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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


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I guess this is worth a rerun episode!!
It was the first month of the year-
~The infamous call to 911

*One ringy dingy.....two ringy dingies*.....

"911, What's your emergency?"

"The little man?! He fell off and broke both his feet off, shoes and all!" "Can you fix him?"

"Ma'am, you say both his feet broke off?"

"Yes...that's what I said, can you fix him?" "We need help!" "Fast." "Before my hubby gets home." "He'll think I did it."

"What is your address?" "We'll get someone there to help."

"We're in our kitchen now, I picked him up off the floor, he's on the table now...and I can see pain in his face". An....And, I'm scared." *sobbing now*

"Stay calm. We need your address."

"It's here in town. Just left of Burger King" "Two blocks off the main drag." "You can't miss it."

"The address ma'am". "So we can send the ambulance to assist your little man."

"It's 5 5 5 Cherry Wood." "Hurry". *more sobbing*

"Don't hang up!" "We need to keep you on the phone 'til help arrives." "Ma'am? Don't hang up."

The dispatcher hears mumbling in the background over the line, but the conversation is faintly audible to her...

"You're so in trouble, now!"
"You did it!"
"You pushed him down, and broke his feet off!"
"When Paw gets home, he's gonna killus, you watch and see."

Sounds of faint crying is heard by the dispatcher.

In the distance, the caller hears a siren.

"Ma'am?" "Ma'am?" "Can you hear me?" "Help is on the way."

Within three minutes, the paramedics are at the door with lifesaving equipment.

"He's in the kitchen ma'am?"

"Yes, this way." "Thank you so much for coming so quickly." "I know he's in pain."

As the paramedic first views the victim, he chokes at the sight he sees. He's never seen anything like this, and he's been on the job for two decades.

He picks up the phone laying on the counter.

"Cherrie, this is Woody." "We're here, and the little man will be good as new in no time. Guaranteed."

And he disconnects.

"How did this happen?" He asks as he's examining the little man.

"I don't know." "I was in the bathroom, and I heard this ruckus in the kitchen!" "When I arrived here, I found the guy on the floor, and his feet, shoes and all were dislodged." "I got frightened right away, helped him up from the floor, and called you."

The whiny cries that the dispatcher had heard over the line was now heard once again by the paramedic.

"She did it!" "I know she did it." She's not supposed to be doing this kinda thing, her Paw told her a thousand times!"

"Hold on ma'am." "He'll be good as new in now time....nothing but a dab of glue and he'll be up on his feet again."

He reaches down near his medical bag and monitors, and pets the kitty. "Yep, he'll be good as new."

=^..^= [I'm not naming any names but the "Ho" comes to mind...]
=^..^= [did she knock my man off and break him to bits? Your call]

Note: This is a wood carving of a 'self portrait' of hubby. Blue jeans, t-shirt and a Coors™! [Bud carved it]

KATYBUG will host Dec. 10th


This past Saturday late afternoon, Bud and I went downtown to pick up our tickets to the Harbor's Playhouse Musical "The Christmas Carol". The seats we chose were center Orchestra, so hopefully we'll get in on all the good action --the two of us, we truly enjoy this epic holiday story. Afterward, we walked around the bay area for some time. We stopped to eat out at a diner in the old part of town, and ended up staying for the light festival. It's an annual event, and we've never been to the "opening" night. After eating, we walked along Shoreline Blvd, watching the people come and go while the pelicans and gulls flitted by. Soon, it was time to block off the traffic and get the show on the road, so to speak. Police cordoned off the main street along the seashore, and booths were set up.

I hope this image link works! LOL Darkness soon came, and the festivities began. The annual tree lighting ceremony [now to be honest, during the day the tree is nothing close to imagining what it's like lighted up at night. It really leaves a lot to be desired in daylight] ---but oh boy, it's breathtaking with the sparkling sea and the reflections at night!!

There eventually was a parade with Santa joining us all...and a boat parade that was awe inspiring! The city lights on the water is just incomparable. My little digital did not do justice to the beauty we witnessed. But, any case, I wanted to share what I had....

Click on the decorated boat image above. It'll take you to a short slideshow. [Hopefully]


What Holiday mood are you in?

"Even though you're busier than ever, you've got an elfload of energy. You feel happy and inspired, whether you're singing carols, making presents, or baking cookies. Some people find your perky ways annoying, but you can't help it—you get caught up in the wonder of the holidays, and you'll do almost anything to share that magic with the people you love."

Cool! Yep, that's me, I guess.


  1. I loved it! How good of the paramedics to help out. FUN!

  2. Good Morning Anni,
    Oh my goodness. I was all up in this story here thinking someone was really hurt. LOL. I was sure shocked. LOL. That is just too cute. Here is the holiday mood it says I'm in:Your holiday mood is... Mrs.Clausy.

    You're deckin' the halls and bakin' the cookies. Your home must be the coziest place on earth! During the holidays, you transform your home into a winter wonderland of holiday décor, and spend all your time there, surrounded by people you love (and eating a bunch of those cookies, while they're still warm from the oven).
    I may be Mrs. Clausy, but I'm far from doing the baking. LOL. The lights are just beautiful. I love to go out and look at Christmas lights. The bigger the better to me. It is a cold morning here. It is 30 degrees with a windchill of 24 degrees. We had a high here yesterday near 70 degrees. What a difference a day makes. LOL. Well, take care my friend and have a great Monday. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Karen H.
    P.S. Have fun setting up your new computer. I sure could use one, but it won't be in Santa's bag this year. LOL.

