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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Well, it's that time of year again. Where I have to choose over baseball to watch football. But, only if my teams are playing. My number one football team is of course, the Denver Broncos! I've been a fan from way back...way back! Even back farther than most of you remember. Craig Morton was the quarterback. And he was born in 1943, so you can only guess how long I've been a backer to the Broncos. [I can't make myself like the Dallas Cowboys. Even if I live in Texas. Why they stomped some Bronco butt at Denver's first appearance in the Super Bowl in the mid '70s.] Oops, I must admit that Craig was an 'ex-Cowboy'. Dang. But, really when John Elway came along...they hit the heights. Another of my favorite on the 'old time' roster was Ed McCaffrey. Mmmmm, m, m, m. Number 87. Wide receiver. He and Elway were great together.

Then there are the Houston Texans. They're only a very infantile franchise. I believe this is there 5th or 6th year playing. Yesterday, they won. I hope they keep it up. Yep, Houston Texans got my vote....*thumbs down* for Dallas!!

Then, there's baseball's ending season month. Looking forward to the playoff games. Keeping fingers crossed that either Rockies or D'Backs get far and play in the Fall Classic. But, the Padres are a close 2nd in the standings.
* * *Jack in the Box update! *giggles* I have been in great anticipation for the fast food, junk food, JITB to open here ever since over a month ago, when I read they're finally opening a couple of them for us [for me really] in Corpus!! Well, yesterday morning, when we came home from our walk near the Lagoon on Oso Bay, I 'specially made a detour of our regular route home to check up on its progress! They have the tables in....they have completed the exterior paint job. Getting Close!!! Jalapeno Poppers here I come!! Real soon now, real soon. Hey, I just thought of something...I should make a countdown for the grand opening. *snort* As soon as I see the contractors making the parking lot, I'll be checking daily. Yelp review says: "And don't forget about the jalapeno poppers that are to die for." And in my opinion, they are! They're mouth watering good. The cheese is cheddar, the peppers are spicy and coated well with a bread crumb mixture, they're cooked to piping hot from the deep fryer, yep, yessiree, I'm drooling.


  1. It's funny to read about your Broncos team when our home team for football is the Brisbane Broncos. They're obviously good matter what part of the world.

    You junk food junkie, you. I hope you get your jalapeno peppers soon.

  2. Love those Broncos. Good for Jason Elam's foot today. Getting ready to watch the Cowboys tonight. It really doesn't matter who's playing, I just love watching football.

  3. Annie,
    I'm not into sports but I do love my jalapeno poppers. I make my own on the grill with Italian sausage, bacon and cheese.
    I would love to see a pic of your jalapeno poppers when they open. Something tells me you'll be their first customer!