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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out
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Blue Momma is hosting this week. We're to show an unfinished project. So, here's mine:


I started this about a month ago believe it or not...and, what with the weather finally cooling down enough to actually do some yard work then, the Thanksgiving holiday and now decorating the house for Christmas, it seems to just lie around, unfinished.

I'm using a crochet angel pattern and tweaking it a bit here and there- taking off the wings, and adding a beard eventually; and guess what? Yep, you guessed ---it'll be a Santa.

By the time he's finished he'll be starched heavily to be free standing.......

Robinella will host next week!!


Let me tell you about the case of the M&Ms!!

Okay, the other day we were taken back in time with a Fun our childhood days, if we could remember back that far! [Ya, I had a very hard time thinking of something that was worthy to actually jot down in my blog!] But that's not the point here. The thing is, I had mentioned how I scared the bee-jesus outta my hubby of just a little over a year. With his vulnerability of watching spooky stuff! And then I mentioned about him still getting ready for revenge. But, I digress. Anywhooo, while reading some of the other blooger participants' entries for that day, someone mentioned eating bugs that looked like candy [or was it raisins?]---which brought a whole incident back from the cobwebs of my brain. An incident that proves I have ornery genes! Ornery is in my blood!!!

My older brother by 12 years was the epitome of ornery. He never failed to be in trouble. With the family members, in school [he quit at his 11th year - didn't graduate], and with the law...he and our father were given a choice after he was arrested in Las Vegas - either he goes to jail or he goes to the USMC boot camp in San Diego. My father opted to have him trained as a Marine. Well, that isn't the point of my story either. Because the two of us, after I grew up - we were inseparable. The best of buds. Even after we both were evenutally married [NOT to one another, geez!!!] And the four of us, his wife and my hubby and bro and me...we got along like peas in a pod. AND when he was honorably discharged [he DID straighten out after the Corps], I was still young enough for him to protect. And that he did. His little sister was taken under his wing. But wait ---there were times that he couldn't resist his ornery streak...and he still was a big brother. And you know just how the older siblings can treat the younger babies of the family...all in fun of course. I hold nothing against him ---

The story has to do with M&Ms candies.
We had a lot of land in the foothills.
And we raised rabbits at one time or another.
Take the chocolate looking rabbit turds, and paint them bright colors --what do you get?

M & Ms
Rabbit turds.
'Nough said.
Except for this....I was spitting for weeks afterward. While my brother, left holding the paint dripping yellow paint-brush, laughed for decades after it all came about!! [Now that he's passed away, I hafta giggle about it. No harm --it was just another of the many practical jokes that hurt no-one. Besides, when the story came around to my hubby of a few years, by then, he blatantly stuck up for my brother by telling me "It's nothing but protein...good for you".]



  1. Good luck with that Santa, although I have to tell you that right now it looks more like a cock sock.

  2. That will be a cute Santa ! I like to do decorations and put things together but nothing with stitching, knitting or whatever. Give me the finished products and I make you an ET, when necessary with Santa hat, lol !
    I would love to send you a cat pebble ! the hick is they are quite big and heavy at least the once I still have in stock. People probably didn't want them because of that reason. All the small once were gone quite quickly ! But I certainly will do them again and only little once !

  3. I wish I were handy that way... I used to crochet, but never ventured past big rectangular afgans - or at least they were supposed to be rectangular. They actually were trapizoidal.

  4. Can't wait for pics of the finished Santa! Lovely post.

  5. Good luck with Santa, great idea.
    That M&M story - LOL - but not nice for you!
    29 days till Christmas - do not scare me like that. I really need to go shopping!

  6. I can't help but giggle and wonder what other pranks you and your brother played on each other through the yesrs. Your poor husband never had a chance!

    I'm not sure that a project you are currently working on counts as unfinished though. How wonderful that you are so organzized that you don't really have any. :)

  7. I wish I had the patience to crochet something like that. Afghans and sweaters are all I'm brave enough to try.

  8. Protein? GAG! My mom used to make mud pies with pee and make her brothers eat them. At least that explains what was wrong with them! lol.

    Love the new "set design". Be sure and finish soon and show the completed Santa. Should be sweet.

  9. Your Santas will be adorable. Are you always this organized?

    And remind me never to eat M&Ms around you. Yikes!

  10. Oh how I wish I had no unfinished projects. That Santa is going to be adorable I bet!

  11. I think you've now spoiled M & Ms for me. Thanks. That is actually a good thing!

  12. I like a project that can stand on its own. The M & N story is a great brother/sister story.

  13. willowtree has totally distracted me from what I was going to say. Now all I can think of is "cock sock," and I was doing SO much better when I was thinking of "smudged sheep."

  14. Good luck on the angel. oh, I mean Santa. M&M's I'll never look at them the same!

  15. that's wonderful. Unfortunately I don't have a creative bone in my body when it comes to those things. Very very nice. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog. My fm is up now.

    Robin of mytwoblessings

  16. Anni,

    That will be another beautiful Santa to add to your collection. When I was shopping with hubby today, I saw several beautiful Santas and thought how much you would love to see them.

    My brother and I played some pranks on one another, but thank goodness he never did anything like this. LOL What a memory.

    I've done the Christmas meme that you started. I enjoyed reading your answers and that inspired me.


  17. Ahh. Of course! I should've known it would be a Santa! He's shaping up nicely.

  18. Fun Mondaying....that is a cute uh...Santa that you are making. Being a guy, croqueting would not be my forte...but it is obviously yours.

    Look forward to seeing the finished piece.

  19. I think I've seen those starched crocheted santa's and they're so cute! Hope Santa is standing proud soon :o)

  20. Goodness Anni, you have been a busy girl. I am just making my Fun Monday rounds, and you have already posted your Wordless Wednesday.