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Katybug is hosting Fun Monday this week. We're to show a favorite holiday ornament or decoration. So, here's mine. Altho, to be honest, I just can't say that this is my FAVORITE, favorite 'cause I love 'em all! The ornaments are all Santas too....and they'll be shown with my post below...the Tree Treasure entry. So, for today's Fun Monday entry, I chose my Santa Sleigh---------

And I VOTE for a Holiday Recess for Fun Mondays until New Years!!!



Morning Glory is hosting a Christmas Tree Treasures Meme today!

And, it's all about the tree!

For all my living years I've not NOT had a tree decorated for the holidays. And for all my living years it's been a tradition to decorate the tree on Thanksgiving day. Some may think this is early...but, we normally take it all down the day after Christmas. Ya, that's a tradition too. [Why so early? Well, more back in my younger days because of the REAL tree and fire hazard by then with drying needles and such....] Today tho, we have an artificial tree. We're believers in saving the forests. Yes, we are! Trees, in their natural environment thrive on carbon monoxide and they help with the green-house effect. [Okay, 'nough said with my political stand...promise] Still we take down, or begin to take down the Christmas decorations the DAY AFTER.

Now, for the tree treasures. First let me begin with the OLDEST decoration I have in my possession. It's not really much, but it's from my childhood. In fact, my first Christmas. And naturally, it's a Santa. The string holder that was attached is long gone, but the ornament still is placed in a place of honor each year. It's been with me since 1949!! [When I was a child, and privileged, my dad always had me put the first ornament on the tree....this Santa!]

And Santas it is. For decorating our home, I would estimate that 90% is Santa. Oh sure, I have a few others here and there, but Santa is the prime suspect in all my festive fun. This, as Morning Glory suggested, is our tree top. It's lighted and animated. When the tree lights are plugged in, his arms move back and forth with a lighted lantern in one hand and a lighted wreath in the other.

A few times in my youth, our tree was sprayed with fake snow. But as an adult, that's too messy for me. I'd much prefer sparkly! And tinsel. Yep, I still use tinsel. I won't go a year without the tinsel if I can help it. But instead of sprayed snow...we now have icicles and snowflakes that adorn the tree. This, of course, is the crystal snowflakes that can be found nestled on the branches.

And icicles. I have two varieties. Frosted and iridescent ones. This is one of the frosted. The iridescent icicles are milky and when the lights are on, they glow different colors, depending on the angle you look at them. Either kind are very pretty and 'frosty' looking.

In this photo, you can see the lights that light up the the left ---Santa Faces!! And 'ice-dusted' ceramic Santas are plentiful too. I have RED.....

...and GREEN.

To finish the job, you'd find a lot of red velvet ribbons on the branches' tips and then among all the other sparklies, there are lots and lots of red ball ornaments.

Then, Morning Glory suggested, or asked, which goes on the tree first. The first step is to unpack the box with the tree branches....then assemble the tree and get the green needles opened to where it actually resembles a pine tree. And then, the tree stand. It's not a long drug out affair, putting the tree together only takes about 10 minutes. Then, first to be placed on the tree are the lights. This is usually hubby's chore. LOL --he strings them around while I look on to tell him 'drop them down' or 'move them up' a bit. After the lights....everything else. The last to be placed is the tinsel. And regarding the 'tree skirt'...its just a plain simple red felt skirt that I replace about every 2-3 years. Inexpensive...mainly 'cause we put our White Reindeer around the tree any more [we've had several sets of deer 'couples' - the antlered buck and laying doe for outdoor decorations and they kept getting stolen --so now they grace our living room --the buck is animated while the doe looks on] . We have no small kids, and the gifts hubby and I buy each other don't come out of hiding 'til Christmas we put the deer by the tree to make it look festive below, instead of barren.

Here's the finished project.....


  1. That is a lovely tree, Anni, and I especially like the reindeer! My gosh, your house is like a winter wonderland and maybe an annex of the North Pole!

    Just gorgeous.

  2. Anni,

    Your house could easily be mistaken for Santa's workshop. I love it all.

    The Santa you've had since 1949 is exquisite and a real treasure. It's as old as I am.

    Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful decorations. I enjoyed visiting your home this Christmas.


  3. You like Santa's hm!! No One would ever know!! Smile!! Your tree is very pretty! We just have a small prelit tree now. It is just fine for just the two of us anymore. I think it is pretty plus we have lights outside too which look nice. Have a great night..Sandy

  4. Good Evening Anni,
    Wow, do you live near Santa? LOL. I love all your Christmas ornaments. I love the vintage looking Santa in the sled. Everything is just beautiful. I had never thought about putting those reindeer inside the house. We had a couple of those and we always put them on the outside. I gave them away back in the Summer to one of my hubby's Aunt's. We don't have room for them at our house now. Seeing the picture of your whole tree is just breathtaking. Thanks for sharing all your Christmas decorations with us Anni. Well, take care and have a great Monday. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Karen H.

