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Today, it's all about the senses ---

- - -
~The Winter Season~
In WINTER I hear...

The crackle of dead leaves beneath my feet as I walk.
The distant sound of birds singing.
The faint sound of traffic on the freeway.
The TV and football games.
The splash of the cold ocean waters hitting against the jetty.
The wind rustling through the hibernating trees.

- - -
~The Spring Season~
In SPRING I see...

New grass peeking out of the browned winter kill.
Flowers opening to beautiful blossoms.
Trees budding and blooming.
The Easter Bunny.
New fashions in department store windows.
Hatchlings searching for their mommas.

- - -
~The Summer Season~
In SUMMER I touch...

The velvet petals of a rose.
The handle of the lawn mower.
The rich soil as I plant seedlings.
The warm gulf water beneath my toes.
The soft, shifting sands on the shore.
The warm sun against by being.

- - -
~The Autumn Season~
In AUTUMN I smell...

Pumpkin Pie spice.
Turkey roasting.
Leaves decomposing.
Fireplace exhaust from the warming fires.
Pine needles on the forest floor.

I taste...

Crisp, right-from-the-tree fresh apples.
Homemade dressing.
Home baked pumpkin pie.
Turkey --for weeks.
Warm, fresh bread
Hot chocolate



This week: 10 Things That Were Better “Way Back When”

Now this took a lotta thought. I love things just the way they are, but I also like to reminisce of the bygone days and too, I have caught myself wishing things were better in days ahead. So, I sat down and pondered this for a goodly, most challenging! I'm gonna go back....way back to my early twenties and my teenaged school years!!! Back to the late 50's even------

1] Back when my kids were home...I would love to go back in time and still have my children small. Those were the good times...better for me, on the selfish side.

2] Back when my parents were alive...I could have another chance to say "I love you" to my folks...back then!! You know; when you're so wrapped up in yourself sometimes, the present [which would be years past for me, and your loved ones were actually THERE with you, you just didn't take the time to say things that you wish you could now? When it's too late.]

3] Back when there was a challenge & was a struggle. Ya, you read that right. There were times 'back when' that days were complete challenges and I learned from them. The 'good ol' days', I'm spoiled and I admit, too settled with the easy life.

4] Back when travel was simple....traveling by plane [our preference] wasn't too big a hassle! Come on ---go with me on this...taking your shoes off in an airport? Never heard of such a thing back when. And needing a passport to cross the borders for just a day or two? Nope, that's not for me. Travel, back when ---much simpler and less stressful.

5] Back when I burned energy...I remember the days 'back when' I could eat anything and any amount and it wouldn't put weight on me. Hmmmmmmm, what happened? Guess I need to go out a play some hop scotch after lunch, and go bike riding 'til sunset!!!

6] Back when...I fell and scuffed my would heal all wounds!! Just a kiss on the cheek to dry my tears from the pain of it all. Back when it was a blessing to have a mom home 24/7!!! I pity the days today and the latch key kids!

7] Back when...the neighborhood kids actually got along and played in the streets without fear of 'predators' and drive by shootings and kidnapping and...well, you name it. Society has changed our kids...the society and the newfound joy of computers/video games is to blame for our over-weight youngsters.

8] Back when...there was no 'rating' for movies released. Now you have to have a PhD to figure out if what is shown to anyone is good for us. Movies were much more entertaining...back when!!! [Tho I must admit that today the 'action' IS better from back when, but the concept of ratings for progaming and movie-going for families of toddlers and pre-teens---wow!]

9] Back when...a long time ago, kids were challenged with physical participation in some it's more or less a computer class. Sure they still learn, and probably learn a great deal more than in my day in a shorter time period. But there is no 'remembering' of a special hands on segment of Math skills, or perhaps a Biology class where we actually went 'spelunking'....oh I still remember that, and oh how much I learned about rock formations and bat habitats...there's nothing like it much today. And I can remember it all as it were yesterday...the cold cave, the dampness, the stench, the continual 'drip drip dripping' of the water seeping through the earth...all so much better than just taking a biology class and watching VIDEOS of such an experience!!!

10] Back the 50's there were A&W Root Beer Stands, bebop hang outs with the 'cool kids', Cinnamon flavored toothpicks, Soda Stands found inside a Walgreens, 45rpms, after school dances, bonfires, boys that respected a girl for what she was instead of wanting to use their "Trojans" if you know what I mean, innocent slumber parties, chocolate milk shakes and fries, 1st loves, 1st kisses, ---all of these from my "Back When" are better than what it is today!!!