  3. That is hilarious although hubby may not like the fact that his feet are off.

    The Christmas Carol sounds great! Have fun!

    Oh, and have fun moving all your stuff to your new computer. I did that over Thanksgiving so I could leave my old computer with my dad. :)

  4. Oh boy! First Disney on Ice and NOW A Christmas Carol! You two are just full of seasonal hobb-nobbin' fun! ENJOY! Hope all goes smoothly with the new puter too!

  5. A new computer!! WOW!! When I get a new one or I get to play on a new one I get so excited!! I know that I missed my calling but just too old now!! Hope all works out well with your computer!! I know you will have fun!!
    What a great parade!! I bet it was beautiful. Pictures just never do justice to the way it "really is"!!
    Have fun today!!


  6. I'm so glad you are heading out doing so many fun things for the holidays.

    Last night we put up the tree and the girls were teasing their dad that when they were both gone off to college in five years we wouldn't have to put it up anymore. What are they, NUTS! Of course we'll still be having fun!

    So, is the little man ok now?

  7. Love your 911 :) Hope he's been fine ever since!
    I think I need to back up my files...have fun with the new computer !!

  8. What a FUN story!
    I just love the Christmas look you've got goin' on here!
    Thanks for linking me as the next FM host.

  9. Funny 911 Call. Can't stand or walk without the feet. :D

  10. very funny! thanks, anni

  11. I love your funny stories!

  12. I adore your new festive Christmas look!

    Great story! I was seriously worried there for a moment.

  13. Congratulations on the new computer. I hope your little man is all healed and feeling better.

    I did the quiz and am in a Mrs. Clause mood. LOL I sure don't feel like Mrs. Claus today - too much running around this morning.

    Take care. I enjoyed your post, as always and your blog is so Christmasy.


  14. Funny Story!

    Love the Christmas look!

  15. So glad "little man" is okay now! I just love your blog, there's always so much fun stuff to click on and see. ;-) Those are some great pictures.

  16. My computer's acting funny so I might be getting a new one too. I hate having to move all my files though!

    I'm feeling Mrs. Clausy myself!

  17. Good luck with the new mom just bought her first computer and keeps calling for my hubby to help her. Glad she thinks he son-in-law is useful for once, only took her 17, I do love my mom.

    I saw the Christmas Carol as a teen performed and loved it, always wanted to take my kids, but I am not sure they would enjoy it as much now that they are teens, maybe when they are adults.

    Great post about the paramedics, I chuckled.

  18. I knew something strange was afoot! Oh, gosh, that was a lousy pun. Apologies.

  19. Very funny! I had to wonder though if it was real. I thought maybe a child had called it in?

    BTW I LOVE YOUR LITTLE XMAS FAIRY! (She is adorable!)

  20. Karmyn R12/03/2007

    cute. Was the paramedic carrying super glue?

    Dreaming What Ifs...

  21. Good luck with the new computer.
    Poor little man lost his feet. He he. Glad he's a whole man again.
    I love A Christmas Carol. Sounds like fun.

  22. I cringed when I read your computer broke down but then I smiled when I read you bought a new one:-) Mine is over 6 years old so I know it's living on borrowed time! lol

    ROFL at that paramedic story...oh Annie! LOL Good thing I wasn't drinking anything cuz I would have spit it out all over when I got to the end! hehe

    The light festival sounded like a lot of fun and wow, look at that boat all decked out!! Wonderful! I'm sure you'll have a great time at the Christmas Carol production and can't wait to hear all about it.

    I'm feeling Mrs. Clausy...You're deckin' the halls and bakin' the cookies. Your home must be the coziest place on earth! During the holidays, you transform your home into a winter wonderland of holiday décor, and spend all your time there, surrounded by people you love (and eating a bunch of those cookies, while they're still warm from the oven).

    Yup, that sounds about right! lol xoxo

  23. Kelly took me to town today and out to Wal-Mart so I am just getting going on my visits to my friends!! How cute is the 911 deal!!
    I think it was a couple of years ago that Charles Dickens's great great grandson was in our area and at the library and did the A Christms Carol by acting out each person in the book! It was just wonderful!! Karen watched Nancy and Kelly and I were able to attend this!! It was really special!
    How about that new computer! I bet your dancing in the streets! or maybe the living room!! Hugs, Carolyn

  24. Your computer choose the right time to break down ! A nice Christmas gift for you ! I had to buy a new one last year in October because cat Lisa had peed on the one I just had for 4 months ! Expensive pee !
    Loved your little story, lol !

  25. I hope you're making progress getting your new computer up and going.

    Thank you for the mood quiz. I enjoyed doing that.

    Enjoy your play. The play "White Christmas" is being performed here in Nashville. I wanted to go see it, but someone told me it was disappointing.

  26. ROFL! That is too funny, but had moments like that here.

  27. That was just too cute! (I'm finally getting around to visiting all the FM participants.)