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A man on a date wonders if he'll get lucky. The woman already knows.


Today our hostess is Janet. Her Monday assignment for us is to describe how we met our spouse/significant other at any particular time frame! This could possibly be perhaps a funny 'planned' meeting for a lunch date AFTER married too--a date that went awry with a really funny ending, maybe. Or meeting a best friend or an old lost love of days gone by... Who knows how it's all going to be interpreted. I'm game. And I'm ready to sit down and read some great stories over blogland!! But, I'm not gonna do any of those other than to tell you how hubby and I met for the first date.

Janet says: "Describe your meeting with your spouse/significant other. I especially want to hear "meet cute" stories. And it doesn't have to be your actual current sig/other. Perhaps the "meet cute" story is a former boy/girlfriend... or even a best friend. Illustrate with photos, of course."

I say, what a great Monday this will be...filled with fun --reading everyone's entries. They'll surely bring a smile to my face.

I, as stated above, will tell y'all about my first date with my 'future' hubby. How we met, where we went, a truly remarkable story fit for Joan Collins' next novel! NOT....but, it is a bit off -the- wall kinda romance. It all seems so vivid in my memory...just like yesterday.

For the beginning of the story I must give just a little background. Of course I was single. Barely out of high school. I just got back from Washington D.C., spending a little over a month with my sister who also was single. She worked for a Colorado Senator, Gordon Allot [or Allott]. I left for my trip in hopes of finding a really cool guy. But, instead I learned to love champagne, and eat out....stay up late and learn the wiles of our ways. We had a blast, and I must admit I had a terrific month off work. Washington D.C. is a place that will turn a teenager into an adult real quick.

Alas, I did not meet the man of my dreams. But, I was young. I had a terrific boss, and a great job back home, waiting for me when I returned. My boss hired a temporary replacement until my 'catting' days were completed. I was the head reciptionist at the Chamber of Commerce. And my boss had a 'thing' for me. But ewwwwwww, he was OLD. Of course the work ethics were strictly enforced by little ol' me!!! Secretly, I couldn't stand the man. I guess you could say I took advantage of HIM in the way that I loved the job and the pay...nothing more than that!! Golly, I'm getting myself deeper ---I'll shut this conversation off and begin anew!!

When I returned home, I went back to work. Like I said, the pay was excellent for being a head reciptionist, just out of high school. I loved meeting all the people who worked for the city too. The "Big Whigs". I also met Sander Vanocur [TV news fame in the late '60s] and Bob Richards [the old Wheaties guy...and Olympic Vaulter]. I have a photo of Sander [one I took without his permission, and I remember how he glared at me!!!] and I have Bob Richard's autograph. Okay...honest, this is all part of how I met up with hubby. So, hang loose....
A continuation of how we met, and the 'first date' is found in the link provided below.

Okay, working, going to the Chamber's parties, flirting with all the old guys...yada, yada.

In walks this gorgeous man. Tall, dark hair, green eyes. I had seen him in and about town a lot!! I always figured he was married....but he walked over to me at one of the functions I was co-hosting with my boss, and he said hello. He wasn't an old typical geezer of a man that usually attends these events. Ya, he was older than I, but not by much. I was flustered as all get out that he'd even consider making conversation with a pip-squeak teenager. Several times afterward, I would see him on the street or in his car and we'd wave or say a polite hello to one another. I found through the grapevine, that he worked for the government. Ahhhhh, good job. Good pay....very secure in finances, even perhaps a great retirement some day. Ya baby.


He knew where I worked now. I saw him quite often from that point of the Chamber of Commerce's event to our first date. He followed me home once. I even told mom at the porch where she was watering potted plants as he drove by and waved: "I just may marry that man someday." She shook her head and smiled, while looking at the man that caught her daughter's eye.

Now, from here the story goes from what I was told by hubby. He was getting his automobile fixed and a friend had to drive him home. He asked about me, and his friend, said "Ya...I know her. I know her dad too." "Her dad works for the city." "So you think she's cute do you?" And my future hubby said: "Ya, she has tiny tits, but oh those legs!"

*giggles* *blushing*

He got my number the round about way through his friend who knew a friend, who knew my dad. I was sweating and stuttering to beat the band. But, we ended up talking on the phone for hours that night. And, I learned through my own grapevine that he wasn't married. Before the conversation ended he asked me out to dinner the following Saturday. March 9th.

The next day I went over my lunch hour to buy me a new outfit for a special, fancy, expensive dinner at a very posh restaurant in the city. I chose a black two piece chiffon outfit. Even a fake fur. LOLOLOL ---The day of our first date, I received a huge bouquet of beautiful, bright red roses!
We went out to dine. Went to his place afterward. He was quite a gentleman. Honest and very sincere. Before the night was over, he said to me: "I think I'm falling in love with you".

Two months later, May 11th we married. Been happily married since. This photo is of the pressed red rose from the very first bouquet [bouquet can be seen if you enlarge the photo] that special night of my life, March 9th. The pressed flower to the left of the 1st 'orginal' rose is from our 20th anniversary of our first date. Ya don't suppose I'll get a special bouquet of roses for our 40th?