  1. Good Morning Annie,
    Well, we dodged the bullet again as the Weatherman just said. All we got was some rain here. I enjoyed reading your Heads or Tails. My favorite Seasons are Fall and Spring. I do like the Summer and Winter months as well, but Fall is my favorite. I enjoy watching the leaves fall off the trees and even the smell of burning leaves. I know that sounds strange, but I do enjoy that smell. You made me hungry by talking about what you smell in the fall. Now, my stomach is growling. LOL. I really enjoyed your 10 on Tuesday. Things sure has changed from back in the days. It's too fast paced now. We don't hardly stop to smell the flowers anymore. When I was in School, I remember going on Field Trips to different places. Now day, they don't go on Field Trips. If they do, it has to be Educational. I wish our girls were still babies sometimes. I do miss those days myself. I remember growing up and thinking my Parents didn't know a thing. Boy, was I ever wrong. After I got remarried and had my own kids, I realized that they were right all along. I remember when I had alot of energy as well. I do good just to get out of bed every day. LOL. I remember when I would get hurt and Momma and Daddy would make it all better. I do that to our girls sometimes even now. My DH blows Magic Dust on their booboo's. I also remember the days when the neighborhood kids would all play together and have so much fun. You sure can't hardly do that now. Too much wrong doings going on in this world today. I remember the days or Reading, Writing, and Arithmatic. If you could do those, then you were a good student. Now a days, all this math in Elementary School is way beyond me. In my hometown, there was a little Dairy Queen as we called it. All the teenagers would go and sit up there on the parking lot and just hang out. There is an A&W Root Beer Restaurant up in Jonesboro, AR. My Parents have taken our girls there a couple of times. I haven't been to it yet, but maybe I will go one of these days. Oh, the 45rpms, and 78's. I still have all of my records from back in the day. I also have all my Albums as well. I am ROFLMBO at the "Trojans". That is just too funny, but so true. This is a sick world we live in today. I agree, back in the day was alot better than today is. I do miss those days as well. "THANK YOU" Anni for this stroll down Memory Lane. I enjoyed it very much. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  2. Thanks for taking a stroll down memory lane, I miss the good ole days too.

  3. Hi Anni. I love the way you described each sense. I admire how you beautifully connected your experiences with each season.

  4. Hello there! Thanks for the comment you left in my blog.It made me smile and proud , good words coming from someone I look up to in the blogosphere.

    Believe me, it is nothing compared to your take on the theme.Great, great post.

    Thanks again.

  5. Hi! I was brought to seasons that are not here in our place reading your HoT entry.Thanks for sharing.

  6. You know, Annie, your five senses is a poem. Truly. And it made me crave spring returns quickly!

  7. Dear Anni ~ ~ I loved the senses of the seasons very much, thanks for sharing it. The good old days were the best weren't they in many ways?
    Take care, Love, Merle.

  8. GREAT POST Anni!! I loved it because it brought back many many memories of the old times when you could get on your bike in a small town and ride all day with your friend and never worry about a thing!! Your parents never worried about how long you were gone or really where you were. We showed up once in a while to say hi and then back out on our bikes or roller skates!! That time is now long gone. I loved your take on the seasons too..very good. Have a wonderful day, my friend, Sandy

  9. Great post...I loved your heads or tails...

  10. Love the poems and the ten steps down mermory lane.
    I love how you have done your page!

  11. I think Autumn is definitely my favorite. The best smells and tastes for sure!

  12. Your spring is very attractive :)

  13. The "seasons of your senses" so very well written! It is worthy of a poetry contest.

    Way back when...How I long for those days! Life was much more simple. I have always loved the 1930's and 40's. Hopscotch was a favorite and kisses really did make everything better. I would not want to be a kid today, so much more stress than we had. Have a grand day Anni!

  14. Good grief. I'm so emotional today! 2nd post of the day and I'm in tears again! You're writing was nice, the thoughts you have of the seasons and the memories were all so right on. The last comment is what really hit me. So much has changed, and time has always been a big thing to me. I focus on it regularly and have since I was about 6 (I even remember that first moment telling my mom how I felt like time was passing really quickly)! Have a great day, Anni! p.s. my man's company is called "A-Team." Every time I come to your page, I get a kick out of that "card" :)

  15. Ah, Anni, you brought back a lot of memories. I grew up in the same time era as you and those WERE the good old days.

    I remember car hops and drive-in movies. A&W drive-ins where car hops took your order and picked up your tray. It's sad those days are long gone.

    The boys do go on field trips. Michelle and I are feeling rather bad because Brandon was to go on a field trip to Ottawa on the 19th of Feb. Because he has Asperger's, his Mom has to go with him. That is the day that she is scheduled to have surgery, so he won't be able to go. Brandon doesn't show his emotions and says he's okay with it, but we think he is VERY disappointed. I'm trying to think of somewhere I can take him to kind of make up for it. So far I've not had any bright revelations.

    I loved this post. Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane.

    Love and blessings,

  16. Great take on the HoT today!! :-)

  17. PS. I just noticed your favorite commercial. I love it!

  18. Fantastic post Anni!

  19. What a beautiful post! I love your connections with the seasons. :)

  20. I like your seasons for the senses. Very nice & thought provoking. Summer is my favorite (sand & sun)
    Smells are great as well,
    flowers, hot chocolate. I think I'll go make some now! :D

  21. I loved experiencing the seasons through your five senses. Great Heads or Tails!

    I loved your 'back when' list, too.

  22. I love the creative way you've tied the senses in with the seasons. Great post. Happy Tuesday!

  23. Anonymous1/22/2008

    Your seasons of senses was fantastic! You really captured them so well! I agree with others that liken it to poetry....painting pictures in the mind! Just terrific! :)

  24. That was absolutely wonderful. Not only senses, but the seasons and how things change. I really enjoyed this one!

  25. Anonymous1/23/2008

    Sorry I'm so late in commenting! I have to steal away time to get to the computer....but I loved your HoT post...the velvet touch of roses, and all those smells had my mouth watering! Great job!