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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

...join us over at Kelli's "There is no place like home"!!

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I could hardly wait to do this week's Show N Tell! Since yesterday I had received something special...from someone very special. There's more to this story, at the end of my Friday's Show N Tell...........This Friday, it's more or less an eclectic set of photos from around the house. My Christmas bargains!! All holiday themed of course, but hey ---Christmas only comes once a year and I'm playing with it with gusto. The first photo is.....

....a Santa Toothpick holder. LOL One fine Sunday when hubby and I were out to our weekly brunch, I was going through the holiday paper sale ads. And I saw this at Walgreen's Drug Store...with the coupon this toothpick holder was 29 cents. Couldn't say no to that deal.

I found this pretty poinsettia dish at the island's thrift store. It too was a bargain. I think I paid a whole 59 cents for this gem. I love poinsettias 2nd to Santas so home it went with me. It's ceramic and once it was cleaned shines like new!!

Another bargain....this time last week at an antique store, we found the two Santa pitchers on sale in one of the peddlers' booths. They are ceramic and neither one has a nick or chip or scratch on the finish.

But best of all, hubby and I got out of the store only paying ----ready? A whole whopping $5.00 for the both of them. $2.50 a piece. At times it can be a profitable time spent at antique stores...other times they're so way over-priced you'd think you were in Tiffany's.


AND!!!! I RECEIVED MY SECRET SANTA GIFT IN THE SNAIL MAIL!!! I can't wait to tell you what it is....Our group of ladies sharing in this annual event has a rule tho...we can't show and tell what the gift is until everyone has received their gifts or Christmas-whichever comes first. I'M SO EXCITED TO TELL YOU....IT'S UNBELIEVABLE!! (yes, I was instructed to open it when I received it...and boy howdy I'm glad my secret santa told me to do so!!!) :::whispering::: "Shhhhhh, my secret santa is:" ----

OOPS can't tell you that 'til later either!



Make up a word and give us its definition.

Supergobslopsish -self explanatory. Super --large, colossal Gob --bunch or mass Slops -waste, watery, soupy and the suffix "ish" meaning related to: Hence relating to a large mass of waste!! How's that for a word. Now, go use it in a sentence!! Oh and it'd be pronounced sooper gob SLOPS ish.

What is currently your favorite song?

I can never really name just one in these silly questions. Right now, I seem to be humming "Ave Maria" a lot. So, guess for the time being it's my favorite. Tho I love music/songs!!!


What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year?

You mean other than my own doodling of a retro Santa? Just to be here on earth, alive and well, to celebrate. *shrug* I really don't have a list.

Main Course
Name a scent that reminds you of someone special in your life.

I've liked and always will like the scent "English Leather". It reminds me of someone very special to me from my past.

Who is someone on television that you feel probably shouldn’t be, and why?

I don't watch that much television. My answer is very vague because of that. I don't know their names, I really don't know who they are--- I think maybe the American Idol hosts...I've never set myself down to watch it...but even just the previews/commercials about the show makes my blood curdle. Or from other previews, anyone who is part of the Survivor Series in general...

But, I have a question on these Feast menus---------WHY ALWAYS television questions? There IS more to life than the 'boob tube'!!!!!!! On the header for this meme it states "A buffet for your brain". Personally, I don't have to use my brain much these past few weeks on the F F menu, no thinking to it, all I need to do is use the same ol' stuff from prior weeks "I don't do this much, or that much......" Same ol' same ol'. So, this will probably be my closing menu for participation. I really am seriously thinking that the feasts are just too mundane for me to do, I'd rather just visit the chefs--it'll be worth while then. And this is only for own personal opinion.


