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step 1 - form small cookie dough balls

step 2 - set small santa timer for 30 min.

step 3 - remove from oven & use
quarter to show small ratio

step 4 - dust with small amount of
confectioner's sugar and
place on small santa serving tray

- - -

Mexican Wedding Cakes
Pecans, sweet butter dough, powdered sugar.

EASY Recipe

PS --I use vanilla extract instead of almond.

- - -

And last small photo is of a LIVE poinsettia plant. It's really, really, REALLY REAL. I'm not sure but the pot is probably no larger than 2 inches. And I placed it by a regular 6 oz coffee cup to show you comparison. It's pretty and fits very well on my cluttered desk!!


Lady Tink showed me the way! She told me that there is a good book to read. All about Santa Claus. The author is Frank Baum [of Wizard of Oz fame]. Now it can't be half bad, it can't be half bad at all if he wrote the book! I asked her if it was worth buying ---she came back and commented that it can be read online!! So, off I went in search. Well, I found several links to the story, online. This one I'm utilizing is Google Digital Books. It's illustrated. Hey, I like pictures. The book she told me about is entitled "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus"....

The first Chapter-

    "Have you heard of the great Forest of Burzee? Nurse used to sing of it when I was a child. She sang of the big tree-trunks, standing close together, with their roots intertwining below the earth and their branches intertwining above it; of their rough coating of bark and queer, gnarled limbs; of the bushy foliage that roofed the entire forest, save where the sunbeams found a path through which to touch the ground in little spots and to cast weird and curious shadows over the mosses, the lichens and the drifts of dried leaves.

    The Forest of Burzee is mighty and grand and awesome to those who steal beneath its shade. Coming from the sunlit meadows into its mazes it seems at first gloomy, then pleasant, and afterward filled with never-ending delights.

    For hundreds of years it has flourished in all its magnificence, the silence of its inclosure unbroken save by the chirp of busy chipmunks, the growl of wild beasts and the songs of birds.

    Yet Burzee has its inhabitants--for all this. Nature peopled it in the beginning with Fairies, Knooks, Ryls and Nymphs. As long as the Forest stands it will be a home, a refuge and a playground to these sweet immortals, who revel undisturbed in its depths.

    Civilization has never yet reached Burzee. Will it ever, I wonder? "

Thanks so much Lady Tink, for the 'heads up'.


  1. I love the small santa timer :)
    Hmmm cookies!

  2. I wish I could come to your house and eat one, or two or maybe 50 of those cookies since they are so small. I love your Christmas blog. I don't think I've mentioned how much I enjoy how you've decorated your blog for Christmas. I hope you have a good weekend.

  3. Yummy goodies. I've made cookies thus far, peanut butter balls are next!

  4. Oh man, now I want some cookies in a bad way! Great post!!
    The Rocky Mountain Retreat

  5. we just finished making snickerdoodles, I love them

  6. Anonymous12/14/2007

    Wow, thanks for the recipe. A cookie I haven't made before, and can add to my cookie baskets. Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend.

  7. You're quite welcome! I hope you enjoy it.

    Here is a site that has quite a few Christmas stories, novels, and poetry.

  8. Love the small pics. I really fancy some cookies now - and there's not a cookie in the house! Have a lovely weekend.

    My pics are up at Siani's Pot-Pourri.

  9. I'll take a small hand full of those sweet treats! :)

    Happy Hunting and Merry Christmas.

    Tisha @ CrAzY Working Mom

  10. What will come next in Santa form ?? Now it's a timer, lol ! It's like my cat collection only I also have the toilet brush holder in cat form ! Do you have this in Santa ??

  11. I would love to try those small cookies. They look great.

  12. Oh my gosh! I love that little cute!

    My Photo Hunt is up too! :)

  13. Oh, what a creative take on the theme!! love the small Santa timer and plate and would love to try the cookies.
    And thanks for the book link, didn't know google did that, too... I'll never get anything done around the house now...:)

  14. A great selection for this week's theme. I now have a hankering for one of those delicious cookies! Happy weekend

  15. Lifecruiser.com12/15/2007

    Of course it has to be xmas related, I should have known :-) The cookies look tasty. Never had one in real life. The poinsettia really is smaller than smallest. Fantastic.

