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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


This is the first time in their 15 year franchise.
I grew up and raised my family in Colorado!
I can't come down from cloud 9!
Bring on the World Series!!!! Ya baby.
Colorado Rockies ROCKS THE ROCKIES!!!!
In the Fall Classic, they'll be ROCKING the WORLD!!!


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Well, since Ten On Tuesday's leader is having computer troubles; the last time I was there to check the list for the week she had typed that her computer crashed and from 10 things that make us worry[I really don't tend to be a 'worrier'] ---then, we were to "do your own 10" ---to now, some are listing 10 favorite Halloween candies [I could not possibly list 10 favorites are candy corn mixed with peanuts --and-- Kraft Caramels!!] And I haven't returned to see if it's been repaired or not. Instead I'll just opt out of the listing this week, and type up a bit of what's been going on in my life the past few days. And, I'm sure it'll turn into a wordy, lengthy post. I'm just that way. Once I get started, it's hard to stop me from chit-chattin' away.


Hubby and I went to a world renowned park in our area. Renowned by birders! People from all over the world have discovered this birding area. It's where hawks migrate each autumn. Yes, hawks. Now personally, I never dreamed that hawks actually migrate south. But to my surprise, they do. When I was a kid, I remember seeing them year 'round. And in Arizona, they were in abundance year 'round also. But of course that's understandable being where in Arizona you have two seasons - Hot and Hotter!!

Then, coming here to Texas to live by the sea, we hear that hawks actually traverse in the southerly direction for the winter. The park is dubbed Hazel Bazemore County Park. It's west of Corpus Christi by about 15-20 miles using Interstate 37 towards San Antonio. The link I just provided above shows you what the events are this year, and the birds that have been spotted so far this season.

It's a park off the highway that any normal fellow human being would probably miss by zipping down the road at a swift pace. If you don't know it's there, you'd surely miss one of the most attractive county parks around our area. A park, that is, away from the beach parks in our city. Within the park it's beautiful! Green!! This photo to the left is one of my favorite trees. The Mesquite Tree. I love the roughness of the bark, the fern-like leaves, and the gnarlly, twisted growth!!

Okay, so hubby and I decided to drive up there, just to walk. I needed to get out and walk, and I have become quite bored with walking each morning in the immediate driving up there seemed a good idea. With this photo I'm looking down the inclined road, towards the water pond that is situated between the golf course and the river. The lush growth is very pretty. If you enlarge the photo you can see the dainty vivid red flowers just below the small palm.

And of course, if I turn 180 degrees, behind me is for golfers. The park is nestled between a lush golf course and the Nueces River. [pronounced new A sees --Spanish for Pecan/nuts, there is a lot of Spanish influence in the area and a lot is named so]. Anyway, there is a small paved road that is about two or three miles long that meanders around the entire park. It's a quiet area, you can walk the distance without too much disturbance of traffic. There are several picnic areas jutting off the road. Beautiful, lush, green countryside. The river is at one end of the park road and the golf course is at the other end...with a pond centralized in the middle. A good habitat for water fowl. Which the day we were there, a lot of ducks and egrets were spotted. A distance away from the picnic areas, one can walk up to and around bird watcher's platforms nestled in the numerous trees. You can be quite least you'd think, but I'm sure with the acute vision of many preying fowl, you're seen and you don't realize it.

When we first arrived hubby and I parked the car near the Park's front gates, and walked the distance. We were there kinda early in the day...just a few birders were there with their binoculars. I talked with the park's curator who was sitting, waiting to record the birds seen on his shift, and he explained a bit of what's been spotted so far. I love to watch the birds around our home and often take photos of them at close range. But since my digital camera is small with a small zoom lens, close-ups are not to be had, very often. These two photos are of two egrets wading through the tranquil water of the pond.

