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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Ann is our hostess this week for Fun Monday. She has really gone and done it now!! She made us all THINK!! And if you know me...thinking makes me ache all over. :::wink::: I'm burning 'thunking' cells as I type. Afterall, I only have so precious few cells left to ignite my thinker, don'tcha think?

A web site that has changed my life. Hmmmmmmm, don't laugh---

Well, this has kept me from losing an argument over who left the cat hairs on the carpet, and who's turn it is to vacuum up the mess. And there's been a few times that we try to shift the chore of cleaning up 'gato de vomito' --- [in English terms...upchucking of hair balls!]

Hubby: "It's YOUR turn Anni."
Me: "No, I did it last time...your turn."

That kinda thing. And when I hand him a rag to have him realize I mean what I say, I exit, stage left, and end up at this site, while I listen to hubby gagging as he cleans up after HIS cats. And, of course, after it's all nice and clean, they magically turn into MY cats again. Ever wonder how that works? It's simple. Women are the weaker sex maybe, but we can wile the stronger of the sexes to their senses with a wet rag. Works every time!!! OR ELSE!!!

Yep, it's definitely changed my life. Ten years ago, I didn't have this outlet. Today, it's like a "hidey hole" for me. It's where I go to hide. I have fun. I forget the daily chores [or try and ignore them, they're still there, tho!] It's challenging. If I have the volume up on the speakers, his 'sweeeeeeeeeet' is satisfying. Tho sometimes, his obnoxious comments make me wanna beat him to a pulp!! [Did I just say that? No, what I really meant to say is "When the booger's hanged, it serves him right for calling me an imbecile!"] It's word puzzles. I like this, I like it very much. And it's addictive.

....and it's:


"Oh oh!!" I think BUD's little cute furball, Winston, is hacking away. I did it last time!!!!!! No, seriously, it's your turn my dear sweet cheeks!!

__'M * D__NE * N__W !

A U S C etc. etc.
[3 words] can you decipher my "hangaroo" or are you trying to hang the booger.

Is ChrisB our hostess next week?

No, it's going to be a 1 year anniversary of FM ---and the original hostess, Vicki, will preside!


.....from hairballs to this----

Do y'all ever get a hankerin' for a certain food? Especially the kind you grew up with [if your folks weren't "into" the healthy food at least, hehehehe]. One food I had quite often when I was a kid was a hot dog. We used to go to a lot of baseball games, and family picnics, and we kids were always served a hot dog. Either the ball park, the most delicious kind, or the hot 'grill marked' charred hot dogs on a bun with all the fixins'!! Yummy. Well, it's not baseball season and we haven't taken the time to actually 'do' a picnic in years [when we do go on beach outings we take a stick of summer sausage and cheese and crackers and wine and a good book...that's our picnic anymore]. Watching the NFL playoff games, well-----it made me hungry for a good ol' hot dog when the TV camera flashed the fan stands and some dude was holding a huge hot dog in his hands! And I said, "What the hey----let's splurge and go all out with junk food, not good for you food, and make some homemade potato salad and even start to slow cook some white beans and make some 'from scratch' molasses slow roasted sweet Southern Style baked beans!! Oh heck, why not? Dessert too. Date bars with soft serve vanilla ice cream."

And out of orneriness, dear hubby knows I really dislike the Dallas Cowboys. My team of course, is the Denver Broncos, and they sucked swamp water this season! Anyway, he LOVES America's team...the Cowboys. And before the playoff weekend, he went into the Party Shop here in town and got some paper plates so we both wouldn't have to do much cleaning after the cooking. Actually he went in to get the Super Bowl crap stuff too, for the 'big day'....and came home with the Big "D" stuff also. Just to irk me. LOL Ya, I despise them that much. He was utterly disappointed when I used them Saturday night and during the Cowboys' game - meal too. Without a word said. Talk about down-hearted! Poor guy. I know when to keep my mouth shut, I truly do!! Just wait tho...when [and I say WHEN with confidence] the Broncos get back to a winning out! Of course, here in Texas, there'd be no way I could find any Denver paper products so I will have to rely on my big sister to ship some to me. Just you wait dear hubby of mine!!!!

Hot dogs? Ya, turkey dogs, actually. CHECK!!!
Baked beans? You betcha. CHECK!!
Home made mustard potato salad? Of course. CHECK!!
Tossed salad [always, every meal at home, no matter what we have]. CHECK!!
Dessert? Ummmmmmmm, ya. CHECK!!

