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I've decided to try out the Tuesday meme that Skittles has set up for us. The rules are found here. It 'sounds' interesting and quite fun also. I like the idea of the heads I win, tails I win kinda concept. [insert wink] I'm a gambler by blood. LOL So, this will be fun I think. It's a 'win-win' idea!!

This week Skittles has chosen HEADS. So we get a choice of things to write about on our blog. The category is "Spooky, Scary, or Halloweenish"! And if I understand correctly, I can write ANYthing on that certain subject.


....what follows is a true happening

It happened one night. Late. It was our first night in our new home after relocating in Texas by the Gulf. My story begins on the road trip down here to be living by the ocean...a dream of mine finally coming to reality. But the reality of a happy dream would soon turn frightening.

We'd had a previous long, harrowing week prior. Our furniture was hauled out of our home in Arizona two days before we left. There was last minute legal work yet for us in Arizona. And, we were to take possession of our new home in a couple of days. Once we traveled through the long, desolation called New Mexico, we entered Texas. Anyone knows that when you enter Texas from the western border of the state, and trying to get to the southern coast of Texas ---it's a two day drive! At least if you consider only driving about 8 or 9 hours a day.

Our cat was miserable and quite traumatized being in a pet carrier, in the back seat of the car, along with our personal things we could not have the movers take from us; personal things we still needed like clothes, the cooler filled with drinks, cat food ---those kinds of things.

We arrived in Corpus Christi, the night before we were to take possession of our home. Exhausted. In a motel. We were to meet the realtor and close on the house ---move in, the next day. By morning, we woke up to a glorious autumn day in our 'new town'...we were primed and ready!! The moving van was in town ahead of us of course; waiting for the 'go ahead' to get to the house and unload our belongings. It didn't work out quite as we all had planned!!

The sellers were delayed. You see, the home we were about to buy had been owned by an elderly woman. She had died. Her adult children lived in California. So, we sat around doing a motel room with our cat. We just didn't have the heart to leave her in her carrier for another long day while we rousted around town. We sat. And sat. Nothing more grueling than to have a 'dream bubble' busted at the last moment. Television is boring for me. I napped and read.

Finally the day came. The realtor dropped off the legal papers that said we were owners! One more time I put our kitty in her carrier and off we went after a phone call to the moving van company. The realtor that we were working with had lined up a couple of co-workers of hers to help us get the stuff unloaded and in our garage/house quickly as our time was nearly up on the moving van's contract. And we were not wanting to have a delay penalty added to the already exorbitant cost. Within hours we were in our home. The doors were closed down and our cat was finally released from her prison! She was freed at last.

While arranging some of the furniture during the last few hours of daylight we had since the electricity wasn't hooked up in our name yet---and only an oil lantern lighting our room in a golden dimness that only lighted up the surrounding area, we ordered a pizza to be delivered to us....and we were about to settle in for a much needed relaxing evening, knowing the next few weeks ahead of us consisted of long days of getting everything set up to start a new beginning by the bay!!

Darkness fell. We still didn't have cable hooked up of course, so it was just the three of us. Eating, relaxing, talking about furniture arrangement...and drinking more beers than we really should have.

The huge double glass doors are at one end of the living room. Off from there is a large patio. I finally pulled the vertical blinds closed as night surrounded us. Tahoe, our cat was still roaming the house, detecting and exploring. I returned to the furniture where hubby was stretched out....I sat down and released a huge exhausted sigh. For a while we sat in silence. I was going over the contract once again. As I read, I realized that the aged woman who was now deceased had actually 'stopped living' IN OUR HOME; if you know what I mean! And with my vivid imagination....eerie visions came to my head! As I told my imagined stories to hubby, we giggled and continued with story telling. Then.....

A LOW-W-W-W LON-N-N-G GUTTURAL MO-O-AN-N-N we heard. The hair on my arms raised to a new height!!! My dear hubby's eyes popped from their sockets!!! The vertical blinds not more than a dozen feet away from us started to slowly move as if a breeze caught the slats! I was chilled to the bone! Again, the vivid stories, conjured in my head just minutes ago, seemed to be coming to life! The house we just bought was haunted. Haunted by the last resident. She left the physical world, but her spirit remains in her beloved house. She didn't want to leave. Once again, the moaning grew louder. I did NOT want to leave the chair I was sitting in! I was transfixed with it all! I couldn't even think! Fright, I learned, will make you freeze. Sit motionless with fear!

What seemed like hours passing before us, hubby whispered: "What the hell was that!!?!" With the fear of god in me, I think I replied: "I have nooooooo idea!"

The moaning was definitely human. And our active minds were positive it was female!! But so deep-throated! Again....