  1. Good Evening Anni,
    Thanks for coming by this morning and visiting with me. I so appreciated that and the kind words you said to me. I do love your Santa Bargains. Instead of a Bargain, you got a Steal. LOL. I guess I am just gonna have to move from the South and move somewhere else. I can't believe at all the bargains and finds that yall find. They sure are gorgeous. I love the Santa Pitchers. That Ceramic Bowl with the Poinsetta's on it would look right good with my Christmas Poinsetta Dishes I have. Thanks so much for sharing your bargains with us. I be durned, it you ain't just teasing us about your Secret Santa Gift. I guess I'll just have to make sure I watch that episode. LOL. Well, take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Karen H.

  2. Oh, Anni,

    You're such a KID about Christmas! :) Lol- like ME!!! I LOVE all your Christmas goodies...all your posts have been fun to read!

    Can't wait to know what your Secret Santa gift was!! :)

    I'll be back!


  3. Hi Anni, You and Pea from Pea's Corner always find the best deals.I will check out the show-N-tell blog.Have a wonderful day tomorrow and show us your gift when you open it. Hugs, Baba

  4. Hi Anni,

    You sure got some good bargains. I especially like the tooth pick holder and the poinsettia bowl.

    I hope you will visit my blog and give me some feed back about my doctor's visit today. Baba said she thinks you have had the procedure they are going to do on me.

    Thanks Anni

  5. How fun to get the package in the mail! I love all your pretty Christmas ceramics. We have a santa toothpick holder too!

    Merry Christmas! Sharon

  6. Anni,

    LOL Now you have my curiosity piqued. I can hardly wait to see what is inside.

    Love your Santa pitchers and the other things you bought. What a great deal.

    You have been tagged!! Information on my last post. Enjoyed your STF.


  7. Annie your blog page filled with christmas cheer is a pleasure to visit today I love looking at everything your show & tell's are gems!

    so nice to be visiting today.

  8. Love your bargains! and can't wait to see what Secret Santa sent to you!
    Your feast cheered me up, it's not a good day today so I am glad I visited your blog :)

  9. GREAT BARGAINS Anni...I love anything that does not cost me much!! YES! I have to agree with the FF questions of late..Course though i would not like to be the one making them up either!! I got a gift from the UPS guy last night. A beautiful gold necklace with a flip flop on the end from my old friends in Illinois. i was thrilled that they still think of me. Sandy

  10. You have a right to your opinions :-) I agree....some of the questions can be dull, thought we'd get a workout here!

  11. You're not the first person I have seen questioning the tv related questions. (Does that make any sense?)

    I can't wait to see what you got from your Secret Santa! Happy Friday!

  12. You are a good bargain shopper. I would have fun with you for sure!!
    Love your santa pitchers.

    Take care,

  13. Hi Anni! I love your collection of Christmas bargains. That's my kind of shopping. I'm glad you like my chair covers. They were quite the bargain too. My photo that I took for you is posting tomorrow... (Saturday) Like I said before after all the suspense you'll probably hate it :)
    oh and on the Friday Feast I was stumped this week and just couldn't find the strength to answer the questions.

  14. That's the tip of the top a santa Toothpic holder, lol ! and I am sooo proud because I have one in cat form !

    Re Friday Feast, since I don't take these questions seriously (since I participate almost a year, they never had been the intellectual kind) the stupider they are the most fun I get out of it ! I see it that way. I never knew that it was a "buffet for your brain" hahaha ! I wonder what kind of brain prepares these questions then.

  15. You have a great blog!!! So creative....I'm still so challenged. But you are not old. I'm 55 and 58 is just around the corner and we are the new 25......that's my story! :)

  16. Anni,

    I missed this but enjoyed reading it when I found it. I too am not a tv watcher. There's too much to life to sit in front of the tube, though once in a while around Christmas I will watch the odd movie. I'm sentimental about Christmas and like a good movie about times gone by.

    Thanks for doing the Christmas huppla. I forgot that you don't tag, but you can go ahead and break the rules.


  17. It's little details like these that make Christmas so fun. I love the toothpick holder!

  18. Love your dessert. There certainly is more to life than the "boob tube". Gave it up about three years ago. I love your salad and main course. Have a great FF and weekend. :)

  19. Hello Anni,

    Thanks for dropping by ChatnChill. I like your appetizer word. :)It is a mouthful there though.