Oh so belly rubbin' yummy, delicious? PRICELESS.
(and yes, that's a home made bun you see in the photo....I actually make my OWN hot dog buns!!! No sodium or preservatives in the bread that way)

- - -

Now, tell me, if you actually DO consume a hot dog, what do you like on yours?


  1. Anni,

    Great post! We don't eat hotdogs often when when we do, I enjoy all the fixings - tomato, onion, mustard, mayo, pickles. You get the idea. Once in a while I get a craving for a hotdog because we did eat them when I was a kid.

    Those beans look very similar to the baked beans that I make. Everyone asks for them when we have family functions. I use a recipe that I found in an old Women's Institute catalogue. They're delicious.

    Take care, my friend. I will be posting some more travel photos tomorrow.


  2. Oh Anni, You make me laugh!! I got tickled reading your Sunday post!! So funny!!
    I know what you mean about fur balls!! Yuck! But someone has to clean them up!! Kelly does, most of the time!!
    I love Hot Dogs, too! Kelly fries up onions and green peppers and then with all the other stuff and boy oh boy these are so good!!
    Your food looks so GOOD! Oh Yum! You really made your hot dog buns! Wow! I am impressed!! Is there any thing you can't do????
    I have a new post I did today! It is kind of a Thankful Thursday and thankful Sunday rolled into one..... Carrie did get across the border but it took forever!! She is home safe and sound. Love and Hugs, Carolyn

  3. Hooti Anni--you're very bad! Like the idea of hiding out until the cats have delivered their hairballs of the day. Does your husband realize what you're doing?

  4. Great post, Anni! The best part about the computer word games is that the book never gets full!

    Hot dogs? Chili, cheese, and onions on mine, please! Oh, and only Hebrew National - none of the yucky parts!

  5. I like just mustard on my dogs...thanks for the game website...I haven't heard of that one before!!

  6. Okay, I will never get the posts if I have to stop and play on everyones fun sites. We just had a blast playing with that rude little kangaroo!

  7. The discussion with your hubby on certain "left overs" from cats I also know very well ! And when they have done it they are always MY cats and not HIS ! You can imagine that with five it happens quite often ! (and always on the carpet, not on the tiles) lol !

  8. upchucking hairballs and hotdogs in the same post *gag* LOL I love it!

  9. I love little fun websites lik that...sometimes you do just need some distracting time out!

  10. Good Morning Anni,
    Oh my goodness Woman, you are so funny. Let me guess your 3 words here: "I'm Done Now". Is that it? Huh, huh, huh? LOL. I had a couple of Hot Dogs Saturday at the Basketball Games. I don't know why, but for some reason or another, a Hot Dog taste's alot better when you are at a game of some sort. I love Grilled Hot Dogs also. Usually when DH grills Hamburgers on his grill, he does a package of Hot Dogs too. The girls love them. We aren't big Football Fanatics here. But hey, if you want the Denver Bronco's to win, them I'm with you. LOL. My Parents eat those Turkey Hot Dogs. I don't like them too well. Something about them don't make them taste like a hot dog to me. But your plate sure does look good. Now I am wanting some Tater Salad. LOL. Usually when I eat a Hot Dog, I usually eat it plain or put a slice of cheese on it. Once in a great while, if I'm eating one elsewhere, like a Restaurant, I may add onions and a little ketchup. "THANK YOU" for sharing your delicious meal with us. I so enjoyed it. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  11. yikes! hairballs and hotdogs! i don't know which to respond to!

    i love mustard and pickle relish--really spicy mustard.

  12. I'm done now! Love it! Got to go check that out. Sounds right up my alley. You make your own buns? Wonderful!

  13. Happy Monday! I get cravings for funny foods all the time too. I, however, do not really care for hot dogs, thus I rarely crave them!

    By listing my to do list on the blog really pushes me to get my work done! I guess because the whole world knows my plans and I guess I feel pressure to get things accomplished! Any how, it works!

    Have a super day! Sharon

  14. That is real fun addicting game. I have been playing it for the past hour.

  15. Hi Anni, help yourself to any cartoons you like they're all public domain.

  16. That looks like a fun game and a great hiding spot! I think I figured out the hanger, pretty quick amazingly. ;)

  17. Hangaroo could definitely be addictive; glad I didn't discover it a few years back (I might not have discovered blogging) :). Glad it "keeps" you out of certain messes in your home ;).