  16. MissDJM12/15/2007

    Oh my gosh you have left me drooling. lol. The cookies look so good. The best cookies are always the home made one. Then adding the sugar to it makes it look even yummier.

    I think after work I'm going to make some cookies.

    Thank you for letting me know my link was bad, I went and fixed it. Have a great weekend.

    PS. I don't know how I missed it, but that quote above the comment box I pretty awesome too.

    Hello World, My Name is D

  17. I love the Santa timer (= Love it. Love it (= Have a fun weekend!

    And yeah, I have something small to show you too. I hope you can visit me
    here. Happy weekend.

  18. So much SMALL! You prove that SMALL is important too :)
    Purrs Mickey

  19. Can I have a cookie? Thanks for the story too. I finally posted my tour of Ste Michelle Winery and the photo I took for you. I hope you aren't disappointed after all the hype! Anyway I thought it was charming. As always you give us more than we bargained for..thanks. Have a great weekend.

  20. Oh, now THAT was a fun take on small! YUMMY!

  21. I havent baked all season..YET!! I am thinking about not doing it at all too!! You are just too good!! They look good..I gain calories just looking at all the great baking that people are doing this time of the year...Sandy

  22. love those cookies, funny how every one calls them something different, my grandma called them russian tea cakes, my friend calls them rollie pollies, and I have also heard them called mexican wedding cake.
    The timer was cute:)

  23. I always love coming to your blog! It is always so colorful! Like them cookies!

  24. yes I want one too cute post

  25. Hey hon, I put FM for the 17th on my sidebar with a link to Kitten.
    Thanks for all your kind words on my lil guys post!

  26. Anonymous12/15/2007

    Oh now those small cookies have my stomach rumbling! I have to take your word they're small as I don't know how big a quarter is (though I grant you there is a limit to how large a coin can usefully be:) )

  27. OH... how great your cookies look and they must taste good too!!!I need to do some baking for Christmas and surprise my daughters.You have the cutest timer; your Santa is precious.Have a fun day. Hugs ...

  28. love the cookie more "lol", thanks for sharing. Mine is up at 4Seasons Of My Life
    and 2Cents Worth . Hope you can visit me too. Happy Hunting !!!

  29. I enjoyed all your small baking! :-) looks liek you're all decked out for Christmas. HOpe you are enjoying your holidays.

  30. I did my small photo today too

  31. i love Mexican Wedding Cakes - but i have never made them. i'm going to have to try that easy recipe!

    great choices for this week's theme! happy photo hunting!

  32. Cookies look great! So does your blog btw!

  33. love your satna timer..hmmm thats a interesting sweet stuff you have here..I never tried that before.. have a great weekend! Mine is up too

  34. Christmas cookies!!! Can I have some? Looks yummy!

  35. Before I forget to mention it, thank you for changing my cursor to a santa's hat. I love.

    Also, thank you for the recipe for the Mexican Wedding Cake. I sometimes buy these around Christmas, but I'll bet the home made ones would be so much better.

    Enjoyed reading your photo hunt for today.

  36. Hi Anni. I think that dessert will be to my liking. It's so cook that even your timer is in tune with Christmas. That Santa timer is so cute.

    That small Poinsettia is lovely.

  37. What a perfectly delightful small post, Annie! I LOVE that Santa kitchen timer, and thanks for the recipe. Thanks for stopping by Pollywog Creek earlier and I hope your weekend flys by and you get your delivery first thing Monday morning! Blessings!

  38. yummmmm - the smaller the cookie, the more I can stuff in my mouth LOL - my small post is up here.
    Check out my Christmas Tree post if you have a moment -- am curious to see what type of present you might leave! Take care, Larry

  39. We LOVE Mexican Wedding cakes too, and sometimes make those. Christmas is a great time to break out those cookie recipes and enjoy them.

  40. Gotta love the Santa timer and the cookies too, of course.

    Have a great weekend, Anni!


  41. Those small cookies look yummy! That poinsettia is very small too!

  42. Oh, I gain so much weight this time of year! But surely those cookies can't be too bad!?
    Lovely for "small"

  43. A good post of the Small theme by sharing a recipe here and the great stuff along you are is so Christmassy feel...

    Just would like to have a bite on the dough..

    Btw, thanks dropping by at my small theme.