    Is this really your last feast? Hope to see you at some other meme then. :)


  20. Barbara H.12/14/2007

    What good bargains you found! Cute!

    Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

  21. As long as they bring good memories and please your senses, your treasures are great.

  22. Anni, You have found some great bargains. Good for you. The pitchers are my favorites.
    Happy bargain hunting.

  23. Neat bargains! I love the pitchers!

    I've been away, then dealing with a crashed computer ETC! Got a lotta catching up to do here!


  24. Mama Pajama12/14/2007

    I know what you mean. We are addicted to the television! It's sort of sad...but I look forward to certain days of the week according to my favorite shows. My husband and I were just laughing at ourselves the other night when we were devastated...realizing we had missed our show that week. How dumb! : ) I enjoyed your feast!

  25. Now those are some wonderful bargains! Beautiful!

    (I love the look of your blog and the little Santa hat that appears when I move the cursor!) :D

  26. Haha - love your appetizer - great word. I don't watch much TV either, and I get really annoyed with people who have nothing to talk about except what's on the box. Have a great weekend!

    My Feast is up at Siani's Pot-Pourri.

  27. Wow cute pieces and really great prices!

    Thanks for sharing!


  28. Blogger ate my long comment!! I hate it when it does that!

    We got here a week ago today and have to leave tomorrow night. It's been awesome. We'll be home early Sunday morning just in time to rest a few minutes and get to our granddaughter's program at church - then we sing in our cantata in the evening. Yikes!!

    I hope I don't get banned from Show and Tell for not following the rules - I forgot that little piece!! So sorry!!

    YOur piece on steroid use was right on and well done. I was here when the Bronco died - so sad, and such a waste of great talent.

  29. I forgot to mention how much I love all your treasures. If you love poinsettias, wait till you see the pictures coming up!

  30. Agreed! Way too many FFs involve way too many menu items pertaining to TV. Bah! That said, you hit the nail directly on the head. I may just give up the FF thing, because of the TV related items every week.

    I've had enough.

    Best -

  31. I like your appetizer! :) I can't stand American bores me to tears! LOL! Most t.v. does stink, but I love The Biggest Loser, it inspires me seeing those people change their life for the better. I just got into it last season and before that I thought it sounded dumb. And I love CSI and CSI:NY...can't get into the Miami one, don't know why. And I love House. Other than that, I'm not a huge fan of stuff on t.v. (oh and I like channel 9 news out of Denver), but things do make me laugh.

  32. I love your treasures.

  33. I love all your bargains! You do a really good job!! I do like "Are you smarter then a 5th grader"!!
    A lot on TV is just plain yucky!! but you know I love sports too!! I watch the Chiefs, good years or bad years and this isn't a good one!!
    We are to get 4 to 7 in" starting this afternoon..... but not ice so that not bad we love snow!!
    I didn't do FF this week and I am going to my grand daughters Sarah's graduation party tomorrow so I am not doing Photo hunt either! Well there you have it my deal for today!! Love and hugs, Carolyn

  34. Your appetizer fits what I find in my basement sometimes....dang sump pump ya' know???
    I understand your view on the feasts....I was going to give it more time, maybe the Chef needs some inspiration with ideas???

    As always Anni love ya!!!

  35. Oh Anni, such wonderful treasures you found at the thrift and antique shops!! I especially love the ceramic Santa pitchers, they're adorable. I went back to the thrift shop today but didn't find anything this time...bummer! lol Oooooh I can't wait for you to be able to show what you received from your secret Santa!!! xox

  36. Will miss your Friday Feast if you do stop participating :-(

  37. What a beautiful site you have. Thanks for sharing your fun items.

  38. Anni, I want to come treasure shopping with you next time, you found so many wonderful things!
    I love the santa toothpick holder!
    P.s. Thank you for voting for me, you're a sweetie!