But while we were walking, mainly for exercise still perhaps hoping to spot a hawk or two, Bud was looking up hoping to see some birds of prey. Off in the distance, to the westerly direction more, he said "Look at the birds!! Hundreds". Well, it wasn't hundreds to be exact, but the sky was filled with a flock of birds. We both knew that hawks are more of a solitary hunting bird. So this group musta been geese or ducks. And without the camera, with the naked eye, we could tell that they were ducks. They were heading down, to take a dip in the pond.
Again, if you click on the smaller photo, you can get a better glimpse of the more or less "v" shaped flight. But typical of geese flying in that particular formation, these weren't geese I don't believe. I think they were ducks. The formation was just 'too sloppy for geese." *shrug* But I'm no bird expert.

Behold!! While walking back, we did see one hawk! Way too far up in the sky it was soaring, much too much distance between me, the photographer without a strong zoom lens, and the bird of prey. But just HOW it was coasting through the air waves, we knew it was a hawk. As we approached the area where we saw the curator I stopped and asked him [since he had binoculars in hand] what kind of hawk it was, and to this day, I can't recall what he said. The species was unknown to me. I shoulda written it down. But, no pen either! And blond! That doesn't make a good combination sometimes. And hubby's no help with the memory bank either! [if you enlarge the photo, the 'black speck' is the hawk ---LOL]

On the north east side of the park is the river. To think this past summer it was flooded beyond its banks and covered the road on which we were standing the day at the park! Now, it's a slow, deep flowing river heading towards the Gulf of Mexico. And as I turn and watch the western horizon for more birds, I see in the distance near the golf course's fairways, beautiful new homes being developed. [not near enough to harm the park itself tho] And, I secretly thought anyone who'd purchase a home so near this river should have their heads examined. Did I mention flooding!?!!

I stayed on the pavement...the grasses were lush and way too thick to see where my foot would land. Copperheads, Water Moccasins, and Rattlesnakes love this kinda stuff, and I didn't want to take my chances. And come to think of it, it was no doubt they're hunting and feeding time. When snakes are hungry...they're mean. I don't care what others say, they're NOT more scared of me than I am of them!! I hate snakes.


During the week, I had a follow-up appointment with the electrophysiologist's office. Just so they could check my heart rhythms after the heart procedure I had done at the end of September. I guess it was a 'must' thing to do. But, I feel that if the heart isn't going to show any arythmias now, if there isn't stress or too much of a caffeine diet or too much salt...whatever the reason, perhaps this testing isn't all that entirely necessary. Heck, an episode of SVT will show up and ANY given time. But, I went as requested anyway.....
And, just to give you an idea of what I've been facing the past twelve years, I had the technician copy from my health records the past few ER ekgs and the one from the last appointment this past week.

This one above, is an ekg from one of the many times I found myself at the Emergency Room at one of the local hospitals. The chart shows you that my heart was beating at a very rapid pace! And this particular chart shows the heart rate at 169 beats a minute [at times it's been beating at 220 beats per minute]. My normal heart rate [if all electrical rhythms are working properly] is 67-70 beats a minute.

This above is on the same day, after about two hours resting time at the hospital, after given a dose of Adenosine. A wonder drug that will rapidly keep your heart rate at a slower pace. Adenosine is an antiarrhythmic drug. I call it a one-shot wonder. Here the chart shows my heart returning to normal...nearing 85 beats a minute.

This chart is from the most resent EKG readings for was taken this week to show a very normal very quiet, arrhythmic heart beat of 71 beats a minute. Perhaps the procedure will work for me. I must stick to a non-caffeine and unstimulated diet [boring, bland in other words]. I must continue to walk, exercise and be stress free for my part in assisting the procedure being successful. I still have bouts of palpitations and sore, tight chest around the heart...but have been told that this is normal. The tightness is still from the ablation and the heart healing. The palpitations is the heart working to get back to a normal electrical function.

