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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

added to my Mitchell Report Opinion written
earlier this morning

I am finally finished with Santa. I glued the eyes and lips on today with glass beads that are flat on one side. Blue for the eyes and red for the lips. I'm done. I can't tell you how happy I am that it's completed. I really didn't care for the way he turned out. The pattern would have made a much better looking angel. hehehehe And after I got the body completed and the arms attached the bearded head was quite top leans. Next year? Ya, I'll probably attempt making another with a much different pattern.

    Everything on this except the eyes, hat bell, and lips is crocheted. The beard is white mohair thread [along with the white 'fur' around the sleeves, the hat, and the button down fur] The hair is a chain stitch with white thread. The face is pink thread. The body, hat, and the sleeves are done with red thread, and the belt is black thread. All done with a size "0" crochet hook.
Thanks to "Free Crochet Patterns Online" for the use of the pattern.


...and speaking of "America's Sport"; baseball - With the recent outcome of the Mitchell's Report, a 409 page testimony of the abuse and use of performance enhancing hormonal drugs in the sport [actually, the entire sports world anymore from baseball, to football and beyond to the World Olympics!] and the athletes, I say: More power to 'em! If this is what it takes to get the whole concept of 'true' sports accomplishments, then so be it.

And I personally don't think there is any evidence that this report is false accusations of the players. Tho, honestly, I've not seen or witnessed any ONE of the players that actually 'shoot up' or inject the hormones, I can honestly say that of all the decades of me watching players and seeing the progression of performance that would astound even their own mothers in an off season to the opening season following, there has to be some truth to it. And of course, the general public will never have the knowledge as this would put a black mark on the sport. It's kept behind closed doors. But, perhaps now that it's out in the open, I think it's a GOOD thing!! I'm hoping that with the list of 85 players on the report that it will 'scare the whole sports league to clean up their acts and play some true ball games!!! I mean really, if this were a false published statement, the list of 85 players could have the highest of court rulings against Sen. Mitchell and sue, sue, sue!! I'm sure within the first 24 hours of its release, there would've been lawsuits of slander, defamation of character, false witness, among so many more suits within hours of its release. Our Senator did his homework. Of course, there is bound to be denial everywhere, no doubt even with some loyal fans.

I do know from a personal level [not me] what steroid injections can do to the heart. I watched intently, when I could, with close-ups and watching him play during our Spring Training a certain Giant outfielder...he would constantly be seen holding his chest. It produces a dangerous effect on the heart and other vital organs. And only to enhance your ability to achieve? Why? I ask. And it was shortly thereafter he put on an extreme amount of weight. I saw first hand a Denver Bronco under the use of steroids. He died from cancer from the over-use of steroids. At the young age of 42-43!! It's scary. And it's scary to think that our young kids who idolize these players are watching and taking it all in. Thinking, perhaps without parental guidance, that it is all good. After all, peer pressure to excel in anything is very strong today, and kids will try anything that they can mimic! The attitude of "If star athletes can do this and get by without any repercussions, I can too!" It's nature.

There's been a strong reaction from fans since this report's release. Perhaps a GOOD thing will come from this: I for one, a great baseball and football fan, I would hope that this would and WIIL bring some reform to the sports field and bring forth HONEST players and achievers.

If this cleans up the sports arenas and helps our society and our younger generations to come...I would not feel any sympathy for today's players...they brought it on by themselves, they pay the consequences. Altho, I can't honestly say that it would do any good to chastise them either, in keeping them from playing still, and they should be allowed to continue their choice of occupation. I do strongly believe that if there is evidence against them of any illegal acts or any wrong-doing according to the rules of play and the game, if they have received accolades and used steroids to accomplish this, the award or prestige should be rescinded. They cheated. They played against the work ethics.


    ..."The culmination of former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell's 20-month investigation into steroid and performance enhancing drug use in the sport — cast a dark shadow [sic]implicated several of the game's biggest stars, and called the pervasiveness of the drug culture "a serious threat to the integrity of the game.""

    ..."The ramifications stretched far beyond baseball Thursday, sending reverberations through the other leagues and all the way to the White House, where President Bush's spokeswoman expressed hope this "marks the beginning of the end of steroid abuse.""



  1. Good for you, Anni! Some talking head this morning was saying that this would have no effect on the sport, that the fans already knew what wa happening and that, as long as records are broken and boxoffice records also broken, no one cares. I do not believe that! I do not think that is what we want our kids to learn or to believe. Thanks for bringing this up today.

    And thanks for turning my cursor into a Santa hat!

  2. How can they feel good if they win the game by cheating? And that's exactly what this reminds me of - cheating!!!

    Thanks, Anni, for your comments about my upcoming heart procedure. You helped me a lot, just hearing it from someone who's had it done.

    Have a good weekend.

  3. Anni,

    Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention. Teens do watch the sports idols and they will use steriods if they know their idols are getting away with it. I'm glad this has broken wide open and I hope a stop is put to it. There's no need to take steriods to win a game. In my mind a game (even professional sports) is just that - a game and win or lose, the important thing is sportsmanship of which there is none if the players are taking steroids.

    BTW, I just sent you an email. ;-)

    I'll keep you in suspense after you get it.