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Happy Tuesday to you all!! Skittles has for us - "Vote, or anything that begins with the letter 'V'!!" Ummmmm, I'm not even thinking of voting yet[the candidates leave a lot to be desired], I'll post about the LETTER 'v' and then a JOKE about Hillary. Guess I'm playing with Heads AND Tails this week then, don't you think?

[one of my favorite authors]
Edgar Allen Poe's


Once it smiled a silent dell
Where the people did not dwell;
They had gone unto the wars,
Trusting to the mild-eyed stars,
Nightly, from their azure towers,
To keep watch above the flowers,
In the midst of which all day
The red sunlight lazily lay.
Now each visitor shall confess
The sad valley's restlessness.
Nothing there is motionless-
Nothing save the airs that brood
Over the magic solitude.
Ah, by no wind are stirred those trees
That palpitate like the chill seas
Around the misty Hebrides!
Ah, by no wind those clouds are driven
That rustle through the unquiet Heaven
Uneasily, from morn till even,
Over the violets there that lie
In myriad types of the human eye-
Over the lilies there that wave
And weep above a nameless grave!
They wave:- from out their fragrant tops
Eternal dews come down in drops.
They weep:- from off their delicate stems
Perennial tears descend in gems.



My deep violet-blue amethyst ring came by Snail Mail Friday!
It's beautiful! And a perfect fit! The craftsmanship is super. I'm a fan of Ebay again. LOL


....and last but not least - VOTE [voting---whatever] And, since women in our country were not even considered 'human/smart enough' to vote before 1920....I thought I'd step in with our many 2008's runners for nomination for the Democratic Presidential Ballot -- that IS WOMAN; for PREZ--hear her roar......

"The Washington Post reports that Senator H. C.* is trying to win the Democratic nomination by reaching out to women. After hearing this, her hubby, B.C. said, 'Oh sure, when she does it........... it's okay?'"

*I found this of one of our candidates on the 'net. It's not my art work. Sadly to say....'cause I love it!!!!


"List TEN words that describe you"---

  • short

  • happy

  • intelligent - most times

  • crafty - in more ways than one *wink*

  • Irish

  • corny -I am what I eat!

  • shopaholic

  • flexible - I can still bend & touch my toes

  • gardener

  • Gramma!

There....that's done! Wow. Difficult.
Join in on Ten on Tuesday
[she's had computer problems the past month, but she's getting there!]


  1. Love the Poe! Good take on the theme.

  2. I enjoyed that poem a lot. I haven't read much of his poetry, just his stories. Thank you!

  3. That was a really cool take on this weeks Heads or Tails. Love the layout of your blog, Very pretty!

  4. I absolutely LOVE Edgar Allen Poe!
    I love your take on the theme.. :D

  5. Oh, your ring CAME! That's great! And it's perfect! Very good! Very good!

  6. Anni you are so original and you always make me smile.You are very creatiVe.
    Your blog is so inViting.

  7. If we are what we eat than I am a Starburst marinated short rib...

    My answers are here.

  8. what a beautiful ring!! I LOVE ebay too--you can get some really cool stuff on there!! Have a great Tuesday!!

  9. Loved your H or T. I love Edgar Allen Poe as well! The H. Clinton picture was really funny. Thanks for stopping by my site - and yes he has a big'o scar....but you know guys - they like their scars. It took about a year to really heal all the way....Boys are so hard headed about going to the doctor! (smile)


    Love the pic of H.C. :D

    I have a gift for you at my blog.

    I adore your blog. :D

  11. Hey,
    thanks for sharing the 10 things abt u..

  12. I enjoyed your post, and also the new look.

  13. What a great post. It had everything: poetry, a joke, and beautiful jewelry. You are intelligent ;)

  14. Interesting take on V this week. Poe really has a strange mind...
    I don't much like Hillary C. AT ALL so didn't think it was funny, sorry. But that's what happens when you put political stuff up. Some people agree and some don't, welcome to America! LOL

  15. I like corny. Lovely list for 10 on Tuesday.

  16. I like your take on this week's theme - and the poem! :)

  17. Hi - Happy Ten on Tuesday! I'm sorta crafty too but...well sorta LOL...all I can do is scrapbook, cross stitchces and that about it.

    Great list, and I hope to learn more about you :)

    Here Mine!

    Julia - Yen

  18. I LOVE Edgar Allen Poe!
    I did both of these memes too, and I really enjoyed reading yours!
    By the way, your link on Skittles' page isn't right (it puts an extra --anni in the address and so you don't get to your blog). You might want to go and put your name in her blog again. Glad I was able to find you.

  19. enjoy your Tuesday posting and mostly the poem posted.

  20. Anni - I want to sign up for the fun Monday that you are hosting...when I click the post comment button...nothing happens.

    Sign me up please (Mother may I?)

  21. Your ring is so pretty!

    :0) Sharon

  22. I remember reading works of Edgar Allen Poe in school and I agree, he is a great author.

    That's a beautiful ring! A beautiful gem that suits you well.

    You can find my V here.

  23. I am borrowing this from you, Thank you!