooms done in Dolphins. But she's not going to get my Dolphin thingy. LOL. I can't even remember what it's called. That's bad now huh? LOL. I really love the Lighthouse Candle Holders you made. I bet they look really good lit up at night. "THANK YOU" for sharing your Show & Tell Friday with us. I enjoyed it very much. I didn't do the regular Show & Tell Friday, but I did do a quick Phriday Phavorite Photo Phun. I have it up. Since there are no rules, and it's not explicit either, LOL, I just put up a little something. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.
    P.S. "THANKS" for the Pancake tip. It's been a long time since I've fixed Pancakes, but maybe I will have to try and make some soon.

  3. Anni,
    I like all your nautical things and your dolphins are gorgeous.....

    Have a blessed weekend...Betty

  4. Anonymous1/18/2008

    Hi Anni, Lovely things,thanks for visiting and commenting at my blog.

  5. Love the dolphins. My husband got my daughter one similar--a blown glass one that He purchased on a trip to Italy. Then He got her one from Beleize (sp?) made of a special wood---both are beautiful. I love your lighthouse key chain thing--great idea.

  6. The dolphins are very pretty and the old captain too cute. Around Venice you can buy a lot of wonderful glass things, I have a few cats like this in all sizes. I even could watch how it was done in an art glass factory near Venice.
    BTW the little link thing is exactly the same as Mr. Linky. I had to use it because 1. there is no Mr. Linky for Show and Tell and second you are only allowed to use one Mr. Linky per day.

  7. thanks for visiting my blog! I will have to swing back to see more of yours when I have some time, you have so much going on. I love those lighthouses.

  8. Hey There,
    It's so much fun coming by to visit. I love the dolphins. I'm originally from the gulf coast so they make me think of sweet home Alabama. Pretty! But what I dearly love is the post about your grandson. Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Cookie Sunshine

  9. You know I always visit to see your Show & Tell Anni!!! Love this quote by E. E. Cummings. So true. The Bible tells us to love others as we love ourselves and we can't do that unless we know how valuable we have been made in Christ.

    Love your show & tell. It's so nice you made some of these. I've never seen a lighthouse cookie jar before.

  10. What wonderful seafarin treasures you have Anni. The colors in the glass dolphin are pretty. Thanks for showing and telling. Love the key and glass hanger close to the garage!

  11. I love dolphins, too! I have pictures of some in the ocean when I visited Hilton Head Island many years ago!

    I also enjoy lighthouses! You have quite a collection! Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog!

    Enjoy your weekend,

  12. Anni,

    I love your show and tell this week. You did a great job on your creations and I love the old salt. Your hand blown dolphins are beautiful. Michelle (daughter) loves dolphins and she has collected quite a few. The boys and I bought her a lighthouse one year for Mother's Day. It lights up and has a fog horn.

    I certainly enjoyed your show and tell this week. Thanks so much for sharing. I wish you and your hubby a great weekend.


  13. Nice collection of lighthouses and dolphins! I also enjoyed the sweet story about your grandson!


  14. Your sea side collection reminds me of childhood trips to the sea.
    Thanks for sharing (and for stopping by my show and tell, too).

  15. I love your sea-themed things. What treasures. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my site.

  16. They're all neat, but I love the little captain and colorful dolphin and those neat candle holders you made.

  17. I wish I could swim with dolphins

  18. First of all I want to say that I love your new look! I love the darling little ducky Valentine! Super cute!

    Your show and tell items are wonderful and so appropriate for living near the sea, I like the way you display them too!

    Hugs, Sharon

  19. Anni, love seafaring collections especially the dolphins! Lovely!

    My Show and Tell is up at Work of the Poet

  20. You have some lovely items! I especially like the blow glass dolphins. (o:


  21. Anonymous1/18/2008

    You have a great collection of nautical items. The cookie jar/salt and pepper shakers are really unique.
    I enjoyed the story about your grandsom and I too love that song.
    Kathy b

  22. What a great collection! I love all your nautical treasures!

  23. very nice nautical collection. We have our son's room decorated with similar items. very nice.

  24. Wow! I love your new page! It's so cheerful. I also think your sea theme is refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

    Also, I didn't have a show and tell this week, but I will next. Hugs, Kathi

  25. What wonderful collections, Anni! I love the beautiful dolphins and the cookie jar is too cute!
    Hope you are having a great weekend.