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This week, I'm showing my two kids
"Growth Charts in Photos"

The top photo is of our first born...Irene. It's from her baby picture taken at the hospital up to her high school graduation [dressed in hot pink] to her marriage & now
'ex' [kissing]. The bottom photo is of our 2nd born...Erik. The grouping of framed photos is from his birth hospital photo through graduation to his first leave from the Marine Corps..........

Irene - top left to right [sittin' with daddy, smoking a pipe *hers is plastic, not real - LOL*, hospital birth photo, graduation photo] - middle left to right [Junior photo, fishin' with grandpa] bottom left to right - [Getting her first phone *big mistake* and Irene with her now 'ex' hubby]

Erik - top left to right [our toe-head blond chinking the log cabin walls, learning to play poker] - middle left to right [USMC boot camp leave with grandpa, Junior year] bottom left to right - [Graduation photo, shootin' baskets, birth photo]


I FINALLY GOT MY SCANNER/PRINTER WORKING ON THE NEW COMPUTER! Believe it or not, I had to go get a new driver, 'cause the one on the scanner [it's only a year old] was 'outdated and not compatible with Windows Vista'!! Dang, it irks me that the common consumer has NO SAY in new products; always something new to do and readjust and reinstall!!! And on this note............

I'm gonna begin another little blog project for Friday's along with my Friday Fixin's. It's called Phriday's Phavorite Photo Phun [Friday's Favorite Photo Fun]. Each Friday I'll be posting one of my favorite snapshots. Be they from a long time photo album, scanned, or one I recently took. This is my PHIRST [first] picture; I scanned: the "Sparkling City by the Bay"...where I live. It's near the downtown area about 5 minutes' drive from our home, along the bayfront, early in the morning hours. I love the captured sunrise, and a sailboat's sails -they were glowing in the early morning sun. The sea was so calm this particular morning it was just like a plate of glass. And, of course, a favorite of mine; the seagull atop a piling. It's always more breathtaking than a photo shows. On this particular day, so calm, so quiet, so peaceful!!!

If you'd like to join, won't you add your url to the list below? Don't forget to say a 'howdy-do' to me....I like visitors!! And you're more than welcomed to the Phriday Phavorite Photo Phun Header!! Grab it while you're here. But of course, only if you participate---



results: higher peaks!



  1. What a nice idea to frame those pictures of your kids and see them growing! ;-)

    Thanks a lot for your "vote" for the favourite garden month! Well, my favourite months are May and June (due to all the alliums).

    Have a great Friday, Anni!

    Best wishes, Anita

  2. Thanks for sharing you family. I like how your arranged the photos.

  3. Thanks for the tip ;) Just the other day I made meringue, I'll try it next time. Have a great Friday.

    Thanks for your comment ;)

  4. Good Morning Anni,
    I love the photo's of your children. You have some beautiful children. "THANK YOU" for sharing them with us. I have a couple of frames that I need to fix up of the girls. It's a school photo frame. It starts them out in Kindergarten and takes it thru Graduation. Maybe I will work on that this coming year. LOL. I love the picture of the Sailboat. That is just stunning. "THANK YOU" for sharing that as well. "THANK YOU" for the tip on the meringue. I don't bake, but I can always share it with someone that does. I just finished putting up my Show & Tell Friday post. I will start doing your Photo Phun next week if that's okay. Is there any set rules? I don't have a scanner hooked up to my computer. I do have some pictures that I have saved on my computer. You can let me know. I enjoyed your Show & Tell Friday and the tip on the meringue as well. Take care my friend and have a great Friday. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  5. Funny thing is: I was just thinking of going over here when you commented on my blog!

    That's a very nice way of presenting your family photos. They look lovely - just as their Mom :-)

    Oh, that is a gorgeous photo of the sailboat! I love the calm water - and the seagull at the top of the pole there.

    I need to go through my old photos too, but I doubt that there are many photos I want to save. i was not much of a photographer earlier...

    Sounds like a easy and fun Friday meme. It's a pity that I've decided not participate so much in memes that I have done. I've even missed some of the Saturdays photo hunts for the first time since it started! Though I might drop in on yours Fridays occasionally anyway since they are easy when you can choose yourself totally :-)

    Oh, that Meringue looks too yummy... Thanks for the tip.

  6. Anni!
    Those photo growth charts are great! I love that idea. You have been busy redesigning your blog again too! Blessings on a marvelous New Year!!

  7. What a neat idea to do a photo collage like that! I had always wanted to get one of those frames where you could put in kids' school pictures for each year -- but couldn't because I didn't have one for each year. I like this idea better.

  8. Isn't amazing how fast children grow? My eldest turns 3 in January and it's just so hard to imagine that so much time has gone by. I feel like I missed her baby days.

  9. I do love your "photo growth charts"... such a wonderful idea, kind of like a memory box put up on the wall for all to enjoy:-)

    Thanks for sharing... and thanks for your sweet comments on my site. You are a blessing:-)

  10. Anonymous12/28/2007

    Hello Anni,

    I am not sure if you have Friday's Feast here somewhere, but I do love your family photos in those beautiful frames. Thanks for sharing those memories with us. :D


  11. Wonderful pictures, Anni! You and your family must love looking at them and remembering the fun times.
    P.s. "Hootin' Anni" works just fine for Mr. Linky! It's only when there is a name, a blog and their show and tell and then line wraps around 3 times..hehehe.

  12. Great idea but I cannot join today as I am just too busy with my house and trying to get it back in some sort of order!! Whatever that is!! I love your pictures!! I have a new camera so I will be taking more I am sure. I have always loved taking pictures anyway!!
    Hope your Friday goes well..Sandy

  13. Anonymous12/28/2007

    I enjoyed looking at your pictures~I just love the black and white baby pictures!!

  14. A great collection of photos. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Love the photos in the frames!!

  16. What a great way to capture the memories of your children!

  17. I loved the picture of the bay, sunrise, sail boat and the sea gull!! How beautiful! You must just love living this close to the sea!!

    I would like to do this next Friday! I got a late start today.... love and hugs Carolyn

  18. What a lovely way to display the photos and time span.

  19. Those pictures are awesome! How nice to have a window into their lives all in one frame! They look and sound like great kids! You must be proud!

    :0) Sharon

  20. I love the idea of those photos of your kids - think I'll have to steal it!

  21. I like those photo collages of your children, I think I am going to try to put together a scrapbook for each of mine next year. I have been delving through the photos and I think that will be my New Year's resolution to get all photos in some kind of album and sorted. Anni is a beautiful name, my youngest daughter's middle name is Ann. It means "grace."