    I'm not a big hotdog fan; maybe because I eat them so boringly (ketchup, mustard, that's it). How cool is it you make your own buns???

  18. Hey Anni,
    First, You crack me up! Hairballs & Hotdogs. There will be a blog showing up this day by that name, so "catchy" I love a good hotdog, roasted on a stick over a fire. I like em plain. No nothin. Just plain. Also, I would be honored to crown you Queen of the Greatful Gals...come on over and get your button. I am still trying to figure out how to put the code on my blog for the blogroll so others can copy it...but I will add you today!

  19. You would not believe the cat hair we pick up. I don't want hubby to see, so I always do the

  20. The main thing that caught my eye was that good-looking hot dog bun. You made them yourself! Fantastic. Mmmmmmm...

  21. cyber hangman. I guess everything is out there on the internet!

    that isn't junk food! It all sounds terrible wonderful. I'm not fond of hot dog buns, they just wad up in your mouth. The one you made looks very substantial --mmmmm

  22. Maaaaaan! It's been a WHILE since I had a hotdog... but when I DO have one, I usually just have ketchup (not catsup) and mustard. HOWEVER... SOMEtimes I like 'em with the works - you know onions and relish - maybe a little cheese. And sometimes I like a chili dog. And sometimes I like them with kraut. And sometimes I like them just plain, right off the grill with NO bun! SOMEtimes. But I hardly EVER have one anymore. Now you got me hankerin' for one! I gotta run over to the mall to pick up Krysti's contacts today... Maybe Mom and I will have lunch and Frank-N-Steins.

  23. Great post. As a food snob I NEVER, EVER eat hot dogs.
    I will leave it at that.


  24. That looks like a really fun site!
    Your food looks delicious!! Homemade hot dog bun? Yummy! When I eat hot dogs I am just a ketchup gal.

  25. I love your site!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I too saw the lemurs on the news by the heater...they were so cute holding their arms out!!

  26. your hangaroo says i'm done now. and on ahot dog if i must eat it would be possibly cheese, definitely ketchup and dill relish. a rare possibility may be mustard. i can't decide if i want that on there or not.. usually i dont eat a hot dog because they are fabulously bad! for me!

  27. You just got me hooked on Hangaroo!

  28. I will have to check this site out!! Looks like fun!!

  29. Great post. Hope your brain is recovered from the thinking. Chris B may be the next host - I'm not trying to be coy, I'm waiting to hear from her. :)

  30. OK, now you got me hungry again.... *giggles*

    My favorite toppings is...

    1. Mayonnaise-cucumber salad.


    2. Hot dog in bread, not like on top of mashed potato as in this photo, with shrimp salad on top:

    Swedish Shrimp salad in Flickr

    I don't know if you have the same over there or not.

    Or, if I'm more hungry than that (which happens often...) I take what we call a "thin bread roll". You can see one in this Flickr photo, but it's not showing so much unfortunately:

    Swedish Tunnbrodsrulle

    Note that MY tunnbrodsrulle have to have either Mayonnaise-cucumber salad OR shrimp salad in it :-P

  31. I love online games myself. My favorite is Typer Shark with all the cheesy Jaws music. Heh.

    Fun post, and if it keeps you from cleaning up hairballs so much the better!

  32. Anni I've just left a great long comment but it doesn't seem to have been posted I'll come back and check!

  33. hmmmm. hot dogs and hairballs.... an appetizing combination.

    i am afraid to try your kangaroo thingy. the last thing i need is another brain/time sucker!!!!!

    (excuse me while i just take a quick peek.......)

  34. The kangaroo just said I wasn't as dumb as I look! lol I read your post then got sidetracked playing that game! hehe I can see why it would relax you...I love word games like that as well. Oh wow, look at the hot dog buns you made...go you!!! All the food you made looks delish and are some of my favourites. When I have a hot dog, I like to put relish and cheese whiz on it..that's it:-) xox

  35. Anonymous1/14/2008

    It is good to have that diversion from life...even for a little while. Looks like a fun game. Might have to check it out later.

  36. Well, I can sympathize with both you and your husband. I am of course a Broncos fan and we had a tough year. I also grew up with the Cowboys during their heyday (Staubach, White and even Aikman) - and their loss this weekend put a damper on my Sunday. I am looking to Favre now - or someone to beat Brady. See ya around blog world. NLM