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Show and Tell

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For show n tell this week, I thought I'd share some of what surrounds me in my computer room. In way of wall decor. This one to the left is a print that reminds me of the snowy Mt. Sneffles area in Colorado, the San Juan Mountain Range in the Rocky Mountain region. It makes me think of 'home' and my youth. And the eagle was seen a lot in the mountainous areas where I grew up. Doesn't it look c-c-c-COLD there? In all actuality, the mountain range rarely is lacking snow year 'round. You should see the small mining town of Silverton, Colorado [just on the other side of Mt. Sneffles] ---there is only about a week or two in the summer that there is no snow seen. Well, maybe not. I bet in the shaded parts of the backwoods near the mine shafts, snow is still packed there. Cold, cold, cold. When in Silverton, if the temperature reaches mid 50's it's shorts and tank top weather to those acclimated to the high mountain air. And temps ranging in the mid 30's is more or less 'balmy'. I remember on 4th of July picnic in these mountains and we were eating fried chicken and potato salad while it was snowing quite heavily. "True"

Altho the mountain scene above is 'out of place' for the room's main "stage", I can't help but have that close to me. Most times, unless the door is closed it's not visible to the eye anyway.

Just a little behind me when I'm sitting at the computer, I have the infamous clipper ship "The Cutty Sark" picture framed.

Near the clipper ship is a lighthouse. This one definitely reminds me of Cape Hatteras lighthouse, tho, I'm not sure. It's not titled.

Directly behind my office chair, to my backside and also the wall to my back left and over my right shoulder, the walls are covered with bookshelves. There is hardly an open area for more.

Above the lighthouse paintings is a small boxed shelf of some of hubby's collection of mermaids and some of my glass dolphins. The shelf is small [thank goodness, or we'd have way too many to clean and dust!].

The shelf unit fits into the corner of the two walls. It seems like a special spot for the seafaring sailor my hubby once was. LOL

And, just above my computer monitor on a narrow section of wall aside the room's only window, I see my favorite pirate!!!

I think the Captain looks so much better in eye makeup than I do. That's unfair! But, I am very happy to have him watch over my 'ship' and I appreciate very much that dear hubby framed it for me! I certainly wouldn't mind having him commandeer my room and take me to sea. Savvy?


[graphic can be enlarged]


  1. Good Evening Anni,
    I love the pictures in your Computer Room. They are all just beautiful. I love the Mermaids and Dolphins as well. And I must say, your Pirate does wear eye make-up better than me because I don't even wear any. LOL. I loved what you said about him. I was like ROFLMBO. I love the Texas Steer there. I would love to go and just visit Texas and see alot of the cultures they have to offer. All the times I have been thru there is with DH in a big truck. You can't very well take a big truck down those side roads. Oh we have done it before because in San Antonio, we were sent to a place in the middle of the Tourist part of San Antonio. Let's just say it wasn't easy getting out of there. LOL. "THANK YOU" for sharing your Pictures with us and the Texas Steer. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours. Also, "THANKS" for the tip on how to get someone's URL on my page. I'll have to play with it sometime and see if I can get it to work.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  2. Aye matey, Captain Sparrow adorns my office wall, too. Wonderful computer room. Much better than mine. You've given me inspiration.

  3. How fun is that? To see the surroundings you see when you are posting! Cool Anni, that's a great idea.

  4. I just love how you're surrounded by things you love in your computer room!! It's the same in mine, most of my favourite stuff is in here:-) Not fair, though, you have Capt'n Jack Sparrow watching over you!!!! hehe xox

  5. Oh Anni, you have my favourite pirate giving you sultry looks in your computer room...sigh.

    I find it very interesting to see what people have in their gives an insight into the person and their family. If I were to visit you, I'd be checking out your bookshelves because I believe you can tell a lot about a person by their books.

    Great post, thank you.

