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The state of Texas is known for the breed of cattle; the Longhorns. Noted for the length of their horns, of course. Some can can reach the length of 120 inches I've read. Where the normal length would be 80 inches. I particularly like this sculpture of the Texas Longhorn Steer. It's a bronze work of art, and it sits outside the entrance of the local art museum. The breed AND this photo happens to be 'one of my phavorites', so I choose this for the week. To me it's like a sentinel, guarding us. And yet, still, at the same time, inviting us to witness some of the local Texas culture inside the doors. Tho, the breed is now ranched as a hybrid from the original [first cattle on the North American soil], it's still a kind that can thrive on the arid, dry ranchlands of Texas; the stock's longevity, resistance to disease and ability to thrive on marginal pastures astounds me; this farmer's granddaughter. Most now are just raised because of the connection to Texas's history.

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  1. Karen I took the Phriday's link and meme and moved it here...I know you left a comment below. Guess it was confusing to others, so I decided to keep this separate.


  2. Cool picture! And great info! Have a super weekend!

  3. My three year old is infatuated with Texas Longhorns.....even though we live in Michigan! Guess our Texas vacation last year is still fresh in his mind.

  4. I miss living in Texas - at least sometimes. And I miss the longhorn breed - but as a Texas Aggie, it's tough for me to be a FAN of "the Longhorns!"

  5. Hi Anni,
    A farmer in Southern Indiana has a herd of Longhorn Cattle. They are beautiful. I would like to join the Friday picture, but I do not own a camera. I think I will hint about one for Mother's Day. Have a great weekend.

    Love and Hug,

  6. This was neat! You have so much information! Were you a school teacher?? My whole family likes to read and take in information! If this makes us nerdy so be it!!! :) Hugs ,Carolyn