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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

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December 11: HEADS - Anything in the sky or space *OR* TAILS - Anything in or under the water.
I'm gonna go with sky this week.

- - -

Faster than a speeding bullet!

More powerful than a locomotive!

Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!

"Look up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!"

"It's Superman!"

- - -

"Yes, it's Superman, strange visitor from another

planet who came to Earth with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men. Superman, who can

change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in

his bare hands; and who, disguised as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan

newspaper, fights a never ending battle for truth,

justice, and the American way."

Since 1938 Action Comics [an American comic, reading series] produced and has regaled the saga of Superman. TV, Movies and dvds up to today....who knows what is ahead. "Look, up in the sky.............."


Here are the rules:
1. Pick the month of your birth.
2. Bold the 5-10 things that most apply to you
3. Strike out everything that doesn't apply to you.
4. Place the list of all the months under a cut.
[I'm gonna just leave the permalink from Skittles Place instead]
5. Tag 6 people from your friends list to do the same.
[And, I don't's not in my blood.]


Now that I've done this, I really see no rhyme or reason to this tag. LOL But I still went ahead and did it by bending the rules. I don't tag so, if you'd like to participate. Go to Skittles where I got the tag, to copy it.....

I'm a February baby:
Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexy. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizes dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

So, for me it's: Abstract thoughts, intelligent and clever, shy, honest and loyal, loves freedom, rebellious when restricted, dislikes unnecessary things [my dear hubby can vouch for this statement! By unnecessary I'm meaning cleaning up the table at a restaurant...things like that], sharp, loves entertainment and leisure.


It's been a long time since I've done a ten on Tuesday I'm really not sure where we are on the listings. This one below is up on the blog now.......

10 Favorite Things to Complain About

    1. Unruly children in public
    2. Graffiti on peoples fences
    3. The News on TV
    4. Traffic [non-courteous drivers]
    5. Commercials
    6. Daylight Savings Time Adjustments
    7. Discourteous store clerks
    8. Phone Menu options ["If you want this in English, press 1". "If you're wanting this or 2....etc. etc. etc."]
    9. The fact that stronger security is seen AFTER the fact.
    10. Trash on our streets!

....with the "next week's list" being this:

10 Things You Want for Christmas

And if you ask me, I really never want for anything for Christmas. I'm very happy with what I have now. My health, my family, food on the table, gasoline in the car, bills paid on time, pets, running water....the things in life are not important to me such as jewels, and bobbles, and expensive things. I'd much prefer toys, Santa!! *hint*


For the last couple of days I've joined the crowds of the city. Seems like everyone in Texas is coughing, and I too am now one of them! I'm so happy to be part of the 'in crowd!' It's always lots of fun to cough your guts out and sigh and moan like the best of 'em. Flu season is here folks!!


  1. Hey good morning! Sorry you are coughing and hope it isn't the real flu. They always say that if it gets cold enough, the cold kills cold viruses. Well, it's really cold and that virus ain't dead yet. And I can't believe it's only 14 days till Christmas. I have to delay that, say another month or two, OK? No time right now for Christmas until after Christmas!

  2. I don't believe you that you dislike unnecessary things lol ! Or are all your little witches and Santas necessary, lol ?? And shy ???? I doubt it very much !

  3. Hey Gattina....I didn't write the meme!!!! If you read further I tell Santa I'd much prefer toys!!!! LOL

  4. Mishelle (

    I {{puffy heart}} Superman!! :D

    P.S. Unruly kids in public are the worst. I complain, too.

  5. Good Morning Anni,
    I hope you aren't getting the flu. That is no fun especially here at Christmas. Better start taking some meds for it. Have a couple of hot totty's or a few beers. LOL. I hate the phone menu thing as well. It just irratates me. Waste's too much of my time. LOL. I'm like you. I don't really need anything for Christmas. As long as I have my family and health, then I have everything I need. Well, take care my friend and have a great Tuesday. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Karen H.

  6. Gday Anni, Oh theres a few complaints there that i agree with you on No.1 unruly kids yep on top of the list
    next would be 2,8, 10,...
    Hope your feeling better tomorrow and coughing doesn't turn in to the flu..

