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Joining the crew today on the Cyber Cruise...with Captain Lifecruiser....we're celebrating Halloween in style! Today we're sharing legends, spirits and haunts. Here's my tale:

I begin with a story of our LOCAL SAGA that's going around this city ---it's usually told frequently around this time of year through the media as Urban Legends' true nature. It's about a ghost. A FRIENDLY and knowledgeable ghost!!! There is a timely narrative 'floating' around our city, with much more intensity during the Halloween; tho it's a well known fact year long. It's been a known paranormal happening for decades. Today, the ship, USS Lexington is a world war two museum, permanently docked in Corpus Christi Bay. There is a ghost that has taken up residence aboard this ship. It's legendary. I've been on the ship twice now, and once before I knew it was supposedly haunted. Now, if you ask me, an old ship like this is ONE place that I could really find myself believing!!! First, it's old. Then, the sounds of the water outside the ship...and the creaking noises on the metal as you walk along the corridors. Eerie. The old musty odors. The faint awareness that perhaps someone is watching you ---and you can't help but turn around and see nothing!! The mixed sounds you hear, faintly as you continue to walk ---it's almost unnoticeable 'til you realize the ship is reported to have a haunt!! At night, the ship glows blue. Ghostly. And with the haunt comes the urban legend, nicknaming the USS Lexington, the Blue Ghost!!!

The USS Lexington, CV-16, is a vintage wartime aircraft carrier. Commissioned in 1943, she served the United States longer and set more records than any other carrier in the history of naval aviation. The ship was the oldest working carrier in the United States Navy when decommissioned in 1991. The Lexington, an Essex-class carrier, was originally named the USS Cabot. During World War II, the final work on it was being completed at Massachusetts' Fore River Shipyard when word was received that the original carrier named Lexington, CV-2, had been sunk in the Coral Sea. A campaign was launched to change the new carrier's name to Lexington, and the rest is history. The USS Lexington was commissioned on February 17, 1943.
The link above, will take you to a ghost-cam. The city has placed a permanent camera to record any 'unsightly' sights!!!

A little bit about the Ghost aboard the Lexington from some who've seen him:

"He's polite, knowledgeable and kind. Smartly dressed in a summer white Navy uniform, he's good looking, too, with light hair, a clear complexion and piercing blue eyes that haunt like a good ghost story. An apparition to write home about. Those who have seen him say he might be found in the engine room of the Lexington Museum, although none of the museum staff has seen those blue eyes for themselves. He wears no nametag, but is known solely by description."


"His character so impressed a couple from Peoria, Ill., that they told tour guide David Deal about it. "The woman says, 'You know, I really did appreciate that knowledgeable young sailor down there in the engine room who gave us all that information on how the engines work,'" Deal said. Deal, who had gone up to the hangar deck to get coffee on a quiet Friday, had been in the engine room and knew no one else was there. So he probed for more details. The couple said the seaman was 19 years old, maybe 20, and wore a white uniform. He had a slight limp to his left leg. He had memorable blue eyes. And he knew all about the engines, their horsepower and the use of steam."

This site below will take you to a virtual 360 degree scan of the Corpus Christi Bay beginning with Lexington at night ---use your shift key to zoom in....the 'video' is interactive!!

Corpus Christi at night on the Bay


Today starts the last week countdown. Halloween is near!! For the last days until Halloween arrives, this is the newest of treat handouts from the "Queen" of Halloween. ROFLMAO

Each day up until Halloween [October 31st]
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Kinda like "Pay it Forward"
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Make NEW friends by choosing random visitors!!!

It seems that 'awards' are floating around blogland
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[ps...yes, I've been called the "queen of halloween" among other names like: "the witch b*tch", and other unmentionables. LOL But who cares *shrug*....I have fun without hurting any 'weeners!!!]


Friday morning through to the late afternoon, me, hubby and a couple of young neighbor dudes trimmed our front yard tree. Actually, once they got their chain saws a'goin' ---poor tree! But, it was really in dire need of a trim. We couldn't see our house for the forest. Wait...that isn't how it goes!! You can't see the forest for the trees! Ya, that's right...that's how it goes....but truly, the house was buried in branches over-hanging on the eaves and the front porch. Branches branches everywhere!! Why it even made the living room that much darker because of the shade the tree gave off when the sun was up. Dark, and dingy. [this photo is the 'finished' job]

So, around 8:30 a.m. or so.....UP and AT 'em boys!!! And by the time I got my yard working clothes on and outside from the garage with a few rakes and clippers in hand...the other three were fast at it already. I didn't even think of taking a before photo!! They were goin' blazes with their Texas Chainsaws!!! And massacred the tree!! Have you ever heard of the movie? Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Hold on....that's a whole 'nother blog someday.