The vertical blinds slowly moved. With our imagination, the past owner was trying to tell us something. Still, we sat where we were. No one dared to move. Our cat came from nowhere, from behind me, and jumped on my lap, scaring me to a near heart failure!! I jumped out of my skin. I controlled a blood curdling scream from emitting that stuck in my throat as I swallowed deeply and began to cuddle with my kitty as she began to purr.

Then, with a swift movement, as her ears became rigid, she too froze. In a heartbeat, she jumped from my lap and ran!! I knew!!! I knew at that moment there actually WAS a ghost in our home! Chills ran up and down my entire being!! Within seconds of our Tahoe jumping from my lap to run and hide from the dangers that lurked in our home---the blinds covering the patio doors began to sway and move with more intensiveness!! Some of the light from the dusk of day filtered through the slats!! Then, the deep, frightening moaning began all over again!

Somehow, I got brave. Hubby was off in another room, searching for our resident ghost and didn't know about the 2nd instance of the blinds. I was too darned nervous to speak to him in any tone!! He was checking each hidden corner, crevice, and closet!! I walked very stealthily around the living room hoping to find something....anything!! As the moaning continued and the blinds moved, our resident ghost appeared!!! Right smack dab in front of me. I stopped dead still. My heart was racing!-------------------

Tahoe came out from behind the venetian blinds and meowed at me with all the innocence of the world wrapped around her!!! It was the cat!! SHE was our ghost!!!

This is our
Ghost Of Octobers Past
emerging from behind the blinds

[to help you understand her our back yard, after we calmed down to a little frazzle ---in our backyard was a stray cat. Tahoe could hear it!! And she was the one that was moaning and walking up and down behind the blinds!!!! And she had NEVER made any noise like this before...ever! And thankfully, she's not done it since!!!]


Jennifer [aka Jeni] handed to me yesterday---The Wonder Woman Award!! I'm speechless. Me? A Wonder Woman? Wow!!! Thanks so much, I just really am at a loss for words here---

She says: "First honor goes out to Hootin-Anni down in Texas for all her hard work especially the last couple of weeks as she passed out Sweet TREATS right and left to encourage bloggers every where, welcoming new folks, recognizing those who've been on the scene a good while too. That's who gave me the Sweet TREAT award first that I've been trying to remember to share with everyone too."

I'm gonna run right out and tell Bud he's been married to a Wonder Woman....and he better dang well start noticing!!! *snort* Thanks again Jennifer!!!


Halloween is near!! For the last days until Halloween arrives, this is the newest of treat handouts from the "Queen" of Halloween. ROFLMAO

Each day up until Halloween [October 31st]
I will be handing out
a treat for 1 - 5[one to five] bloggers who drop by
during the week for visiting.
You're more than welcomed to pass it along
to ones you think are deserving of a special treat
for the season.
Kinda like "Pay it Forward"
Y'know, one goodwill gesture deserves another?
But DON'T just choose your friends
making this cliquish and 'just groupies'...
Make NEW friends by choosing random visitors!!!

It seems that 'awards' are floating around blogland
and just "blog friends" get chosen all the time.
Make it RANDOM!!

If you do decide to share it with others
link it back to my blog and
explain where the idea originated.
Click on the image to expand and then save for displaying on your blog if you choose.


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Deborah @ The Humble Housewife

Kitten @ Kate Kate's Place


  1. LOL! I knew right from the git-go it was Tahoe! Kitty makes that noise! ALL the time! Whenever he's upset with something/somebody or when he gets overly excited - like if there's a bird out his window... he starts that moan! The first time he did it it stopped us ALL short! It was a Sunday morning and we were all in the kitchen reading papers, computing, and just hangin' together! All of a sudden we heard THAT SOUND... we all just looked at each other and somebody voiced it "Holy CRAP! What was THAT???" LOL! Since then he's done it more and more the older (and grouchier) he gets!

  2. Great story!
    Welcome to Heads or Tails. I've only been doing it for about 6 weeks, and it is a lot of fun!
    Have a great Tuesday!

  3. Great story. I am totally spooked and welcome to the heads or tails. It is so much fun.

  4. I figured it was the cat too but sure made a GREAT STORY especially for this time of the year!! We had one cat that would make a noise like a lamb everything he saw a bird outside. It was the funniest sound..not scary of course but funny!! Thanks for stopping by and seeing how well Madison learned how to sew..Sandy

  5. I had a feeling that the kitty was involved in this 'ghost' story somehow! Good one, and welcome to Heads or Tails! :)

  6. No wonder cats look at us like they do (perfect picture of her for this post!).

    And, awwww, Anni, thanks for my "treat" this morning :). It sure is sweet of you to include me in your thoughtful lil' give-away. I'll be sure to post it TODAY (because if I wait like I normally do, it just won't make sense to post a Halloween graphic in December :/ lol).