  7. Well another February birthday!! YEAH!! would you share when yours is? Mine is the 20th!! February is such a small month but loaded with good birthdays!! I read that meme before and I dont really think a lot of it sounds like me even!! Sorry about he coughing and joining the "in crowd". Did you get a flu shot? I got mine!! Hopefully you will feel great soon.
    I also agree with you about wanting anything for Christmas. I have all that i ever want or need too..

  8. Hi! Is that you in the A-Team ID? You are so beautiful. Superman is one of my favorite heroes!

  9. I hope your cough goes away before Santa arrives :)
    I am currently strongly disliking Daylight Savings Time Adjustments: can't find the right button combination for the clock in my new car and it was supposed to get the new hour via satellite...but nope, the old hour is still showing and I have to THINK everytime I look at it...I don't have that kind of time!!

  10. I still enjoy the Superman movies! In your list of complaints I so agree with #8.

    Hope you start feeling better soon.

  11. Anni,

    I'm so sorry that you are coughing and are not feeling up to par. I too have this and am hoping it leaves me before we leave for Florida. I'm not up to a vacation with two special needs boys if I'm sick. LOL

    I loved your post today. I learn something new about you almost everytime I come here. I treasure your friendship and will keep you in my prayers.

    Did you receive my emails? Maybe they are in your junk folder once again.

    Take care, Anni. I hope you beat this thing. Be sure to get lots of rest.


  12. PS. If you'd like to see a unique Santa take a look at my last post. You'll love it!

  13. I'm sorry Anni, hope I didn't send my cough your way...great post for HoT this week, who could not want to see Superman flying through the sky....I miss Christopher Reeve, he'll always be "my" Superman.
    Get some rest and feel better, I find a nice cup of tea soothing.

    Oh and I did do your Christmas Meme, it is on my site....didn't want you to miss it, you did a great job writing it.

  14. Anni love darling.....when you are feeling better would you make me a graphic very similar to your "A Book I'm Into"??????
    I love it and would think it is a great addition to my Book Review blog.
    And you know I will give credit where credit is due.
    Love ya!

  15. Hi Anni. Sorry about your cough. Hope you'll feel better soon.

    I enjoy watching Superman movies especially the original version. I think he will always be a well loved superhero. My son also likes him.

  16. how can we forget superman when we talk about sky :)

  17. I need Superman to come rescue me from this ice storm right now!

  18. i can just imagine the voice over announcer delivering those lines.
    thanks for dropping by! I feel so honored. I mean you're D Hootin' Annie and i'm just a grasshopper. = )

  19. Lifecruiser.com12/11/2007

    Superman... Hm, I would have thought that ypu sould choose the superwoman ;-)

    Coughing hah? Well, half of the population in Sweden seem to have it too. And don't dare to say anything more about it... *giggles*

    I hope you get rid of it much faster than the ones I know!

    I spy in the sky at the sea

  20. Our Heads or Tails was pretty close.

  21. Anni,

    I received your email and have sent you another.

    Love your Superman graphic.


  22. yay super man!

    Happy Tuesday!

  23. When I was in elementary school, I would rush home from school, get some milk and graham crackers, and sit to watch Superman on TV. In black and white. :)

  24. Great choice for H/T! :)

  25. Anni,

    I have received your email and have done as you requested.

    Love ya, Gal.

  26. Hi Anni, We still have power! Yea! I am so happy!! and warm!
    Sorry you are feeling bad! That stinks for sure! I hope you get to feeling better real quick!!

    Your birthday is in Feb!

    I hate the phone thing too!! press this and that on and on!! Hugs, Grams

  27. If by "unruly" you mean disrespectful, I completely agree with you! I can't stand children who lack common courtesy. I know they're children, but once they reach a certain age, there's no longer an excuse. I am especially annoyed when I see them being rude to their own parents, and then the parents reward them by buying them unnecessary things.

    Toys are necessary. *wink*

    Thanks for visiting my HoT!

  28. Hehe! I did the 10 things I want for Christmas ToT. I want mainly toys too but I wouldn't mind having a pretty necklace!

  29. Yay! Superman! Great, fun choice for Heads or Tails. Sorry to hear about the cough - hope you feel better soon. Happy Tuesday!

  30. Hi Anni,

    It's never good to be sick but especially not a good thing this time of year.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  31. Vic Grace12/12/2007

    I liked all the Superman moves, what a shame that the actor suffered such a terrible fate.

    Cariboo Ponderer