4:40AM PS---my comments are now spam protected again. The last two days I've received three of the same comment post. It's annoying. So, back to the lousy 'unreadable' letters you have to type in. :o)
5:17AM --And Willowtree hosts next week. I'm warming up the barbie right now.



  1. Awwwww! What a sweet story.

  2. What a romantic story complete with red roses ~ that is so sweet.

  3. Thats a great story! I think you should get the roses again at your 40th anniversary!

  4. What a cool story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. ummm..what's up with the post right before me? Psycho!!

    How sweet. But March 9 - May 11 is two months. That is a quick courtship. And, it shows how when you just know, you know.

  6. Very intriguing story with all the "gov't spying" going on. FUN!

  7. Very romantic Anni, I loved reading your story. You included some very interesting details about your boss and the Washington trip as well as the lovely rose picture.

  8. Unfortunately, it looks like you have received a very long spam comment.

  9. roses always get me. sweet story, anni. thank you for sharing it today!

  10. I've nominated you for a Blog Award. Please visit my site to check it out.

  11. AFFanatic-You're so very right! TWO months....geez, when I typed it up the keyboard musta did something wrong. LOL

  12. Love it!!! I wish I'd kept souveniers of dates and such, but I'd have a whole book of blades of grass, spiders, and sand...

  13. Nap Wardem is a terrific blogger. She really deserves it ....

  14. What a great story! Talk about a whirlwhind romance! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Looks like you got yourself a keeper. :)

  15. a wonderful love story, i thought our meeting to wedding was quick 8months but wow just 2 months! and the fact that you are still together just shows how we know who is meant to be for us

  16. That was a beautiful story. Has anyone used the word "sweet" yet?
    I'm going to go barf now. JK, That is lovely.

  17. How romantic ...
    exactly 19 yrs ago today 15/10/88 I met my husband of 17.5 yrs on a blind date. Ours was a radio matchmaking romance ... pre internet and chatrooms. I wrote him snail mail (heehhe)via the radio station and he took his time to ring me (pre cell /mobile phones) - made a date that night and here we are . He is a keepr and all my friends want him .

  18. Great that was a quick courtship! I don't think there is any question about the roses on the 40th!

  19. Two months~ Wow!! That is wonderful. Great story!! Thanks for sharing.

  20. That is a very sweet story and slow meeting but quick courtship. :) It's so nice to see a couple together so long. :) I'm sure you'll get something special for 40 years.

  21. Gosh that was romantic, I love the red rose bouquet and the fact that you still have a flower from it and 2 months it took us 11 years!

  22. I love that you still have those rose petals! What a sweet story.

  23. A very sweet story! :) You should definitely get a bouquet of roses for your 40th!!! :)

  24. First off...I LOVE the Halloween theme on your blog!! Great story of how you met, wow that was a fast courtship! And I sat here saying "Awwwww" at the pressed roses you kept all these years.

  25. Ah, mutual atraction!

    Sweet story! I like the quote:

    A man on a date wonders if he'll get lucky. The woman already knows

  26. Very romantic story Anni! I love how you preserved your roses. That is so sweet.

  27. It's my first time visiting your site... I linked to it from Beth and Cory's mom's blog site, she passed along a sweet treat...I LOVE IT!(your site) It's so much fun and the Halloween theme...awesome

    have a spooktacular day!

  28. You know, times were just so much more romantic back then...the allure of a new man, the mystery...and flowers BEFORE the date. Classy, and great story!

  29. Wow, what a romantic story ! Mine would be a few lines ! We met, stayed together married ! But it was romantic too ! Only not the traditional way !

  30. Oh, I loved your story and the red roses ::sigh::
    We were married less than a year after we met and I thought that was quick, lol!

  31. Hey Hootin' A., thanks for the treat! I'll be passing it along, randomly! I love how spooky your blog is!

  32. Wonderful story of love. You were married soon after dating as we were. A romantic story, I enjoyed it very much, but was starting to suspect the boss early in the story.

  33. Anonymous10/15/2007

    Wonderful, romantic story!! Thanks for sharing.

    Also, just want to say thanks, with your little Halloween treats, I have met some fascinating and wonderful people!!

  34. It that a sweet memory or what?
    Loved your story.
    Isn't it fantastic how often our first days are filled with romance?
    Wishing you two many years more together!

  35. A great "how we met" story. I enjoyed it.


  36. Married two months after the first date, and I thought my courtship was quick!

  37. You still have the roses. Now that is romantic.

    I always enjoy a successful love story. Two months, tho -- wow. I would have made him at least buy roses for another month or so. (*:

  38. Sorry to hear about your tits LOL!!

    Great story. Not everyone goes ga gag over a government man but hey...if that is what you are looking for, might as well go for it.

    Hope you get roses for your 40th!!

  39. Oh I just love your romantic! I love that you kept the flowers! Congrats on the many many years together! Here's to many many more!

  40. 2 months! Wow. we were engaged after 4 and i thought that was fast, it took 2 years to get married.