    You've started my day with a BIG smile! :D

  7. i love it!!!! my cat does the weirdest things around other cats who appear outside our window. one night when i was pregnant two years ago, i heard this banging sound in the middle of the night. i did my pregnant run/waddle out into the living room and saw her jumping right into the window trying to get the kitty outside.
    weirdos!!! happy halloween!!!

  8. Your first Heads or Tails is great. I loved your story.

  9. Lol - great story. My cat, Leo, sometimes sleeps on the end of my bed. I woke up one night to a horrid growling noise. Horrified, I turned on the light, thinking he was growling at an intruder, either human or other-worldly. What did I see? A sleeping cat, paws and tail twitching wildly, growling in his sleep, as he no doubt dreamt about fighting his sworn enemy, the ginger tom from across the street.

  10. Wow what a breath taking story !! But I had some doubts I thought already it must be a cat they sometimes can make terrible noises, just like out of a grave ! I think you are the only person I know in the States who moved AWAY from Arizona, all others move down too Florida or Arizona for the warm weather, lol !
    Congratulations for being a wonder woman, now you also have to wear a wonder bra !
    How can you think that I would be offended because of being "old" ?? what does that mean "old" of course I am but only in my passport ! To offend me you have to use other weapons, lol !

  11. What a great Hallowe'en story! If it had been me, my kids would have been selling the house once again because the old lady who lived in it had died!

  12. Dang! Just when I was planning to book a flight out to your place to see a REAL haunted house, I find out it was the cat! lol

    Our last move was a horror story, too, but not along THOSE lines! I think you need to give Tahoe a big SPOOKY award for the entertainment.

  13. Welcome to Heads or Tails. Oh my, you delivered a great story Anni. I felt goosebumps all over my body. It's 11:15pm here and the lights are out except for my night lamp. I was considering open the main light of the room after I finish reading your story. I'm glad I ended reading it with a good laugh.

  14. Nice to see you over here :) What a great story--have a great Halloween. You have definitely put me in the spooky spirit!

  15. What a great story! Welcome to Heads or Tails. I think it's a lot of fun. (I'm in TX too!) Have a Happy Halloween!

  16. Gosh! I was SO scared as I was reading it, as it is midnight now in Singapore and then it had to be the cat!!! hahaha......

  17. I've heard cats make that horrible creepy noise! Great story, and I love the looks of your blog!

  18. Kitties can be the freakiest & funniest family members when you move. Your Tahoe looks a lot like my Freddy cat! His brother Ricky was moaning & hissing for about 4 hours after we moved to our new house. Misery loves company, after all!
    Happy Tuesday! :)

  19. great story. I just knew it was the cat!

    as for the spider hatchlings, yes take a look it will make you smile LOL

  20. Oh, that was a real "goose bumper" yes! Yes, cats really can moan! They are "pro-moaning ghosts".... *giggles*

    I'm gonna link to it in the Share Your Scare post even if it's a bit late.

    Congrats to that award, you certainly are worth it :-)

    It was good you were swinging by my blog, because I realized that I had forget to put up my heads & tails button in the top of the post and now I got reminded!

    See you tomorrow at the Halloween Party - bring all your monsters, ghosts and ghaul friends too :-)

  21. Funny, scray story! You have the gift of storytelling! :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I enjoy my sense of humor as well, keeps me almost-sane between the teenagers and the going to college full time in middle age! 'Sides giggles are so much more fun than tears. Nice to meet you Anni and thanks for delightfully designed Halloween badges!

  22. Alright that freaked me out! At first I thought it was the cat, but then I thought it was a ghost. Happy Halloween!

  23. You sure are a great story teller...and if I have nightmares tonight, I'll blame YOU! lol Geesh, I would have run out of that house in a split second after hearing the first moan. I'm sure Tahoe looked all innocent coming out from behind the blinds too! LOL xox

  24. Welcome to Heads Or Tails?, Anni.
    it´s nice to see you here, too.

    Thanks for sharing this great story... spooky!

  25. Thanks for sharing this great story, Miss Anni - that was scary!

    Happy Halloween!

  26. What a great story. You had me on the edge of my seat and I never suspected Tahoe. Things always get a lot more scary when a dog or cat freaks out at whatever we're freaking out at. Even though Tahoe was doing his own thing, you didn't realize it at the time.

  27. Well dang that black cat! What a spooky story! Now I won't sleep for weeks - Thanks a whole lot! LOL
    Great story!!!!
    what's that noise???---......

    ps - happy halloween Hon!

  28. Ooh thanks for the treat Anni!!! I'm a little late... been in la la land lately!!!

  29. I'm feeling really bad. I don't check Kate's Kate's place much. I mostly stay on my kitten's home school, so I just got your treat. I'm so sorry it has took this long, but it did give me a smile. Thank you so much!