Back to 'my' Colorado Rockies!! And the National Playoff for the championship to go further, to the World Series. I still am in awe and utter elation that the Rockies in fact have made it this far. They were once in the playoffs but were eliminated too soon in my opinion. Now, they have a second chance!!! Sunday...I did tons of laundry. It had stockpiled for two whole weeks. I couldn't lift things, and I was trying to be good to hubby, tho he volunteered to do the laundry I said no it wasn't necessary. So, Sunday night I found myself after dinner watching the game and folding tons of laundry!! Last night they----------ROCKtober!!!! They're in the World Series. They beat the rattles off the Diamondbacks. Now if all goes according to my plans they'll be pitted against the Cleveland Indians. No, wait...which team is the stronger? ---Red Socks or Indians? I can't stand Curt Schilling...the ego-maniac who thinks he's best and is proving himself wrong...I think it would be just fine with either team. I know the Rockies have it in themselves this year to go all the way! [just hope I didn't jinx them]


And to stop chattering on and on much longer, I promise this is the last of my jabbering for the day. I sketched the witch that you see on my blog template the other day. And finished that. Then, over the past week, I started another Halloween witch. This time, I got the idea of taking a 'thread' crochet pattern off the internet, copy and print it out large enough where I could read the directions easily enough.

I did a Google search for "Crochet Angel Pattern"....found one that would work for my idea with a little tweaking here and there. Change the angel wings to a cape. Add some hair. And crochet the gown section in black, while using a minty green thread for the head. I used 4 ply orange yarn, and separated all the plys to have just one ply with a little 'kink' the the 'hair'. I also made a miniature witch hat. Starting with a ring and crocheting double crochets inside the ring to make the hat's brim, then tying it off and adding the crown of the hat from there. With everything fastened off and knotted.
I am now letting the starchy glue mixture dry. She'll be assembled in a day or two with any luck. If you read my blog often, you'll know by now that when Halloween is near, I am in my element. I enjoy the decorations so much. I've had so much fun with Halloween with my own kids when they were home growing up. We never allowed them to go trick 'r' treating. Instead we had them home, safe, with friends and family. And of course it skyrocketed into a houseful of decorations. Including the yard...but, that was always hubby's job. When she's dry and assembled, I will post another photo.


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  1. You certainly have a very lively heart! Thank you so much for the award. It is so sweet of you. I have now pass it on. Wishing you the very best.

  2. HOOOOOLY COW! Ya gotta be KIDDIN' me!!! GOOOOOO ROCKIES!!! Congratulations Anni! I am SO happy for you! And now your heart seems to be behaving itself, so I won't worry QUITE so much about you watching the World Series! :) I'm not sure how we can deal with you this month -- Halloween and the World Series ALL TOGETHER??? You won't know whether to HOOT or HOWL!


  4. wow. that was an info-packed post!

    go rockies!

  5. Stay away from coffee. Just kidding. I hope your health stays in a good state.

  6. Oh yeah1 Go Rockies.

  7. What a very varied and interesting post today - a little something for everybody. I am not a baseball fan so I do not have a favorite team. This means that I will now devote all of my baseball good wishes to the Rockies! Hope they win for you.

  8. Wow! Thanks for the treat! :)

    I would love that park! I love hawks. They are so cool to watch!

    My beloved Red Sox aren't doing so good right now! I'm hoping they will be meeting your Rockies in the World Series! Have a great day! Thanks again!

  9. This bird park seems to be very interesting. And now your heart seems to be much better ! That's good news ! I added a black craw to my Halloween decoration in the living room which intrigues Rosie very much, lol !

  10. Yea!! Anni I have a nice award for you over at my blog! Come on over and pick it up!! Love and Hugs Carolyn

  11. Dound you through Crystal Martin. Love it.. how funny!!! I love randomness and you made me smile today

  12. My pastor would love that birding place. He goes almost every day.
    And I think this is the wordiest post I have ever seen! LOL If I ever get over windy I'll link up to this post and tell my readers to appreciate me, hehe.

  13. Well how VERY cool!!! The treat is soooo nice! Thank you thank you Hootin' Anni :o) And most importantly congrats to the Rockies!

  14. Congrats on your Rockies winning the that what they win? I don't follow baseball that much. I might watch some of the World Series. Why do they call it the World Series when the league is only in North America? Weird.

    We have a bird sanctuary not far from our place. Nice trails to walk around.

    You're heart situation doesn't sound good. Hope the doctors can get it under control.