I used my handy dandy clippers to trim the hanging cut branches from off the street. Once they started piling them suckers up and throwing on heavy logs into the piles ---they weren't concerned of anything out in the street and hanging over the curb. I thought of the ones driving down the street in their cars. Not to mention the mail man or some delivery guy ---or even Larry [the cable guy] coming down the street and their vehicles get scratched. I know I wouldn't want that to dodge in my pickup!! Scratch the paint? No way. So I trimmed away. And once in a while when they were taking a beer break, I'd grab some smaller loose branches under the tree.

Both of the next door neighbor and the next door, next door neighbor are young and the kind that work out...strong, muscular. While Bud and I are old and weaker. LOL --They made the job look easy. And no matter how small the tree is, once the job of trimming and such takes place, you just don't realize how overgrown and unruly they can get 'til you begin. The cutting took 2 icy beers for each and only a little over an hour. Then, all the branches on the ground needed to be cut up so they could be lifted to the curb for the monthly 'yard' refuse pickup the city does for us taxpayers. As you can see, we have three humongous piles. By the mail box, on the side of the sidewalk by the curb and in part of our driveway!!! But, most importantly.

I can once again see our house!!!
If I would have had the foresight to take a 'before' photo, you'd be able to see that the tree blocked the view entirely of the porch and the entry-way!! Yes, it was that bad.


PS....they each got a case of beer for their labor. Neither asked for anything for their help, but I couldn't NOT pay them in some way. Sweet neighbors!!!


  1. The Ghost aboard the Lexington sounds like James Bond...somehow! Oh, I love friendly ghosts!
    Glad you have a view now :)
    Happy Sunday to you, Halloween Queen!

  2. Ooooo I'd like to do that Lexington cruise! That sounds fun!

    I wish you had taken some BEFORE pictures of the house - just so we could see the actual improvement - though I can tell from the PILE that the improvement is great!!! You do have some good neighbors there Anni! ;)

  3. Oh, Lexington! As the captain I simply must adore that ghost story...

    That is one ship I wanna go aboard!!!

    (I've linked it up)

  4. You do realize that now I'm going to sit here all day watching that ghost cam! lol What a fascinating haunting story!! I can imagine the difference it's made with those trees down...I have neighbours across the street who had two huge trees in front of their house and they had them taken down a couple of years ago. They finally see light again and I can see their house! lol xoxo

  5. How dare you to call this ship OLD ???? I was also made in 1943 !! I am offended for ever !!
    I have to admit it looks quite scary but it's good to know that the ghost is young blue eyed and good looking !! (although I prefer dark haired ghosts). The french skeleton thing I didn't know it's just great I have to tell this now to every english speaking soul here in Waterloo !!
    In a (very) near future we will also have a tree drama because our wheeping willow tree has to be cut it's far too high and the neighbors don't want. But there is nothing to do they have to agree at least reducing the height, it becomes dangerous.

  6. Dear Anni!

    I didn't have much time for visiting the show & tell participants on Friday so I'm doing so this afternoon:-)

    I guess I still owe you and answer on the pattern of my Victorian Christmas stocking. I did not find it in a magazine but on the cover of a Christmas book! If you'd like to have it, don't hesitate to leave a message on my blog!

    Have a great Sunday - although it's almost over!

    Best wishes from Germany,

  7. I loved reading about the USS Lexington. I would love to take that tour.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back anytime!

  8. Thanks for the treat. :)

    Have a great week.

  9. thank you so much for the treat. i am enjoying it and will pass it on to a few random friends.

    i think the award of queen of halloween does belong to you. it's been fun to read your posts and see how beautifully decorated your site is. thanks again.

  10. I have another award for you over at my blog! You have been giving them out like crazy the post few weeks and now I have one for you!!

    You will have to scroll down a little bit to find it!! Love you Bunches, Carolyn

  11. The ghost seems like a nice handsome navy officer whom I would love to meet. hehehe...... I like men er.. ghost in uniforms. kakaka....

  12. Anni,

    I followed your link and read all about the Lexington. Interesting and thanks for introducing me to that good looking ghost.

    Take care. I always enjoy my visits here.