  6. Good Morning Anni,
    I'm just dropping by to let you know that I have my Phriday Phavorite Photo Phun up. It's a little different and coincides with some Awards that I have receieved. I do hope you enjoy it and it's acceptable. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  7. Sorry Anni, I put my name up in Mr. Linky but I'm commenting on Show and tell...:( My office is filled with books too floor to ceiling! Love the Jphnny Depp I detecta seafaring theme? Of course! :)

  8. TEACH: Regarding the Mr.'s been fixed. No problem. :o)

  9. What a clever idea to show your surroundings when you are blogging! I love all your pictures and that they all mean so much to you. They say when decorating surround yourself with things that are either useful, meaningful or beautiful!

    Blessings, Sharon

  10. What a great computer room! I wish I had that kind of shelf space.

    Thanks for leaving the comment on my show & tell also. I don't know if we are 'related' or not, but it is too cool to see others pictures and wonder!

    Have a great weekend.

  11. Your hubby is collecting mermaids ? That's very original, usually they collect cars or stamps lol !
    I completely forgot about PHPHPHPH, so sorry will note it down for next Friday. I am busy with preparing a post for tomorrow about the Ice Sculptur Exhibition in Brugge where I have been on wednesday and there are lots of pictures to upload.
    I hope it's only the steers wearing long horns and not the men !

  12. I enjoyed seeing your computer room! And, I must agree that MR. J. DEPP is MY favorite anything!! I don't even care that I have shoes older than he is!! :)

  13. Your wall hangings are all very nice.

    Love all your book cases. I sure wish I had that space / shelving for books.

  14. Looks like you could stay in your computer room all day with your favorities surrounding you! Look at all those books, marvelous! Enjoy Anni, and send us a note in a bottle if your pirate takes you away!

  15. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I love it that you showed us your surroundings for blogging. I like your sea theme.


  16. What a neat setting! We really need more bookshelves like that -- maybe when our kids move out we can expand. :) I love the ships and lighthouse and mountains. LOL about Captain Sparrow!

  17. Great pictures! I just love the bookcases. I'd have them full to the brim with crafts though lol

  18. Great pictures. And I love the bookshelves! I'm planning to turn my spare room into a reading room/library, but I only have one bookshelf. LOL

  19. Thanks for showing us your computer room. I LOVE your bookshelves. I would treasure having something like that. I have 3 large bookshelves that are double booked!

  20. Thanks for the tour of your neat computer room! The mermaid collection is unique too.


    P.S.- re: the silhouettes, the hand cutting is almost a lost art, some of them are done by computer now!

  21. It's always very neat to see someone else's computer space! Jack Sparrow is also one of my favourite pirates too. Thanks for the tip on how to get one blog to show in your profile. That was GREAT!!

    Happy Friday!!

  22. Nice to see some from your room; the question is: Have you read the books! I love books and that was my joy---to see all of them there books!!!

  23. Anonymous1/11/2008

    It was nice to see your room and the things that surround you. Now I can picture you in your spot among your books, and paintings and pirate!
    Kathy b

  24. Hi Anni,

    I enjoyed the tour of your computer room. Very nice.

    I love Colorado. Such a beautiful State. We visited Crater Lake in Oregon one year. It was in August. We didn't have a jacket with us, and the snow was drifted so high it was over our heads. We almost froze.

    Always enjoy your blog. You do a great job.

  25. Ooh....all those books, it looks like book heaven Anni! :0) The pictures are beautiful and I love the snow picnic story! LOL Oh, I like the picture of the pirate too...hehehe.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Very interesting show and tell.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you have next week.

  27. Your pictures are very nice...and I could spend all day looking at all your books---I love it!


  28. Anonymous1/12/2008

    Well I just can't speak now as I am just too excited by the Captain Jack Sparrow picture ;) Are you looking forward to Johnny's next film Sweeney Todd? Sounds a bit blood thirsty though! Lol in my New Year post I posted a picture of myself looking a bit piratey in honour of Jack Sparrow...sorry CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.

    Anyway enough about Johnny! I love your pictures too and I can't believe you'd picnic in July in snow! That's amazing. We've only had the tiniest fall of snow this season, the children are so disappointed.


  29. Thank you for sharing all those lovely paintings. I really like the snowy mountain one. And all those books, wow! You *must* be a book worm like me. ;-)