  5. How could you pick a favorite? I do agree though, that the sleigh is something special. And your tree is gorgeous!

  6. What an interesting post, Anni, and I love your tree. My daughters and I have fake trees too, for the same reasons you do.

    But something tells me you must be Santa's biggest fan...yeah? All those Santa ornaments...I bet he brings you something nice...woohoo!

  7. I not surprised, but you have lovely Christmas decorations.

  8. My eyes are glazed... that has to take hours.

    I do like your Santa/sleigh

  9. Today I really see the difference between cultures. I never knew Father Christmas decorations until they showed up suddenly in the shop windows in the 80th. I only bought one because my little son wanted one and then later I added some Father Christmases to the decoration. But our main decoration is still based on angels and a nativity scene.

  10. GdaY Anni. I feel in wonderland when i visit here love all your Santa's and how hard it would be to pick a favorite, AWWWWWWWWWww your Tree is beautiful all lit up,,,
    I have a few Father Christmas's around my house..

  11. Thanks for inviting me over for a visit and sharing your Christmas Tree Treasures.

    Your Santa collection is very unique and beautiful.

    You have an adorable tree with all of the Santa's. I especially love the Santa Topper.

    I know that you treasure and protect your first Santa ornament.

    May your holidays be filled with many blessings, lots of love, family,friends, and laughter!

  12. Santas are my favorite decorating items too. I love them in all shapes and sizes and outfits. Funny, though, my tree is Santaless.(new word) I have so many everywhere else that my tree is a little more simple.
    I love all your Santas and your beautiful tree.

  13. How lovely to have a Santa from your childhood. You have a great collection and your tree looks very pretty.

  14. That is a very beautiful Santa in the sleigh. Your tree is wonderful! A Santa as a topper? Great! I would love to walk through your house during this time of year!

  15. I love how you get so into each holiday! Also love your Santas!

  16. Anni, as usual I had a fun time visiting you. Your tree looks great and your collection of Santas is marvelous. How unfortunate that your deer kept getting stolen :( Blessings...

  17. What a lovely tree. You have such a wonderful collection of Santas, I'm jealous!

    Susan at A Slice of Life

  18. WOW!!!! Beautiful tree! :D
    Love your ornaments.

  19. I love your Santa Claus ornaments, he's my fav for the tree.

  20. I love all your colorful decorations and beautiful tree! It just has such a glow to it all.

    Thanks for joining in today.

  21. ANNI,

    LOVE all your Christmas stuff!! Santa is a big favorite with me too- and I will be posting more of my santas soon- although I have not been able to get orginized enough to join in with the planned showings... But I DO hope you and others will find time to visit and check out my Santas in the coming days!

    Junie Rose

  22. So pretty! All of my old Christmas stuff is still in storage :(

    I meant to tell you that book, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus that I recommended to you is available online at Project Gutenberg, it's entered public domain. It doesn't have all of the beautiful photos that the book has on every page though.

  23. How lovely! This has been fun! God Bless!

  24. I love the sleigh, and your tree is absolutely stunning. Wow. :D

  25. Lifecruiser.com12/10/2007

    I kinda got stuck at that fabulous Santa sledge in the top! It's fantastic. Right in my taste!!!

    I think you're the most christmassy blogger I know of.... *giggles*

  26. What a beautiful tree! Love the Santas!

  27. Tree and Sleigh are both wonderful! All this Christmas ornament browsing is making me want to go out and buy some!

  28. I knew you'd have a good post, you're such a holiday person!

  29. I love all your Santa's!
    I am hoping we don't get a big ice storm they say that is on the way!! Hate it when the power goes out!! Love and hugs Carolyn

  30. Love that old world Santa in his sleigh!! Oh Anni, I so love your tree and it's so beautifully it that you still have that Santa from when you were little, how precious is that!! I also HAVE TO HAVE tinsel on my tree...a lot of people tell me that's passe but I don't care, a tree HAS to have tinsel:-) xox

  31. I really like the way you wrote about your Christmas decor. It really pulled me in and I could imagine your house! I also really enjoyed the picture of the finished tree and reindeer how festive! :)

  32. Did you ever add up your total number of Santas? You have SOO many of them. What a wonderful collection. I vaguely remember flocked trees, too. What were we thinking??

  33. Anonymous12/10/2007

    That is an awesome tree!! And I love that you have the deer inside, how fun!

  34. I really like your Santa collection! How fun!

  35. What a glorious tree! I just love it!

  36. Very, very beautiful and you can tell it is a labor of love. My MIL has a ton of trees and decor but nothing seems to have any meaning for her....whereas I can tell everything you have has a story and a treasure behind it.
    All of my ornaments are the same, as is the holiday decor....even my Dollar Tree village which I can no longer add I have a perfect excuse to start a larger village now. The kids shouldn't break it either....we would hope.
    Stay sweet Anni, want another daughter????