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Extra, Extra...Read the Headlines!!

This is Fun Monday's 1st year anniversary. It all began with the question/request: "What is just outside your front door?" One year ago it began with Vicki. This year, you guessed it. Our hostess is the star...the one and only....Ms. Vicki!!!

:::applause sign::: The laughter and ooooohs and awwwwwws can be heard from a distance as we enjoy her company as hostess, and entertain our online neighbors and blogland friends....from our front doorsteps!!!

In honor of the celebration, we are to photograph from our front door, what we see....

Simple enough but with a twist--view from front yard looking toward the front door since we had our front yard view before:
[what I see now from the porch isn't pretty--dead grass & dormant shrubs and 'sleeping', bare,trees. Besides, I always seem to bend the rules a lot. So, why be different this time. LOL]

Courtesy of Headline Generator


What happened to Brett Farve? Green Bay...hey, you guys....the Packers? What happened? I probably won't even watch much of the Super Bowl this team I wanted got in...and the half time celeb is gonna be Tom Petty? Isn't he a 'has been'? Ya, I'm thinking so....that leaves only the new infamous Super Bowl commercials that get all the hype...won't be missing much then as I can see it. I mean really, if Tom would flash accidentally - on purpose his big deal for the FCC to go hog wild like with Ms. Jackson's a few years back in time.


  1. Hey Anni, so sorry we didn't get you on our list. That copy/paste thing must be acting up. Your newspaper articles are too cute. I love Brett Favre, but I have to admit, it's kinda cool seeing little brother Manning in the Super Bowl.

  2. that looks like a cozy house. i love brick.

    and the poor packers. being from minnesota, i'm supposed to hate them, but i was secretly rooting for them. too bad...

  3. Great house. Love the newspaper articles! My 12 year old is crushed about the Packers.

  4. Good Morning Anni,
    "HAPPY 1st FUN MONDAY ANNIVERSARY". I love the Newpaper article. I think that is so neat. You have a beautiful house Anni. I didn't watch the games over the weekend, but I do hate to hear that the Packer's lost. I love the thought you put in there about Tom Cruise not getting his Boob expose. LOL. That is just too funny. I do remember when that happened to Janet Jackson tho. I think it was the talk for the whole year. LOL. Oh well, some people will do anything for money huh? I wonder if I was to do something like that if I would get National Attention? LOL. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  5. Beautiful front of your home!! I have always wanted to have a brick home but am so happy just to have a home anymore. I would have an okay picture out my front door. Well off to exercise. have a great day. Sandy

  6. Anni, Your blog is always full of fun surprises...nice touch with the newspapers. I chose to show the boring barrenness hoping that the sunrise would enhance the picture.

  7. Your home looks beautiful!! love the newspaper edition :)
    Dropping by to say hello from the deep South, being awake before everybody else allows for a bit of blogging !

  8. I protest !!!! I want don't want to see your front door (ask Vicki to put that for the next time) I want to look OUT of your front door !!! It doesn't matter if it isn't pretty, you didn't bend the rules but you cheated !! Now I wonder what is your view really, a muckheap with chickens on the top ???

  9. Your front door is great Anni. I love all the brick! You are so creative with your posts...

  10. You did it Anni, got Fun Monday the publicity it deserves! I know I've met some really interesting and friendly people from my few weeks of participation. Okay by me if you choose not to share the chicken coop in your front yard or is it a junk car up on blocks. . .giggle??

  11. It seems that bending the rules for Fun Monday has always been part of the "FUN" of it.

    Now I'll know on which door to knock should I come a visitin'
    (wishful dreaming)

    as for the game, we always watch it, but it certainly is an East Cost drama this year.

  12. Great newspapers! Love your front door view. I am sad the Pack didn't make it.

  13. Ah, a cozy brick house - looks lovely! And, as always, you have a link to a fun new thingy I've got to try out... Headline Generator - who knew!?

  14. Congrats on the year anniversary, Anni. That's great and a reason to celebrate.

    I'm sorry none of your teams got into the Super Bowl. I'm not a sports fan, but was once. I used to follow baseball and hockey but not anymore. Seemed that my teams never got in the playoffs.

    Have a terrific day.

  15. Hi Anni, I love your brick home..I did a fun Monday too!!!I enjoy coming over to visit you and see what new things you have posted..

    Did you enjoy reading the book Rhett butler's people ?? I got that book for Christmas and plan on reading it on my next trip to Atlanta,when my daughter has her baby..

    Thanks for sharing all of your neat things. Hugs, Baba

  16. Nice newspapers - you've got a way with the images!

  17. Great door - that was a good idea - mix it up a bit.

    I like the newspaper articles!

    I was on a blogging break - I haven't been by in a while. good to be back.

  18. I love your newspapers!! How clever. I also like your brick house alot!! We don't have brick houses over here due to earthquakes!!

  19. Anonymous1/21/2008

    Happy first Anniversary of Fun Monday. I love the brick on your house and would like to go with brick but I am sure we will just get red siding when the time comes and it will look nice. You have a welcoming door.

  20. I've been in love with Tom Petty since I was a little girl! I might actually wander in and see what's going on (I hate sports and I've never sat through any game in my whole life).

  21. Love the creative newspapers!

    As for Favre(and as a Cowboys fan), all I can say is "Damn Giants!"

  22. We were rooting for the Packers too.

    Well, I've decided to root for the Giants - that way both Manning brothers can have a ring.

  23. You have a beautiful home!

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  25. Anonymous1/21/2008

    Love your brick house!

  26. Happy Anniversary.

  27. Ha ha ha! very creative!

    Hey I know the answer to your question...they lost to the Giants! Do I get a prize or something?

  28. I wanted to take a minute and personally apologize for all of the Packers. We're so sorry we ate too much cheese trying to keep warm before the game and our intestines were a little twisted and clogged, especially Brett's. We'll try harder next Miss Anni!

  29. Hi Anni,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. As you most likely saw greatfullivin helped me get the Over 50 and Bloggin log in my sidebar. I appreciate all you help. Are you going to enter a soup recipe in my contest? I sure hope you will. I too love soup, almost any kind (never got into pea soup)so this contest is a fun way to get new recipes. Please pass the word. Blessings, Cricket

  30. The newspaper was a fun idea, and I'd like to see more of your house!

    Still in shock about the Packers' loss.

  31. The newspaper? Terrific! The Super Bowl? Yankee vs Yankee...yawn!